Girls On Top 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Azher comes out of his room, Maryam was sitting in the lounge and congratulates him as he is all over the front page of newspaper. She slaps the newspaper on the table. Azher says Maryam is unaware of the whole truth, Maryam asks if he spent the night with that girl. Azher corrects her name is Gia. Maryam reminds him his behavior. Azher argues he can’t part from Gia only because of religion, it doesn’t matter to them. Maryam clarifies Gia Sen can never be Gia Khan and come to this home. Azher was ready to leave the home then, if there is no respect for Gia. Maryam reminds he will be her son no matter where he moves.

In the morning, Gia comes out asking for coffee. Mitali comes out to inform Isha left soon. Mitali apologizes for her brother, Gia says they must now be physically prepared

as well. She tells Gia that she has a meeting with channel today. Gia wish her the best of luck, Mitali opens the door to a man asking for milk money. Gia asks him about the bill, it was more than 2 thousands. Gia tells him to clear his bills on 1st of the month. He had just left when Guru rings the bell, Gia says his old friends were missing him, the milk man. Guru notices Gia isn’t fine, Gia was worried for society problems. She felt lonely, because Rave left for Bangalore and Isha is really busy. She was worried for the house being expensive, and she had to pay milk bills. Guru apologizes for having to go suddenly, Gia understands they had hired this house on their responsibility. Guru assures everything will be fine, there are always ups and downs.

Mitali comes for audition to Isha and the producer. They watch Mitali’s brother creating a scene outside. The producer was concerned if he doesn’t want Mitali to participate. Isha goes out, asking Mitali to stay inside. Sahir was confronting the brother, Isha comes to warn him stay back. The brother deters Isha because she is ruining his brother’s life for their benefits. The producer watches this from inside. Sahir calms Mitali down not to panic. The producer comes to Isha saying this is a great story, it has all the drama. She must manage Mitali stays in the show till the end and her brother too. Isha was worried at these orders.

Gia was getting a photoshoot with the fans when Gia comes to café, she was concerned why he called her in emergency. Azher holds her hand, the crowd cheers. Gia was worried, Azher says she must not be concerned. Diana comes complimenting about the scoop, and suggests covering this story for sure. The office staff takes a leave, Diana calms Gia to stay relax, and she will have to face outer media as well. She tells Gia to go to her Isha’s set, where Mitali’s brother is there. Azher was worried and offers to go there, Gia was sure to manage herself. Diana wish the couple all the best, inspite of all odds. Gia tries to withdraw her hand, but Azher doesn’t leave it. He tells Gia he only want her to be with her, without caring about anyone. He says he left home forever, he has clarified his thoughts to his mother, she won’t agree; but still he wanted her to know. Before she go to sets, he want to say something, cups her face and says I love you. Gia thinks she never wanted to part him from his mom, she wanted us but not at this cost.

Isha watches Sahir and Tapasia practice and was uncomfortable at their intimacy. Both cheer at the end, Sahir asks about Isha’s consent about the performance. Tapasia brings the tissue to wipe his sweat. Tapasia boasts their dance would be the next best thing. Isha shows her clear dislike about the dance, she is the creative producer and can say and do anything. Sahir says he thought… Isha argues its her job to think and his duty is to execute. Tapasia tells her to lower her volume, they need to discsuss and not fight. Isha forbids her tell what Isha must do or not. Sahir interferes, Isha stops him as Tapasia can defend herself. Tapasia stays calm and ask her to discuss rather than shout, it will be of no use. Isha has no knowledge of dance. Isha boasts this is her show, and will work with her conditions. What she says is final here. Tapasia says in that case she doesn’t think this is the right place for her, she is leaving. Isha tells her to do whatever she wants to, she didn’t hire Tapasia. Sahir questions Isha what this all is, he think she is unable to handle her new responsibilities and position. He leaves Isha irked.

Gia consoles Mitali and says she can’t leave the show. Mitali says she danced in bar for her family, now she just want a good decent job. She doesn’t want all this chaos in her life. Gia says they will speak to Isha, Isha arrives and tells them to get it going. Gia informs that Mitali wants to quit. Isha questions who gave her permission to quit. Mitali says Dhruv doesn’t respect girls at all, she doesn’t want to create any issues on set. Gia seconds Mitali. Isha asks who are they to decide when to enter and quit the show, this isn’t a joke; and Gia says she understands her problem. A commitment is a commitment, Mitali is under a contract and until they allow she can’t quit. Gia was helpless, Isha leaves.

Sahir takes Gia’s call at night, she asks what happened to Isha. Sahir says she is behaving strange. Gia says she is changing, Sahir considers it a stage where when you proceed in career you forget about relations. Gia was worried and tell Sahir to take care of her. Sahir was helpless, as everything was in past tense now. Azher hears Sahir was talking to Gia and takes the call, Gia says it was about Isha. She was concerned for Isha seriously, there was a ring on the door. Gia thinks it must be Isha, she opens the door to find Maryam. She hangs up promising to call Azher a bit later. Maryam stares her from head to foot.

PRECAP: Gia complains Isha she has forgotten sisterhood, she doesn’t care what is happening in Gia’s life. Isha says there is a lot happening in her life as well. Ashima says she didn’t know Tapasia would resign this way. There, Isha complains Gia on phone about partying with Tapasia. UC gets Isha to jail and smirks as police takes her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    good decision azher.i liked it and i think not only i all ur fans will appreciate it.there should be no division between two lovers.i think u should follow ur own decision and ignore ur mother only for gia.

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