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Girls On Top 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maryam comes inside, she says there was an article in a newspaper about Azher’s girlfriend in Gia’s magazine. Gia explains that she wasn’t his girlfriend then. Maryam calls it really convenient, then asks about her friends. Gia says none is at home, not even Azher. Maryam says she know her son isn’t as shameless as to come to his girlfriend. She challenges Gia that Azher will forget her in time, Gia challenges that her love will win him over. Maryam was ready to see who wins, her son or Gia’s lover. While leaving, she consider it better that this all remains hidden from Azher.
The next morning, Isha hurries for office. Gia comes out to speak to her, but she want ready to hear. Gia stops her complaining if Isha has forgotten about their sisterhood, there is a lot going on in her life.

Isha argues a lot has been going in her life as well, with job and promotion came responsibility and she needs to prove to bosses that she is better than UC. She rushes outside.
The boys were asleep at Sahir’s home when the doorbell rings. Sahir was shocked to see Maryam standing outside, and buttons his shirt immediately. Maryam recognizes him as Sahir. Sahir calls her inside, the room was a complete mess. Guru and Sahir immediately try to clear it, Sahir explains they had a party last night. He offers Maryam some books, she understands it’s time for them to party and enjoy. Guru wakes Azher up and covers him in the shirt, while he stood shocked. Sahir and Guru take a leave, while Maryam press her smile.
She allows him to live the life he wants to, but atleast he shouldn’t leave his mother. She is ready to give Gia a chance, but there is a condition that Gia will have to prove she is the perfect one for her. Azher cheers. Maryam hugs Azher. Guru takes a snapshot of them together. Maryam asks him to share the photo with her as well. They bring her coffee.
Isha was in the washroom getting fresh. She comes out to show Ashima she was applying some makeup, as she had to hurry to office. Ashima hands Isha a letter in which Tapasia had resigned. Isha comes to Tapasia, returns the letter saying her resignation isn’t accepted. It’s important for Tapasia to understand the protocols of this office. Tapasia explains to Isha that she is really straight forward and hates double standards, she can’t follow her always. Sahir comes inside and takes Tapasia out for talent spotting. Outside, Tapasia asks when he thought about this talent spotting, Sahir says right now to save her from Isha. He tells Tapasia to let go of Isha, as she is really burdened today. Isha hears him suggesting Tapasia to take a leave, he got to go as his friends are coming over his place. Tapasia says she is also coming over, because according to laws of friendship they are friends. Isha feels upset watching them together.
Mitali brings Rakhis to Gia, she and Mitali were happy. Maryam sends Gia a photo with Azher at Sahir’s place, with the message to save her number. Gia was shocked to see Tapasia at Sahir’s place, they come inside. Tapasia tells Mitali she can’t turn any boy into a brother, specially the one with long hairs. Mitali comes inside saying she wants to tie a Rakhi to them, Guru gets nostalgic about his village. Mitali performs the rituals. Azher says if it wasn’t a surprise, they could have bought her gifts. Sahir asks Mitali if she can do one thing for her brothers, she nods. Sahir demands her not to leave this show, this will make her career and get her world renownment. Guru and Azher also insist, Mitali promises to do the show. Azher wipes Gia’s tears, as Tapasia takes a Friend-fie. Gia takes a selfie with Azher. Azher says he is really hungry, Gia goes to kitchen to get something and forwards the photo to Maryam. Maryam was curt watching the message.
Isha comes out of the office to call Isha. She hears Sahir calling from behind, and asks Gia where she is. Gia says she is at Sahir’s place, and apologizes Isha as she is busy. Isha hears Tapasia hooting, and was annoyed that Gia is partying with Tapasia. Gia questions if Isha has time to talk to her, when was the last time they sat together. Everyone was calling Gia, Isha hangs up angrily as Gia doesn’t need her anymore. In the office, Isha was walking restlessly when he hear UC standing on the staircase with police. The police asks whom is the incharge her, UC brings them to Isha. The inspector says Mitali’s brother filed a complaint against her, she must go to police station with them. Isha was shocked, UC smiles victoriously.

Precap:Sahir was shocked to hear about Isha’s arrest on call. In the police station, the inspector says they can keep her in the station fro atleast 10 days. Sahir fights with the inspector who calls him a name, and gets to the lockup with Isha.

Update Credit to: Sona

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