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Girls On Top 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

They boys and girls come to each other’s confrontation. Sahir questions Isha why she didn’t tell him, he introduced her to this place. Isha complains he didn’t tell her about it too. Gia explains they are here for girl’s night out. Azher says yes, they are here for their own night out. Isha turns to leave and have some fun. Sahir mocks that they will get drunk later on. Isha says having one or two drink isn’t getting drunk, Azher and Guru taunt that they know well. The two groups challenge each other, the boys say they will see the girls can’t have fun without them.
In Round 1, dance performances go on. They enter as spectators. A few girls there recognize Azher Khan and demands an autograph, Azher poses to be an illiterate Bihari person. Sahir qualifies he isn’t the one. Both the

girls and boy’s group step in the center, they dance for a while then get into an argument about having been pushed or punched by others. The argument turns to a cat fight. Rave goes to DJ booth and makes an announcement on mike, and plays with the music. The crowd cheers and celebrate. Guru, Sahir and Azher wonders what they must do to stop this, else they will lose the challenge. Rave comes down, Isha and Gia cheer that the crowd went crazy. Both groups try to show attitude to each other. The boys think about doing something major. Sahir takes them all aside.
In Round 2, Flickering Crew performs. One of the dancer come to challenge, Sahir holds Azher’s hand that he will dance. Azher dances in a crazy way, Sahir and Guru join him later on.
In Round 3, the girls get aside, take sips from a drinks and Rave announces its time to BSBM. They get over the stage to dance there, the crowd turns towards them now. Soon, boys get over the stage to take over girl’s positions who finally have to get down the stage. Azher almost take off his shirt while performing, they take sips from their drink and playfully rock the stage.
The girls feel irked when boys thanks girls appreciating their performance. They finally turns to the bar and demand, red wine while Gia orders water. A boy come to ask if Gia doesn’t drink, Rave punches on her to flirt with him. Gia says a hi to him smiling, Rave asks Gia to introduce her to her new friend. They speak to each other laughing, while Azher stares. A boy comes to Isha and asks for her company. He introduces himself as Jack, Isha laugh and says she is Isha. He inquires what Isha do, Isha says she is a producer. Jack demands if she is here with somebody, she says no. Jack offers her dance. Gia and Rave also danced with other guys, boys feel visibly jealous this time. Jack asks Isha about a drink. He comes to the bar, when Sahir drags him down a table he was hiding. Jack greets Sahir and calls him a star, Sahir demands why he has been trying to become a star; she is his sister in law, his girlfriend. Jack apologizes. Azher sends Jack the other way.
Gia’s friend also come to get a drink, Sahir drags him down the table this time. Azher warns him to be seen near Gia again. Sahir explains she is his sister in law and sends him the other way. The girls look around for their boys. Rossie come there, Isha greets him. Rossie boasts to be a star here. He goes to drink from Rave’s glass, Guru was curt at him as Rave dances with Rossie. Guru calls him crazy and runs there, holding Rossie from his waist. He holds Rossie away in the hall, Rave was moved. Guru goes back to the boy’s team.
The girls come to complain the boys they ran their dates away. Boys ask if this wasn’t their girl’s night out. Azher says these girls love change their minds, did they mean to have fun?

PRECAP: The couples finally dance with each other. Rave teases Isha and Sahir what lone time they both have to spend together. There, Isha tells Sahir they are staying together but they need to be strong, he won’t cross any of his limits.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. And the epi was superrrrr fun ??????….Azhar and his moves were epic ????…I couldnt stop myself ???….I loved loved loved the episode…I would love to see these scenes frequently
    Anyways Thanks for wu Sona ??????

  2. ye to D4 ka update h #Shona

  3. its D4 written update, not girls on top..

  4. where is girls on top’s update?

  5. Sona

    An apology to all the readers… D4 got posted here by mistake… it has been fixed now! Enjoy reading 🙂

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