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Isha reads the comments on video and was upset. She calls Gia, Gia comes in washroom and asks if she is alright. Isha says no, she is sitting on a volcano and her head is in crocodile’s face; forbidding to ask this question again. She confirms Gia if her and Sahir’s chemistry is worse than Shreya’s; then why all negative comments for her? She was worried if she look that bad, then why everyone hates her? Gia says everyone is biased and blind. Isha calls her biased for her. Gia tells Isha they have to do hell with them, society only likes damn silly distressed type of girls and since they aren’t that type the society hates them. She assures Isha that her and Sahir’s chemistry is very good. Isha advices her to say sorry for Azher, don’t take too long to think about it.
Nadia tells Azher

he got a good recover by high publicity. Azher wandered around saying he doesn’t need such publicity. She looks up at him, then asks him to spit in the glass as it’s poisonous. When he has done, she says anger is poisonous. Azher clutches her neck, both laugh. Azher says he must mention in her contract to take him seriously. Nadia forbids him be upset because of Gia, she is a common girl and independent one; this is all new for her; he must give her some time.
Mr. Mathew come to give the girls photos of Isha and Gia’s publicity. They were called to society’s meeting where they had to decide if the girls should be allowed to stay here or not. In the meeting, Mr. Mathew says this is a family society, they have children who will be badly affected. Isha asks to chance to explain, Mr. Mathew shows them proofs. Gia holds a magazine where Mr. Mathew was kissing his wife. Mr. Mathew denies being there. There was photos of society members around. A lady defends this is personal, Isha says this is the point. She insists they also didn’t give permission still they became national gossip, what if it was her daughter. They all have personal life, it’s not for world’s entertainment. As a woman, she must support them girls, else at least not clap about their character assassination. Mr. Mathew allows them to stay, but for next thirty days they would be under observation.
Isha, Gia and Rave thank the restaurant waiter for stealing the photos. The waiter says he loved doing this work. Isha tells the girls to be very careful now, she warns Rave first. Rave asks what can be more careful that they are even taking shots of tea. Isha asks Gia if she didn’t contact Azher, Gia says no, now the world will say Azher left his ordinary girlfriend. She asks Isha about Sahir. Isha says she can’t handle it, she has to save both the job and home in the next month. Rave shares a solid idea, to buy shalwar kameez for the next month; they will become traditional and Mr. Mathew will think the girls got well character. Rave takes a photo and send it to Guru. He was upset and keeps his phone aside. Isha gets up, then finds Rave to be upset. Rave wonders why Guru didn’t reply to her update.
Sahir gets the update, and calls Isha all at once. He asks if everything is fine. Isha says yes. He tells Isha he saw her photo, she gives an eye to Rave and Gia. Sahir says she looks relaxed with her friends, she must take a leave. There are twenty days to break a new concept, so she must take a leave. Isha doesn’t get what he is saying. Rave suggests Guru must be busy, Gia asks what if he is upset. Rave wonders what she did now. Gia says she speaks a lot of things without realizing. Isha gives her time to think what she did.
Shreya tries to take photos with Sahir on set, he ignores. Rave notices this. Sahir comes to Rave if mix one is ready? Rave tells him about rearranging some new music for him, she plays at which Sahir appreciates her. Sahir dances over the beat. Rossie comes on stage to dance against of Sahir. UC arrives there and then, he shouts at Rave for making a pathetic mix. Sahir says he loved it, this is the sound of the new generation. UC eyes him.

PRECAP: Rave brings flowers for Guru, he was shocked. She gets close to him to get something out of his eye. Sahir brings a veiled lady to Isha’s home. Isha asks if she is pregnant too?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I missed today’s epi…later I read this update…Episode is gud..But I’m still confused..

  2. Y Guru is avoidng Rave..I can’t undrstnd some more parts..But precap is amaznggggg…Flowr scene nd Sahir brngs the lady nd Isha ask If she Is also Pregnt too..hahaha ????… WE WILL BE WAIT FOR MONDAY..3 days OMG!!!!!

    1. Deepika ( zaya fan )

      Bcz rave shouted on his gift … actually she was irritated with her colleagues … and at the same time guru came … so he was targeted … and rave left in anger

      1. Deepika ( zaya fan )


  3. I think paradha girl would be Mr.khan?… Y guru avoiding Rave… Sahir’s dance mind blowing…

    By the way may I knw abt u like.. Whr u all r from… Wat u r dng(studying or…)

  4. Gud mrng frnds..

  5. Hahahaha yest epi!!!! Currently im lovin this pair d most….. Sahir-UC!!!!!! Lololol. UC looks so dumb wen sahir opposes him..
    UC to rave- yeh kya mix kiya hai.. N blah.
    Sahir- But i loved it. Yeh aajki generation ki music hai.
    Omg!!!! I couldnt stop laughinnnn!!!!!!
    Im frm k’taka.. 11th std.. Admission done yest.. N thnx for all those who wished me fr my exams.. I got 90.56% guyz!! Thnx a lot!!!

  6. @MaNan/PaNiholics. Guyz!! Did u check parth’s insta post???????? Its his 100th post on insta n guess what did he post……. EPISODE 67 OF KYY!!!!!!!! That is just not an epi for us!!!! Its the first kiss epi which we love so much!!!! He’d posted his n dhruv’s part.. Manik getting to kno abt dhruv’s feelings for nandu! Im sure he watched d MaNan kiss to 😉
    P.S- Non-MaNan/PaNiholics, STAY OUT OF THIS! MaNan/PaNiholics, guyz i know u r crazy if u already know it. If not you’ll go crazy! Its a huge treat for all of us!!!

    1. Oh yes even I saw that….I am really feeling nostalgic….LOVED U KYY…………still love u..

  7. Ohh reallyy plumpyyy…Plzzz give the link yaar…That frst kiss is sooo AWESOME..Yeahhh this is the treat for all MANAN FANSSS..

  8. Thnk uuu sooo much plumpyyy dr…For givng this gud news aftr long time…I’m really hppyyy now…Wooooooooowwww

  9. Have you guys seen the new promo. .. Azher proposes Gia. . So cute. .. The lady is Azher. .

  10. Have you guys seen the new promo. .. Azher proposes Gia. . So cute. . And that lady is Azher

  11. superb epi it was……………And yes even I guess that parda vali must b azhar only…Hi navi..I guess u r a new member here…….and yup…I am studying in 10th..and am from kerala..

  12. Haiii Kityy..

    1. Hi akshara….Tell me more about u ….

  13. Hey guys. .. i have started a ff for girls on top. . Do read and comment

  14. Well Kitty..I’m a colg 2nd year studnt (B.Sc Zoology)..I’m from Nagpur(Maharashtra)..

  15. And Navi..r u girl or a boy..??

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