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UC scolds Rave for making a third class mix, Sahir says he loved it. UC was curt and tells him he knows nothing, this is Bollywood and only drums and dhol work here. Sahir says Indian’s eat both Pao Bhaji and Pizza, this is youth’s song and he love the music in it. He should be happy as this song can give them high TRP. UC leaves, Rave appreciates Sahir’s support. Sahir tells her UC does nothing if one stands out against him, he just pour out his frustration through anger. Rave assures to try it next time. Rave gets Gia’s text if she contacted Guru, Rave replies as no and miss Guru.
There, Guru’s friend ask him to tell Rave how much he loves. Guru gets honest, Rave is beyond his approach. He considered her as a friend, but he was wrong. Azher watches Rave’s post on social media.

He clicks on a video about Azher reaching Gia’s home.
Guru opens the door to bell, and was shocked to see Rave with flowers. She asks if he won’t call her in, and comes in herself. She looks around, watches the hat and asks for something to eat. Guru says he made firratas. Rave laughs they only love to eat firratas. Guru asks if she has something to say? She asks if we meet friends only due to something important. She goes to kitchen and brings a pack of peanut. He sat upset. She throws a peanut that goes into his eyes. She blows in his eyes.
Isha watches the video with Sahir again and was upset reading the comments. Gia comes to her, she asks her to leave it else she would get hyper. Isha asks her not to get hyper right now, and focus on Azher. Isha explains she controls a lot when Sahir is around, now Gia must not question her again.
Sahir drives a veiled being on bike. The receptionist stops them, but they had got into the lift by then. Gia opens the door at door bell, she was shocked to see Sahir.
Rave wonders why Guru is annoyed. He didn’t speak for a whole one hour since she has been here. Guru tells her he is like this, he doesn’t know how to get her gifts even. Rave doesn’t get it.
Sahir introduces the veiled lady to be Razia and brings her in. Isha questions Sahir if its another girl? She confirms if this is pregnant too? The lady moves to Sahir in shock? Sahir questions if Isha would ever be able to trust him? Gia calms them down, she allows the veiled lady to take a seat. Sahir tells Razia she is safe and can remove the veil. Gia was shocked to see Azher under the veil. They all laugh, Isha goes behind Sahir to take a huge risk for Gia only. There, Gia and Azher were arguing. Azher holds Gia’s hands while Sahir takes Isha’s in his. Both girls were happy, Isha was happy and felt Azher came with a surprise for Gia. She asks Sahir when they became such good friends.
Gia questions Azher if he has worn something under this veil? Azher asks her to control her fantasy and shows her his legs, then withdraws it for being waxed. They all laugh again. Isha thanks them for making her laugh after so many days. She asks Azher to take this veil off, he must know about the bedroom. Azher was moved, Gia pinches Isha. Sahir asks Gia to go help Azher with his veil, Gia was reluctant. Sahir winks at Azher.
In the room, Gia helps Azher with the veil then asks if he really wears the veil often who removes it. Azher says Nadia, but he wore it first time for a girl, he wanted to meet her. Gia shares all her problems about this fame with him. He assures he understands. Gia says he doesn’t, its his daily life and she never wants such life. She says she really feels for him, he asks what she feels. Gia stops for a while, then explains it really doesn’t matter. She only needs a simple life.
Sahir turns to Isha who was on the kitchen counter. He explains to Isha he thought if Gia and Azher talk for a while, all their confusion would get cleared. Isha asks how he guessed there was a confusion. Sahir says the expressions tell this. Isha says she thinks Gia isn’t ready for a relationship. Sahir taunts it’s a trend, not to be ready for relationship; he realizes and turns around to apologize. Isha comes standing in front of him. He explains he has changed, he is trying to be a happy young man. He is here for her, because he care and she can’t take that away from him. Sahir was honest that this sandwich isn’t good, can’t they eat something else.
Azher makes a heart on the mirror, he says this is his heart and its you in it. He kneels down to say I love you to her with a ring.

PRECAP: Sahir and Isha gets close in the kitchen. Gia’s mother calls her to question about the news. Azher hushes her up.

Update Credit to: Sona

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