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Gia asks Tara what she said when he is in good mood which coffee he has, Tara says Latte. Gia takes the tray and says here I come. She goes inside nervous. In the office, she presents the coffee while Diana asks if she got the juice scoop so soon. Gia says no she didn’t. She came to say thanks to her for promotion. Diana says that she fires with the same speed as well. Gia says that she now knows she only has to do juicy scoops and gossip journalism. Diana taunts that they will enjoy juice gossip by none other than a Shakespearean. Gia presents her the coffee, Diana tells Gia that she wants an advance of 2 lacs. She can cut it from her salary. Diana moves her hand forward to take the coffee mug and succeeds in getting the right one. Gia asks if she won’t get an advance, she says not even in her

dreams. Gia comes out, without accusing Diana. She comes to her seat worried.
Rave greets her mother in dupatta on video chat. Her mom asks what happened to Rave, why she got so moralistic. Rave was sitting in an empty room. She says that whatever she will be, will only be because of them. She asks about papa, he comes to vision. She greets him, he asks what she needs now. Rave asks can’t she greet him without any important issue. He says he is a father and knows his child really well. Rave asks for some money. Her papa shut the laptop, Rave curses her parents. Her mother gets online again, hearing Raveti she cries and says if she sent her to Mumbai just to learn this all. She scolds Rave that they actually brought her from fruit market and that for free too. Rave apologizes and asks her to listen to her, but her mom says she won’t get a single penny. She must come back. It was Isha’s turn now.
Sahir sings in the café. Isha comes there. She smiles watching him perform. She says she needed to meet him. He stares at her and says she said she didn’t want to see him. Isha thinks he is the most sensible person. She asks when he will stop decoding little things, he must stop reading between the lines. Sahir says he wants that there is no different between them. Isha asks him to go somewhere where they can speak to each other.
Rave tells Gia to ask from Azher Khan. They wonder whom Isha is taking help from. Girls come to appreciate Sahir’s performance. Sahir asks Isha to have a drink, he will make it himself for her. She says she has to talk to him but he takes her to the bar. He begins making the drinks, Isha gets a call. The girls cheer, they tell Isha that house deposit was done. Rave says Guru, he made the payment and when her payment will be cleared she will return it. Isha says wow. Rave asks where Isha is, Isha says she will call them again. Sahir comes with the drink. Isha tells that she was so worried, Rave’s cheque was bounced and they thought they will have to stay on road. Finally, everything is sorted, Rave’s friend Guru is paying for the house. Sahir says she didn’t even tell him a lot had happened. Isha says she came here to tell him about it. Sahir says she is coming now since last night, she needed money and she didn’t even ask him. Out of all the people, she agreed to take money from an unknown friend of Rave. Isha says she thought he won’t have enough money. Sahir asks if she thinks he can’t handle his girlfriend’s problems. Isha says he is misunderstanding the situation. Sahir argues that she doesn’t understand him. Isha was upset that he is misunderstanding her. Sahir says that in a relationship one has to share everything. Isha tells him to grow up, calm down. He says okay, if she knows what a real relationship is. Isha says he hasn’t done anything for their relationship. He asks if she feels stuck with him. In his situation, she is his first and last thought but not in her case. Isha says she had a lot to handle the whole day, she can’t explain him. Sahir says she shouldn’t have committed to him then, Isha impulsively says yes she shouldn’t have. Sahir says she can still walk.

PRECAP: Azher says to Gia he likes spending time with her, can they meet daily. Gia dances in office to be Azher Khan’s sensation. The girls arrive at the new flat. There, the manager tells Isha that it is time she say good bye to this job.

Update Credit to: Sona

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