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Girls On Top 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maryam was stunned to see Gia on the door, Azher stands beside Gia and explain to Maryam that they were together when she called, Gia was concerned and came for help. Gia inquires about her health. Maryam tells Azher to get Gia dropped. Azher says he wants Gia to stay here tonight, this way he would be able to stay with them both. Maryam was curt initially, then agrees to Azher and goes to get guest room unlocked for her. Gia was ready to stay in the guest room, but Azher allows Gia to stay in his room as she isn’t a guest and will be more comfortable there. He makes Maryam comfortable and goes to drop Gia to his room.
Isha was sitting on the bench and watches Sahir lying on the floor. She drags her table closer to the bars and lay on it. Sahir gets restless, Isha turns her side to face away

from Sahir, and he now moves to face Isha noticing she was being troubled by mosquitoes. He takes his shirt off to cover her, but as she sits up hopefully he poses to dust it off and lay on the bench. Isha join her bench in a way that their heads join with each other. Sahir turns to look at her, but hides his concern by mocking a sleep.
There, Gia calls Rave, Shekhar attends the call and tells her Rave is busy and left her phone. Gia tells him to ask Rave call her back, as she needs to know the problem. Shekhar requests Gia to let her concentrate on her work, she won’t be able to solve the problem from here then why trouble her. Gia comes to lay in the bed, Azher appears from behind the pillow and kiss her cheek. She was scared, but Azher shuts her mouth. Gia was afraid of Maryam, but Azher kiss the back of her hand. They share an eye lock, and few intimate moments. Gia reminds Azher that his mom is here at home, Azher kiss her forehead and asks if she want him to leave. Gia was silent, then denies with the movement of her head.
In the lockup, Sahir wakes up by the tease of sun. He tries to sit up but Isha had held his shirt tightly. He lay down again. Isha wakes up now, Sahir shows a dislike at which she withdraws her hand. Both sit up, turning faces around. Isha thanks Sahir. Sahir asks for what, Isha says she know he is here only for her. Sahir forbid her give herself such importance, he is here because of his temper. Inspector must be here in a while, Mitali’s age proof and statement will get her freed from here.
Gia wakes up by the snores of Azher and wakes him up, as If Maryam comes here it will cause them problem. Both look towards each other and wish good morning. She forces Azher to get up, he opens the door and watches Maryam coming towards his room. He finds a place to hide in the room, and finally gets under the blanket. Maryam enters the room and wish Gia a good morning, she drags the blanket on the bed. Azher wasn’t there and hid in the window. She goes to check the cupboard, inquiring if Gia will join them for breakfast. Gia replies yes. She was looking around, Gia stops her way towards Azher who get a chance to flee and reaches the lounge. Gia inquires if Maryam was really ill. Maryam replies that Azher returned home last night and leaves.
In the police station, Isha was released. Gia hugs her and hurries her to get home and take a shower. Isha was concerned for Sahir. Guru and Azher assures they are trying to get him out, but Isha insists to stay as Sahir was here for her. Gia forcefully takes Sahir. Azher asks the inspector to meet Sahir Basin. Azher compliments it seems to be a sequence of his cop film. The inspector says they can’t get him out for much time. Isha comes from the bath, there was a door bell from society’s authority. Mr. Mathew give them a notice to empty the flat. Mitali advocates there wasn’t Isha’s mistake in all this, but they weren’t ready to bear police tensions here. They leave handing the notice to girls. Isha wonders why they are always in some problem. Mitali considers herself responsible for all that is happening.

PRECAP: The media questions Azher why he was present in the jail, was he also involved. Maryam replies that Azher’s presence there was just a coincidence. The gang arrives from the back.

Update Credit to: Sona

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