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Azher comes from behind and noticing the tension inquires what is going on. Maryam qualifies that Gia was calling life as challenging, one has to be really careful and she agrees with Gia. She then inquires if Azher is feeling better, he responds positively. Maryam says she doesn’t want to lie to him, she was saying that Gia shouldn’t have involved him in the pot’s game. Azher strictly asks if this is the reason Gia spoke aloud with his mom, he forbids he won’t do it again.
Gia tells Isha its time she move on, she has decided to go to Sahir’s home. They can go anywhere but won’t stay at Azher’s place; they will stay at Sahir’s place and if he doesn’t have a problem she also shouldn’t.
Gia decisively tells Sahir that he is shifting his place today as they have no other

option. Sahir tells Gia there are a few things they must be cautious, his neighbors must not get to know, and Isha isn’t comfortable at his house, she wants olive oil and toilet seat always down. Gia tells Sahir that this way every girl is abnormal, Sahir considers Tapasia to be different. Isha heard the conversation and turns to leave, Azher comes behind her. He tells Isha that he came to talk to Gia who is ignoring her, Isha says Gia is just upset, and tells him to clear the misunderstanding. Azher knocks at the door and comes inside, Gia asks Sahir if he called Azher here. Azher replies he asked Sahir as he wanted to talk to her. Gia curtly inquires if Azher has turned to a stalker, Sahir takes a leave from home. Azher tells Gia he realizes he should have handled the situation positively. Gia says he didn’t listen to her side of story, if his mother could get herself respected she would have respected her. Azher strictly warns her to speak aloud to his mother again. Gia takes her bag saying alright Azher. Azher wonders if she called him by his name. She turns around replying, yes she did; just like someone ordinary. It feels really bad when your loved ones consider you ordinary, just like he called her Gia in front of his mother. But his mother must be happy, as Miss Sen has no important in her son’s life now. She turns to leave.
At night, Guru was packing his stuff with Gia. He was upset that he is tired of shifting again and again. Gia says she is also tired of packing and unpacking. There is a knock at her door, Nadia enters the room and cautiously shuts the door. She warns Gia that if her behavior with Maryam keeps on going this way, it will be a problem. She warns Gia that Maryam isn’t a regular person. Gia asks her to be specific. Nadia tells Gia that Azher had a big fight with Maryam after she left, this shouldn’t have happened. She tries to caution Gia what she is trying to explain, and warns Gia that this is a huge family and their past. Azher comes into the room, Nadia casually offers her any help with packing and leaves. Azher shuts the door, and unbuttons his shirt. Gia questions if this is his way to deal with the fight. Azher takes his shirt off to reveal the shirt with I am sorry, turns away to a script saying Please forgive me. Gia asks what this Mr. Khan is. Azher says thanks God, she called him as Mr. Khan, and he doesn’t like his own name from her mouth. Gia tears his shirt, and says sorry not required and he actually needs a hug more than apology. They confess love with each other.
In the office, the manager reminds Isha she had to mail the budget. UC comes in asking about Sahir and Tapasia, his assistant says may be they are rehearsing alone. They get a mail from Isha about the budget, UC cheers about it. The boss comes asking about Isha angrily, he asks what she mailed channel. Isha says she only mailed the channel with the budget. The boss responds she mailed the internal budget to channel, he shouts there channel isn’t happy with her and here, he is frustrated. He wonders why he is bearing Isha. UC taunts Isha that she is unable to handle this new position, and asks Isha to let him handle it. Let the men handle all the work.
Sahir and Tapasia were watching a dance practice together. Tapasia wants to practice it right now. Sahir asks if she has gone insane. Tapasia asks him to think he is well, and he can dance with her. Tapasia comes to practice with Sahir about the moves. She shares an eyelock, Sahir was confused and reluctant. Tapasia reminds it’s only a dance, Isha comes there watching them practice. She says she needs to speak to them both, she tells Sahir that its time he moves on. She doesn’t want things to get any bitter, she want to tell him that she is ok with them both together. Sahir tries to explain, Isha forbids him interrupt as its not easy. Before, someone creates any distances between them, they must handle it by themselves. She has accepted herself to be Sahir’s ex, and Tapasia as present. The spark between them is visible, what was never between her and Sahir. She backs up saying it’s alright to move on. Sahir keeps on stopping Isha, while she leaves the room. Sahir gets down in pain.

PRECAP: At the Janmashtmi, Tapasia spends time with Sahir. Maryam was afraid of Azher would convert at the name of love. Isha tells Sahir to stop himself, he hits the door saying fine he would.

Update Credit to: Sona

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