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Antara tells UC that Sahir had already told them his schedule will clash their show schedules. She gives a thumbs up to Isha. Antara tells UC that they must ask Sahir once, what if this gets to their boss. Isha says she will get Sahir by tomorrow.
Gia writes an article about Azher Khan’s birth. Gia was confused about sending the scoop or not. She says she can’t do this, was restless.
Isha arrives at Sahir’s apartment. The lift was out of work, she climbs up the stairs and meets Sahir on the way. She asks if he is going somewhere. He says hmm and heads to leave. She asks how he can leave without telling her. He says just to remind, they had a breakup. Isha says he can’t leave the show. Sahir says oh, so she came for the show. Sahir says he can’t work with her, he can’t be around

her. He won’t be able to handle her being around her. Isha requests it for herself, she was at the verge of crying. Sahir smiles curtly, he says they had a breakup, no message no call. Today she is here because he is backing up from the show, she has come here for her show. He says please, she must speak the truth or the problems will increase. She says okay, professionally she doesn’t want to lose a talent like him, and personally she doesn’t want him to leave the show, this show is really important for him. He asks if she cares. She says yes. He asks why. She says she don’t know. She comes closer to him. Someone from the neighbours come there, Sahir gives the boy a way to go. Sahir asks one question, hadn’t he backed out would she be here? Isha says she promised to tell the truth, she wouldn’t have been here. Sahir was upset. He says fine, he is ready; he will do the show. Isha was happy. Sahir says he will make sure her presence won’t affect her, he will have to learn this. He says see you tomorrow, professionally and goes upstairs. Sahir says he wants her to go, if someone spots her here there would be a problem. Isha leaves.
Gia forwards the mail with a heavy heart. She watches Azher on the screen complaining that he hasn’t thought Gia Sen could ditch someone. She cries and says she must stop this. She calls Tara and goes finding her. Tara says she got the article and is going to get it printed. Gia says until Diana reads the article, she will get her a new one. Tara says Diana won’t read it. Gia stops Tara and says she will get her a new article.
Rave and Guru were in a hotel. Rave tells him to be an angry young man, to get her money from the client. The client comes there and asks Guru why he called him here. Guru says they can talk while sitting. The client says he has paid all the money of Raveti. Rave comes behind and says his cheque has bounced, she warns him that she will complain against him in police. The client says they must go to police station now, if they don’t tell him where his daughter is he will complain against them in police.
Diana shouts at Tara how she can stop an article, and asks where Gia is. Everyone steals looks from Diana. Diana calms herself down, then asks Tara to print this article in 30 minutes else she will be fired. Tara texts Gia that she needs this job, she calls Gia who was working on the other article and doesn’t pick up the call.
Isha comes to the washroom and cries thinking about Sahir’s words. She wash her face and comes out when she gets a text from Rave that EC-our hangout Bandra. Rave was walking restlessly, she tells Guru that Gia and Isha will be there with some solution. Gia comes to the restaurant complaining that she must handle her job well, she made a bride run from her wedding and now she is complaining. Guru explains that the bride had been crying badly. Isha comes there and asks Rave had the bride asked Rave to sit on stage in her place, had she sat there. Rave and Guru both explain that it was bride’s mistake. Guru says it wasn’t Rave’s mistake. They have an argument. Rave stops them and says the problem is to recover their money from Guju uncle. The girls sit on the table, before the waitress removes all the cups Rave counts them. Rave tells Gia that Guru had this coffee. Guru asks if they want this, Isha asks for holiday, Gia for peace. Rave sends Guru to get something. The girls appreciate Rave’s lipstick, they asks what is going on between them and tease Rave. Guru heard the conversation. Rave asks them to look at him for once, he is such a Yash Raj, he isn’t even her type; he talks like such a confused soul. Isha tells her to chill. Rave says Guru isn’t even her friend, her friends also have a class. She gets a text message from Guju about threatening her. Guru was broken and leaves the café. Isha watches him leave and was concerned. She tells Rave that Guru heard everything.

PRECAP: Sahir performs in the studio. Isha prays for him outside. The judges ask him how he performed? Sahir says whatever he did was by heart. He comes out cheering, Meghna comes to hug him and says she is back and is here to share his happiness with him. Isha was upset.

Update Credit to: Sona

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