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Guru watch Rave and Shekhar come to a wedding hand in hand. He watches Azher and Sahir in disguise give him a thumbs up. Rave was the DJ, Shekhar takes a seat. Azher and Sahir join the dance. Guru focus Shekhar and interviews him how he feels. Shekhar calls it all so weird, Azher and Sahir signal Guru, he moves towards Rave with the handicam. Rave was happy to do an event with him after so long. Guru was happy. Shekhar was getting bored. Guru gets one point over Shekhar.
Isha and Gia were sure Rave will never go on a date with Guru, boys laugh. In the bar, Rave and Guru drink together and take selfies. Gia calls Guru, Gia apologizes Guru as they are stuck in a bad traffic and can’t come here. Rave says alright, they can cheer anyway. Isha and Gia celebrate their closeness. Rave and Guru come

to dance floor. Another point for Guru.
Shekhar sat in the meeting with Rave, Rave was uninterested as Shekhar talked about business. Gia and Isha watch them from behind a table, wondering where Azher and Sahir is. Rave finally leave the table, she meets Sahir on the washroom door. Sahir stops her, Rave wasn’t ready to listen as she is middle of something. Sahir understands Rave’s anger that day, he would have felt the same. He doesn’t want them to misunderstand each other again. Rave thanks him for understanding her and Isha’s point of view. Sahir joins the girls under the table to inform them he met Rave in washroom. The girls ask Sahir about the next plan. Sahir suggests about keeping the plan in front of Rave and demand her to choose.
Round 3, Azher brings his laptop to Sahir to show him an online store. In the evening, Gia gets ready and asks about the earrings. He asks if she is getting ready for Shekhar, she says for him. Azher asks her not to wear them, they disturb her face and he likes her face without disturbance.
Guru and Sahir were in the kitchen, Isha comes to offer Sahir an apron and insists on him to wear it. His hands were ruined with flour, Isha drapes it around him. They share an eye lock, Azher, Guru and Gia turn all at once watching them. Sahir stops them reminding party is here. Azher and Gia tease Sahir and Isha with their eye movements.
Rave comes in to apologize Isha, Isha hugs Rave before she could say anything else. Rave understands about over reacting, Sahir is a nice guy but whenever she dislikes something her anger and rage ooze out at someone. Sahir says it’s alright. Isha asks Rave to forget about it all. Rave cheers and thanks them all, as she is really happy for being forgiven. There is a door bell, Azher thinks may be its Shekhar. Rave goes to open the door, Shekhar stands outside. He looks at Rave from upside down, Shekhar greets everyone there. They offer him drinks, Shekhar asks for beer instead. Guru goes to bring the drink to him, but shakes the bottle and the drink spoils Shekhar’s dress. Rave gets tissue paper for Shekhar, Guru apologizes. Shekhar insults Guru if this is how he does it in their village, they must have traditional Daru and should have had beer. Rave tells Shekhar that was too harsh. Shekhar insists what this boy did was harsh. Rave argues that Guru is her friend, how he can talk about him like this. Guru accepts his mistake, and apologizes. Shekhar assures Guru he was just kidding. Guru hands the bottle to Shekhar, while Rave still eyes him in doubt.
Shekhar takes Rave aside, and compliments her to look really different. Everyone concentrated on them, Shekhar clarifies it’s not a compliment, she looks really weird. He looks around cautiously saying she looks as if she has no dignity, she must go and change. Rave says she is with friends, and doesn’t need to change. Shekhar reminds he is also here, and Rave has to impress him every time. Rave replies ok and goes inside. Sahir calls Shekhar to have some drinks together. They all get seated. Guru comes inside to look for Rave and calls Shekhar is a misbehaving person. A man who can shout at her and insult her is rude. Rave qualifies Guru is saying this because Shekhar is his competition. She shouts at Guru that she likes Shekhar and he has no right to accuse Shekhar of anything.
Azher discuss with Shekhar that being an entrepreneur must be difficult. Shekhar replies it took some luck and lot of hard work. Shekhar suggests about funding any entrepreneurial company. Guru packs his bags to leave in anger. Azher and Sahir go behind him. Gia and Isha wonder if something happened, Rave comes changed. Shekhar compliments her to look so pretty, he informs Rave that Guru left home forever. Rave was shocked.

PRECAP: Sahir and Isha dance together, closely. UC greets Rave and hands her a letter. UC shouts at Isha reminding her being an associate producer only. Her dad hears this disgrace.

Update Credit to: Sona

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