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Some girls to ask Guru for some drinks, he happily moves with them. Sahir and Azher also go to dance floor. Guru understands lesser English that the girls speak. Rave notices this and comes to insult girls by speaking in French with them, she qualifies English isn’t his language just like French isn’t theirs. Sahir calls Guru while Isha calls Rave. Finally they all move to dance floor, and the couples get together.
The next morning, everyone was at the girl’s flat and had a head bang. Rave and Gia ask Isha for coffee. Gia runs behind Rave to washroom. Azher says to everyone that he want to stop this hide and seek, he now wants to do something serious, and Gia is unserious just because of the industry he belongs to. Isha tries to get away, Azher stops her and asks her help. Guru suggests

that Azher must be let to stay in this house. Isha says he can’t stay here because this is a girl’s house. Sahir insists on Isha to help Azher, Guru also stayed here. Azher convince Isha that she and Rave are like a family to Gia, if they consider him a bad choice for Gia he won’t insist. Isha agrees to help them and let Azher stay but after a plan.
Isha convince the girls she has do this, Gia says it would be really tiring for her to go to Sahir’s house every night. The idea is she and Sahir have to spend some time together. Gia asks about Azher as he is staying at Sahir’s house. Isha says he has agreed to sacrifice, Gia was happy he is going back to his house. Isha tells them Azher would stay here while she would go to Sahir’s house. Rave teases what is such a lone time they want to spend. Gia inquires if Isha ever thought about her awkwardness. Isha asks them to allow this for her sake. She convince them finally. Rave wish Isha but Isha was confused about the notion.
Isha comes to Sahir’s house with her bags. There, Azher and Guru come home, Azher in his changed avatar. Guru brings Azher to his room. Azher assures him to adjust. Gia was worried what is it discloses to the society.
Sahir takes Isha’s bag, they were moved while Isha was nervous. Sahir asks her to consider it as her home, feel comfortable and choose wherever she has to sleep. Rave asks for food as Guru and Gia prepares it. Azher watches Gia serve. She notices his stare. Rave calls the meal delicious. Azher asks Gia to pass her a dish. Gia asks why he didn’t stay in a hotel. Azher calls is unsafe, media would come there else. Guru changes the topic. Azher appreciates Gia’s cooking, Gia says Guru made it.
There, Sahir makes bed for Isha. Isha asks Sahir where he sleeps, when he wake up and have a coffee. She doesn’t want to come his way. She bends down to hit her head, Sahir caress it and press his forehead to avoid swelling.
Azher shares with Guru that Gia loves simple boys, Guru calls it a problem.
Sahir and Isha share an eye lock and some intimate moments together. Isha realizes and gets away, they share an awkward moment. Isha calls him to promise each other, Sahir was clueless. Isha says it’s for Azher that they are staying each other, they have to be strong and he won’t cross his limits. Sahir doesn’t get it, she forbid him get physical. She qualifies they did it earlier as well. Sahir minds it and calls that past to be love. He was irritated and annoyed. He tells Isha being intimate with her is the most beautiful thing, but she won’t get it. He promise Isha that he won’t touch her even. Isha stands upset, while Sahir leave.

PRECAP: in the morning, Gia and Rave discuss their weird problems. Gia and Azher share an eye lock while having coffee. Isha was about to fell when Sahir helps her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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