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UC smirks as Isha was taken by the police, while she cries standing in the station alone. An inspector comes to take her towards Mitali’s brother who smiled towards her. Sahir gets a call, everyone at the party was shocked. Isha signs the register. Sahir and everyone head towards the station. The police constables recognize Azher. Sahir comes to question inspector why Isha has been caught. Azher asks about the complaint, the inspector recognizes Azher and asks why is he in their trouble. Azher replies she is their friend. The inspector says Isha has been charged for forcing Mitali to participate in her show, and stay at her home; in short kidnapping Mitali. Mitali says she is Mitali, and this complain is false. Dhruv is her brother and is a liar, she is participating the show with her will. The

inspector says they can’t leave Isha without Mitali’s statement. The inspector sits behind getting relaxed, and says he watched Azher’s movie in which he was playing police inspector but this is the real police station, Mitali must bring about a proof that she is above 18. Mitali replies everything is at home and will have to bring it. Another inspector comes to inform media is there, Nadia calls Azher to leave police station as soon as possible, the news has leaked in media. Gia argues with the inspector to meet Isha that she doesn’t allow. Sahir asks them to leave, he will stay here.
In the lockup, a girl teases Isha if she has been accused for drugs. An inspector comes to release another girl, Isha inquires if someone came for her. He replies her friends did, but have returned; one is left. He comes to send Sahir to meet Isha. He stood outside the lockup, silent while Isha was upset inside. Sahir tells her that Mitali has gone to get age proof, they will release her as soon as Mitali gives a statement in his favor. Isha takes her hands closer to Sahir’s on the bars, but he withdraws his. He asks her to tell her if she needs something. The inspector comes to take Sahir away from Isha, as the meeting time is over.
Mitali was looking for her papers. Guru asks Gia to stay at home, he and Mitali will go to station and bring Isha back. Mitali finally finds the paper. Guru requests Sahir to let him talk and stay out. They ask about inspector, who had left for patrolling. Sahir was irked, but Mitali stops him.
At home, Azher was restlessly and wonders if he should cook for Gia. He looks around the kitchen to find pazzta. He brings it to Gia and insists on her to take it, she will feel better with it. She was upset, Azher asks her to turn around and give her a back massage. He asks if it helped, and suggests her to lay down for a while. She was really tensed, but Azher forces her into the bed and insists her to shut her eyes. Gia asks Azher to stay here.
A constable instructs Guru to sit on the side, Sahir was enraged but Guru tells him to keep calm, for Isha. Guru again comes to constable, a prisoner was interfering uselessly. The constable had sent Guru to an inspector. The inspector says Sindhi is off duty, she will be released tomorrow. Sahir argues what is this, will they keep the girl in jail. The inspector tells Sahir she has been charged with kidnapping, and can be kept for 10 days. Mitali requests him to let her meet Isha, it is her brother who filed the complaint. The inspector questions Mitali what does she work for. Mitali was silent, Guru takes Mitali away. The inspector was alert and calls Mitali back. Sahir goes to beat the nearby prisoner who was mingling between their job. Guru takes Mitali out, and says had they known Mitali was a bar dancer it must be a great mess. He thanks God that Sahir will now stay with Isha, and takes Mitali to leave.
Azher gets Maryam’s call who coughs on phone. Azher was concerned, Maryam says she is really ill. Azher promises to come home in the while. Gia wakes up then, Azher tells her that Maryam isn’t well, and apologizes to leave her alone.
Sahir was brought into the lockup with Isha. She comes to stare at him, he steals his eyes, then turns his face around. Isha asks why Sahir did so, Sahir says he hit him slightly. Isha says she never thought she will thanks him for fighting, but thank you for beating him today. Sahir goes to wash his face, Isha shares she is really fearful.
Azher comes calling Maryam in concern, she coughs and says she is happy her son always come for his mother. She is just relaxed that for him, his mother is important and not that… she looks behind to find Gia standing at the door.

PRECAP: Sahir and Isha sleep head to head in the jail. Azher and Gia have moments together, Azher panics in the room is Maryam is here and finds a place to hide in the room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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