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Girls On Top 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gia asks to talk to Azher while Naina was there in the vanity. She wonders Gia? Naina asks Gia to come in, she says that they can get Gia’s inputs as well, she can also question Azher about the girlfriend gossip. Azher asks what the need of Gia’s input here is. Gia says she is a good reporter and will give good inputs. Gia tells Azher they will talk to each other later, right now they must let Naina take her interview. She came to discuss his role. They wave at each other, Gia smiles. Gia asks if he has seen Kapoor and sons. Naina reminds her it’s her interview, Gia leaves.
Guru heard the music as he sat with Rave in café. Rave says she will play this in the next wedding. Guru says the next wedding isn’t in South Africa. She asks then? He says this is good, but he didn’t understand

it. Rave asks if he understands when he dances on Munni Badnam Hui, still he does. No one in India understands fusion. She wish to be born in US. He boasts he has a lot of relatives in India who drive cabs in California. He asks if she has someone in US. Rave says Shekhar is, her first boyfriend. They had breakup, he hurt her a lot. Guru asks her to keep her mood sweet and not to remember him. He turns to see a banner about DJ hunt being displayed. He asks Rave to watch it, Rave was excited and goes to read the banner. They made photos of number and website. Rave comes to fill the forms.
Shreya and Sahir’s video was uploaded on youtube. Bobby shows it to Gia, she gets Azher’s call. Azher says if Naina is the one writing about his secret girlfriend. Gia makes up that Diana didn’t reveal who the reporter was. Azher says it must be Naina then, she gave him an offer for exclusive coverage if he reveals the secret girlfriend’s identity. Gia was shocked, he laughs that he was pulling her leg only. Bobby calls Gia, Gia says she will talk to Azher soon. Azher says she has no word like ‘soon’ in her dictionary, but it makes him really happy.
Gia wonders how this video can get 500 likes in just two minutes. Bobby says their chemistry is wonderful.
Ashima tells Isha that the first episode’s master copy was corrupted, they have to go on air in the next five hours. UC comes and crosses the Episode 1. He asks Isha if she thinks about whom to put the blame on. Isha asks Ashima to call sound engineer, Ashima says she did. UC sends her to call some senior and warns Isha to fix it in time.
Gia watches the video has 7000 views in 40 minutes. Azher comes asking if she doesn’t check her messages, Gia drops her bag and reminds it’s her office. Azher says whenever she wants to meet she comes to him, he can also come. Azher says she had asked him to meet soon, Gia says not as soon. Azher says this seemed late to him. Gia smiles. He holds her face wash. Everyone in the office pictured Azher, Gia says she will help him as they had discussed with Diana. She was confused. Gia requests Azher not to complain about them all, everyone in the office is worried and leaves back towards their seats. Azher sits with Gia, he watches the video and recalls Sahir. He watches Gia upset and asks what is wrong. Gia says she can’t digest 7000 views in 30 minutes. Azher says these are paid likes. Gia gets it at once.
Isha talks on phone, then asks where sound engineer is. No one answered. She gets a call from Gia, Gia says it is related to her show, and there is a problem. It’s about Youtube view likes. She says in 30 min there were 7000 likes, someone is paying for likes. Isha says she knows who is doing this, UC. UC comes behind her. He says he knows she has to play blame game as always, if this show doesn’t go on air in time he will suspend her. The whole industry will know how irresponsible and incompetent she is.
Rave filled the form. Guru compliments her typing speed. Rave says in India it isn’t possible, in this competition more than five DJ’s won’t enroll. No one takes female DJ’s serious. Guru says he even didn’t a few time ago, but now he does. He says he changed his attitude. Rave says she came for changing attitude. Guru and Rave come out and does Bhangra.
Isha walked restlessly. Ashima was worried that only two hours left. Isha asks what the sound engineer said. Ashima says he is trying to fix it. Someone comes to tell Isha that engineer has come here. Isha asks if Ashima called someone, Ashima says no. the engineer works in the control room, the peon comes across him in the way and asks if it is done. The engineer leaves, his face masked already. The video worked, Isha was relieved and hugs Ashima. Isha wonders if it was a random stranger. She tells Ashima to send that engineer a thanking bouquet. Ashima says they don’t have his address.
The girls watch the show at home. Gia asks what the hell, wasn’t there Isha’s name. They turn the tv off, that Isha wasn’t even credited. Isha comes to UC’s office and asks why she didn’t get her credit. UC stares at her and smiles.

PRECAP: Isha and Ashima were shocked to hear UC tell Isha she made his life miserable, that’s why he makes hers. Azher tells Gia tears don’t suit her. Isha heads towards Sahir when he tells in an interview he only believes in physical relationship.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oooh cant wait for the big concert 🙂 Its lyk I already have buttrflies on my stomach.. what ll happen next?? And guys I once forgot by watchin d promo if its D3 or GOT!!! I mean once again its Shantanu and the same setup too… WOW!!! And todays epi was too good.. Who is this secret admirer yaar wanna know.. ?.? This show is getting intresting day by day..
    OH Kitty I didnt comment becoz I was actually busy celebratin my bday 🙂
    Cheers for girls on top
    Do comment guys..

  2. Hi SANA..O.k so it was ur Bday last day??Belated Bday wishes dear 🙂 🙂 …..Why did’nt u tell us yaar…. we wud have wished u on that particular day itself..alright…did u came to know that this saturday, from 1-4 pm continously we have GOT movie…Yeah..I am eagerly waiting to watch that.. 😀

  3. Why is sahir behaving lyk this?who was that man who helped Ish to air the programme????What wil happen btwn Azhar and Gia..??Well to get the answers 4 all such questions we must wait….. 😉 But the problem is ,i am not able to wait …Am getting restless….OH I WANT TO SEE GOT NOW….
    Why is anyone not commenting these days???????????? 🙁 🙁 guys plz do comment yaar….Who ever is readng this plz comment once…PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….

  4. Ohh so sweet of u kitty 🙂
    Yeah even I cant wait for Saturday… The show is like earning more and more respect… 😀
    And evn I am upset wid d sooo little na I wonder where are GOT Fans ??

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