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Girls On Top 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Isha comes to her room crying and fell on the bed. Gia was walking around the room, thinking about everyone calling her Azher’s girlfriend. Isha thinks about her vow to do something special, to compel boss take his decision and promote her. She opens her diary, but watches Sahir and Shreya’s photo there. Gia opens up a blog, thinking about being her own friend.
Rossie complains to Guru that the media has really created a hype of Sahir and Shreya, he sings badly in front of camera. UC comes calling Rave, and shouts at Isha and asks her where Raveti is? Rave who stood outside held her hand. UC asks Isha what she is wearing, he laughs saying he is glad she is behind camera; else their production house must have shut. Rave who had crawled in the hall to her place plays loud music. Guru whistles

in appreciation. Rave tells UC she made this music for Rossie. UC asks Rossie if he liked this. Rossie looks at UC and says no. UC gives a whole day to Rossie and tells Rave to make the mix until Rossie likes it. Rave was upset at Rossie.
In the office, Diana watches a designer takes measurements. She makes sure Gia gets best dressed in the party. Gia denies going there, designer suggests a hairstyle for Gia. Gia takes a glass of water and deliberately spills it over her dress by mistake. Gia makes up that she has to write articles, bring scoops and needs to go. Diana smiles that its expertly done.
Sahir and Shreya creates music together. Rossie rejects mix no. 18 again, Rave was irritated. Rossie demands exactly something like Sahir. Sahir comes to Rossie, he tells Rossie normally he would hit him but today he is giving him a choice. He needs to decide if he needs to irritate Rave or need a good music, he urges him think about his reputation and mom. Rossie appreciates all the mixed by Raveti. Rave thanks Sahir, Sahir asks about Isha. Rave was irritated at Isha. Sahir notices something wrong.
Isha tries to ignore boys still appreciating Shreya. The boys watch Isha standing there, one of them suggests she has head phones on and may not be able to listen but Isha heard everything. Shreya comes out to speak to the boys, she asks for a little favor. She complains her dress is still not ready. He promises to get it ready soon. Boys there were jealous of Sahir.
Gia was sitting, while Azher combed his hair shirtless. He tries to speak about her and Isha, Gia didn’t want to. She explains there is no problem in saying a sorry but only when she is wrong. Azher asks her about dinner, if she brought it or will cook here. Gia says she doesn’t want to kill him, they will make it here.
Isha come home to find Sahir waiting. She asks why he is here, where is Rave? Sahir says Rave is outside, he is here to help her and bring smile back to her face. He asks Isha to try once, she hasn’t smiled wholeheartedly for so many days. Isha cries hugging Sahir. He asks what it is about. Isha tells him not to talk, she just want to be quiet. She has been going mad, and he must be thinking… Sahir assure him isnt thinking anything. Sahir tells her we aren’t always sorted. He explains assorted means different things from emotions. Isha asks if he just invented this word Assorted. Sahir asks if its compliment or insult. Sahir asks if he ever told Isha she looks so pretty while crying. Isha laughs wiping her tears. Sahir’s phone bell rings, Azher asks about Isha. He asks to put the phone on speaker, Azher tells Isha that Gia had an accident, he is here with him at home. Isha and Sahir hurries home. Isha comes to Gia concerned if she had an accident. Gia was clueless. Azher and Sahir head to leave, Gia demands Azher why he told Isha that she had an accident. Azher says if not physical but they have emotional accident for sure, Gia there is a single way to sort this out and that is to sit and speak. He demands that they are missing their girls and want them back.

PRECAP: Isha complains there is a lot in her life going on. Gia complains there is a line that is inaccessible. Rave demands Gia if she called herself as her best friend, does that mean they don’t mean anything in her life?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. if this show cntinued lyk ths i m gonna quit watching it

  2. Omg! Tell me who didn’t love today’s epi?? Like we just got an awesome epi after ages!!
    Mission isha n d conference call was loveee
    The precap <3 abey we have to wait till Monday!! :O

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