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Girls On Top 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gia, Isha, Sahir and Azher were in the restaurant. The boys tell girls about all the achievements of Shekhar, he runs his business is Canada, has gained an MBA and has no loop holes. They insist that Shekhar has no problem with him. The girls argue that he is a manipulative, a male chauvinist. He shattered Rave’s confidence and dreams. They narrate the last time Shekhar came, he scolded and cursed Rave for wanting to be a DJ. DJ and Sahir feels disgusted at him. Gia says Rave gets sensitive with Shekhar, she couldn’t come out of him for last so many days. It took her one whole year to get normal last time. Sahir and Azher were ready to figure out something to make Rave understand Shekhar’s reality.
Rave rejects all of Isha’s wardrobe, then finally comes out in a dress. Isha says she was

unaware she is nature love, Rave says Shekhar loves floral. Rave was excited to meet Shekhar. The doorbell rings, Rave cheers then asks the girls to be nice. Shekhar stands outside with flower bouquet and bottle. Rave hugs him, he kisses her forehead and says I missed you, presenting her with flowers. Gia tells Isha he is copying Azher. Shekhar comes to greet Isha and Gia, then looks around. Isha and Gia expect him to complain about their house, but Shekhar compliments it for decorating it. He congratulates Gia and Isha about their jobs as well. Isha and Gia await boys.
Azher and Sahir drag Guru to go but he denies going to Rave’s house. Azher black mails him finally that he supported him all along for this day. Sahir also accuses Guru of hiding his face. Guru pulls his sleeves up and was ready to go. Azher bucks him up to be a man and prove himself in front of Shekhar.
Rave brings Shekhar to her room. She shuts the door, but girls peek inside anyway. Gia murmurs Mission Shekhar on, and await when they come closer. Shekhar compliments Rave’s room. Rave tells Shekhar she is a DJ now, Shekhar says he know and apologizes for taking her wrong. He boasts about Rave’s position, as DJ of DMJ productions. He holds her hand looking into her eyes and says he is proud of her. They just hug when Gia and Isha enters with a glass of juice. Gia hands the glass of juice to Rave and insists it is for her. There is a door bell, Isha and Gia bring them out.
Isha opens the door to find Guru, Azher and Sahir. Gia introduces them with Shekhar. Guru was reluctant shaking hands. Shekhar hugs Guru and takes him along. Isha and Gia wondered what happened to Shekhar. Sahir says he might have changed, he insists on Isha to come out of her bubble to see things as people do change. He leaves angrily. Isha comes behind Sahir, she requests him not to compare himself with Shekhar. Sahir says he didn’t, everyone must get a chance. Isha says alright, but not him. He turns to leave, Isha stops his way and thanks him as this is for her only. She will never forget this gesture, as it shows their friendship is unbreakable. Sahir interrupts her, he says she always take him for granted so he decided not to have anything personal with her anymore. He reminds her it was her decision that they have no future, know it’s his that they can’t be friends. Gia and Azher comes in, Gia was worried that Shekhar is super hit and Rave is going head over heels. Isha wanted to reveal their reality. Gia suggests about spending some time with Shekhar so that they might get an opportunity. Isha wasn’t ready to spend time with Shekhar. Sahir and Azher look at each other, then suggests about boys night out.
Guru was filming Shekhar in the party, Azher and Sahir offer Shekhar dance with girls. Shekhar says he is missing Rave even more, as she loves dancing. They inquire about their past. Shekhar says he realized later that Rave is the best thing ever happened in his life. They keep on gulping drinks. Sahir whispers in Azher’s ear to ask about his business. Azher and Sahir again take the drink, Shekhar stops them from taking anymore. Azher asks Shekhar if his business is a solo, hero project. Sahir and Azher poses for a pouted selfie, while Sahir was making a video. Shekhar notices the camera and says Rave is his lucky charm, she will always be his partner. He needs Rave. Sahir and Azher gulps another drink.
In the washroom, Sahir tells Azher Shekhar is rocking. Azher says he also like him, but what they would reply the girls. They suddenly think about Guru then.

PRECAP: Isha tells Sahir they must not let their differences interfere in their professional relationship. Sahir tells Sahir he hates this word relationship. Isha was crying. Gia tells Isha to confess her love for Sahir. Isha hugs Sahir saying I love you. Sahir was shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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