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Rave comes to the kitchen in morning demanding for hot chocolate. Azher sits there with his fake moustache. Rave attacks him shouting at him, Gia comes in bath towel from behind and takes her inside. She regrets forgetting Azher lives here. Rave asks if he was Azher, he looked so weird. Rave now tries to calm the tensed Gia down, Gia shouts at her and dugs in her cupboard. Rave asks Gia what she has been looking for, she says she is wearing her lingerie. They wonder why there are so many problems in girl’s life.
There Isha dresses up. Sahir comes there brushing his teeth. Isha insists on him to go to bath room and clean the seat of washroom. He tries to speak, Isha shouts at him to go. He comes back speaking again, Isha turns her face with a eww.
Gia appreciates Guru’s cooking, Azher

wish her morning. She sits alert at once, Guru leaves them alone. Guru offers him from the bowl that he doesn’t take.
Rave comes out of bathroom, Guru stood with her breakfast with his back towards her. Rave says he can turn over, she is wearing a bath robe. Guru says he brought breakfast for her. Rave asks why he prepared breakfast. He tells her he looked in the calendar it was her turn to prepare breakfast, so he made it. Rave asks to speak to him, turn him towards her and says he makes her feel guilty for that day but doing this all. Guru qualifies this is beyond her thinking.
Gia and Azher share eye locks, as Gia was having coffee while Azher stands in the kitchen. Guru arrives, Gia moves at once, he explains he didn’t intend to disturb and takes the paper with him. Gia stands up at once that she is leaving. Azher stops Gia saying she didn’t read newspaper yet. Gia tells Azher this is her office’s newspaper, she will read there. She heads to go out, Azher stops her for a minute and offers him a cup of coffee. A good day should begin with hot coffee and freshly pressed newspaper. She goes to the couch, reads the news then curtly wonders if he is trying to mock her. Azher doesn’t get it. Gia questions if he wanted to make her read this, why this all trouble. She questions why he has been playing games with her. She turns the newspaper front page with a news for Azher and Gia, if love or game digger? Azher explains he didn’t read the news, Gia leaves angrily. Guru comes to Azher and says it seems his bad days are here.
Isha comes out in her bath robe and was dressing up when Sahir comes calling her. She tires the bath robe and runs to open the door and slips in Sahir’s arms. He drops her as she fell on the floor, she shouts how he can let her fall? Sahir says sorry, he vowed not to touch her. Isha questions what if she was hurt. Sahir says she isn’t hurt, he is a man of his words and leaves saying she must drink the coffee.
Gia questions Diana about the write up about her, Diana appreciates Naina’s job and asks Gia to learn to appreciate too. Gia asks appreciate what, character assassination like this. Diana qualifies if one doesn’t get scoops they have to create it. She complains Gia not to be thankful as she is making her famous. Gia is their bond that they will cash anytime. Gia leaves helplessly, slapping the newspaper on the table.
Rave comes home, Guru asks how she came so early. Rave complains shoot cancelled and they forgot informing her. She was enraged that they did this deliberately. Guru says her mood is really off and asks for a hot chocolate. She agrees at once. He asks if she needs something else. Rave says she wants Isha, their mother head. Guru assures he can’t make Isha, but he is always there for her. Rave shares every time there is a problem, she blabbers it in front of Isha, and she listened calmly and assured softly everything would be fine. Guru offers her to try another way.
Gia makes a call as the blogger for the new job and asks for meeting appointment with them.
Isha comes out, Sahir was leaving in his bike. Isha heads to sit behind him, he inquires why she would go on his bike? Isha says they are going to same office, won’t they go on same bike? Sahir calls it a wrong assumption, he stopped for helmet. Isha demands what his problem is. Sahir says he is trying to keep his promise, if she sits behind him there would be a lot of touching. He drives away, while Isha was left behind frustrated.
Gia walks on the road thinking about quitting her job from Mumbai Masala. She comes for the meeting for her new job, and was shocked to see Nadia sitting for interview.

PRECAP: Gia watches as Azher shoots for an obscene scene with a girl.

Update Credit to: Sona

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