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Girls On Top 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gia was shocked to see Nadia, Nadia tells her she has a meeting with a blogger here. Gia’s inner self tells her Nadia would never know she is that blogger. Nadia wonders how Gia know she is here. Gia tells her she came to get a coffee for herself, she then recognized her from behind and thought about taking a chance to say a Hi. She turns to leave, Nadia stops her for some gossip until the blog writer arrives. she tells Gia she owns a website and has been looking for new writers, she tells Gia about a girl who writes a personal blog Girls vs Boys. Its interesting, she has another vision about life. Gia asks if she met the writer online, why she doesn’t hire the blogger online as well. These days everything is actually horrible. Coffee is served for them, Gia takes a sip. Nadia tells her that the

boss wants her to keep fan following questions as well, Gia inquires boss? Nadia says yes, the soul investor Azher Khan. Gia spits the coffee out. Nadia calls it a small venture, secret start up. Gia’s inner self warns her to get up and leave. Nadia gets a call and holds Gia from leaving, she inform Gia Azher has been signed by an international company as brand ambassador. They cheer. Nadia tells Gia that she has been chasing this company for months, now Azher will start shooting from tomorrow. Gia asks about the company, it was GenX con**ms.
Gia shares her tension with Isha and Rave, they call it his work. Gia demands if he would work for anything calling it a work. She gets Tara’s call, Tara inquires her about acne-free face wash. Gia was irritated. Isha calms her frustration by asking her to breathe in and breathe out. She demands Gia what she wants. Gia confess she doesn’t know, she doesn’t want to be with him as she becomes a national news. Isha asks if she love Azher. Gia accepts she likes him, but doesn’t know about love. Rave says there is a rule in Gia’s book, she won’t let anyone close if she likes him. Isha asks Gia to let Azher close to her, else how would this like turn to love; she tells her to go to parties with him, shoots with him and look how he balance his personal and professional life. Gia asks how, Rave gets an idea and shares it with them.
Rave convince Guru by taking a promise from him. Sahir wasn’t ready, Isha blackmails him saying she knew he won’t help, but Gia was sure he would understand a girl’s matter. Sahir denies helping. Isha argues that Azher is his friend, Sahir says he works with a protocol. Isha demands when that protocol was when she was switching places with Azher, she holds her bag to leave praying he stops. He stops her finally, she poses if it’s her? Sahir keeps a condition that he would only help them if Guru agrees. Isha smiles.
Sahir comes to the shooting, Azher was nervous and confirms if Guru’s whole family is coming to see a con**m ad? Sahir says they are really keen to see him, a star. Guru comes to greet them, Azher inquires about his brothers. The girls come there in Sikh’s costumes. Gia was shocked to see the heroine of the ad, they come to shooting venue that was a washroom setting. The actress gets rid of her robes, Isha was worried watching Sahir stare towards her, Sahir laughs while Isha was curt at him that he is smiling watching that naked girl. They argue. Gia was upset watching Azher doing romance with the girl. The director cuts the scene and appreciate Azher for being professional.
The director comes to inform the girl she has to put off her robe in the next scene. Gia asks to leave, Sahir asks her to calm down. Azher comes to ask Guru’s brothers if they like it. Gia was about to speak, then clears her throat. Azher calls his family as a cute one. Guru explains they could have much milk and butter while children. Sahir assures Azher they will take care of them, he must go to enjoy his act. Rave forbids Guru to move on being protective. Isha taunts at them to for staring. The director begin the shot, Guru and Sahir stare hard. There wasn’t appropriate light, they cut the shot to retake it. They all argue, the director requests them all to go outside.
They all walk out, Rave shouting at Guru if he wasn’t now ashamed to stare that girl. Sahir complains Isha it is embarrassing they were thrown out of shooting. Gia tries to stop their arguments, but in vain. Sahir takes Guru to chill watching their meet up. Gia demands if this also happens, Rave tells them it happened to Isha a lot of time that Sahir was caught with someone. They go to confirm this, Guru calls it insensible to enter any room. Rave says Gia has been entering Azher’s life so she must take notes of every action he takes.
Sahir and Isha argue all the way, Sahir shouts he doesn’t realize what her problem is about. They keep on shouting as they reach out Azher’s mobile. Gia had kept an ear outside the door, Azher opens the door and holds Gia from falling. Her cap fall off, Azher removes her moustache.

PRECAP: Sahir stops Isha angrily as Sahir Basin isn’t a s*x mania. Azher leaves telling Gia they aren’t made for each other, their lives are far away from each other. Rave insists he won’t come back, Guru says sometimes one needs time. Rave demands if he has ever been in any relationship

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. hadd ha yr phir se azher aur gia ki ladi

  2. we are fed up with this fight………………………horrible..pls sop this…………….

  3. the shw has nothng in it by whch we cn call it gals on top. it’s more about d lv lives of d 3 gals than women empowerment or their struggle. though I quit watchng it 4 weeks back ws just checkng d updates nd left disappointed. Also, the shw is quite predictable.

  4. Nivedita joshi

    Plzzz stop these fightsssss… For god’s sake… Show needs sonthing good now

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