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The next morning, the girls tell the men to keep the luggage inside. The men ask the girls about their money, they demand for 400 extra so they will only keep the luggage inside. Isha warns him to complain in press about him. The man warns that he caters a hundred girls like them. The girls give a signal of 013 to each other, they take their hockeys out to beat him. He fell on the feet, calls his men to keep the luggage inside. They go inside.
Gia cheers and hugs Rave appreciating her job. Gia says new house and new rooms, she asks to share the room with Isha. She complains that Rave’s room is always messy. Rave says it isn’t messy, it is artistic. Isha complains that it has become a challenge for her to handle their arguments. She tells them to share the room with each other. Gia says she

won’t stay with Rave anyway. Isha says no problem, she will sleep in the lounge. Gia makes rules for the room to be shared with Rave, she forbids Rave to use her shampoo. Rave says sharing is caring, Gia smiles helplessly and hugs her. They dance. Isha was upset, she felt empty and incomplete; she wasn’t able to handle her and Sahir’s breakup.
There, Sahir also thought about the breakup. He takes his guitar and says he won’t be able to perform.
Guru comes to the new house and help them unpack. Gia also thanks him. Rave offers him dinner and drink, she asks what he would like for dinner; burger or pizza. Guru says he likes traditional dish, Isha offers to make what he would like. He asks for daal. Isha says all boys like daal, Guru asks who else does? She takes Sahir’s name inattentively. The girls drop their cushions. Isha asks what, she remembered him with the name of Daall; what big deal.
Rave takes Guru to show him the room. Gia follows him enraged. Isha stops her, Gia says it is her room as well and she doesn’t like anyone go to her room. Isha tells her to let them enjoy their moments together. Rave forces Guru into her room although he didn’t want to come inside a girl’s room. An undergarment stucks in his hand, she was telling her about the stories about her room while he only prayed for what he just saw. Rave turns the music on, Guru enjoys the music with her too and dances.
Gia unpacked her luggage in the room, she calls Isha to get the next carton. She gets Azher Khan’s text if she is ignoring him? She thinks about Diana’s need of scoops and calls Azher. She says to Azher he called her a lot of times since morning. He asks her to have a cup of coffee. She says she has been craving for good coffee too, where they will get it from. He asks if she doesn’t know about any place around the city. She says her home isn’t in a condition, he offers his. She asks what if the coffee isn’t good. Azher tells her to consider it as her home then; but says it she isn’t comfortable… Gia says she is coming in twenty minutes. She informs Isha, who comments there is romance around. Gia tells her not to pair up everyone, Isha says these are the signs. Gia tells Isha that missing Sahir isn’t allowed. Isha says she doesn’t want to talk about him, Gia leaves but Isha thinks she wants to talk about Sahir, she wants to ask someone if she really loves Sahir. She can’t give priority to Sahir because she is stuck in her work, she then thinks why prioritizing work effects only girl’s life, they must manage both.
Gia and Azher laugh together, Azher tells Gia he loves her company, he loves spending time with her. He asks to meet daily. Gia asks why? He says what he likes the most about her is her tendency to understand what most people don’t, but right now he is shocked she doesn’t understand what everyone can. Gia says she really didn’t understand this. He says in simple words, if they can meet daily. Gia asks appointment? Azher says date! Gia was speechless, she says she gave him a wrong impression, if he thinks she is interested in him… he says he knows she isn’t. a girl arrives there, Azher introduces Gia to his manager Nadia. Nadia scolds him for having coffee at this time, Gia hides her cup. Nadia tells Azher that he won’t be able to sleep because of the coffee, she tells Gia to leave. Azher tells Nadia Gia is a guest. Nadia apologizes saying she thought it was again a pile up. Gia says it is alright. Gia says she is impressed that he has kept a female manager in a male dominant society. Azher says that since she is introduced to Nadia she can give her date appointment to Nadia. Gia was confused. Azher gets on telling Gia that his parents lived in this home from before his birth, they weren’t married until he was born. He laughs, Gia was shocked. He tells her they wouldn’t have married if he wasn’t born, that is fun side in his life. Gia thinks it was a sensational story and day dreams Diana cheering and giving her promotion.
Isha comes to her office, the manager UC asks Isha if she thinks herself to be her boss. Isha stops him, but he shouts that he told her not to take useless singers. Isha asks who. UC says Sahir Basin withdrew from the show. UC tells Isha he will expose her, it is time she say good bye to the job.

PRECAP: Sahir was broken. Gia requests Tara not to publish the story about Azher Khan, she will get them a new story. Tara says Diana didn’t want to read the story and asked her to publish it straight. Gia cries. There, Rave tells the girls Guru isn’t even her friend. Isha tells Rave she thinks Guru heard her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Who is that new girl megha???I just saw it in one of the previews…I srsly think it is sana sayyad of mtv splitsvilla8…She was my favourite….Now if she is the old girlfriend of sahil then whom will I support ??I love sana but I love Sahish too…..Anyway GOT is rocking….

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