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Girls On Top 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Azher drives Gia and smiles watching her tensed, complimenting she looks beautiful when tensed. Gia asks if her boyfriends like her tensed, Azher clarifies its when she is lost. He tells her to chill, there are problems in every relation but when they are determined to face and solve in together there is nothing to worry about. Gia asks Azher if he wants to chill, really; qualifying if he wants to come upstairs. Azher smiles wondering if she took so much time just for such a petty matter. Gia was nervous as she can’t express such matters. Gia cheers when Azher agrees to come upstairs.
Ashima and Isha sat on the table, while Sahir was singing. Isha was moved by the lyrics, and smiles. Sahir walks towards Isha asking if she liked it, she compliments it to be nice. Sahir thanks her, saying she

is still his inspiration. He can always create music when she is around, she denies joining him. He asks if she is afraid to fall in love with him again, Isha questions what? Sahir turns around questioning what? Isha realizes she was day dreaming, and says it was by mistake. Ashima turns to leave, and asks Isha how can she stay so fresh all day. Isha says all days are hectic, she uses powder cream to stay fresh by face. Ashima takes a leave. Sahir asks if Isha checked the videos, Isha says yes. He takes a leave, then asks how she will go home. Isha says its fine, she will manage. Sahir offers her a lift, if she wants. Isha says its really fine. Sahir says its awkward, but he had offered someone else with a lift as well. Isha says alright, she will be there in a minute.
Gia gets into the lift cheerfully, Azher follows her finally. She laughs playfully. She tries to escape but he holds her on the wall of the lift. Gia keeps on running even at home. Azher comes across Mitali, he stops right there. Mitali pokes his cheek with his finger, and says she now realized he is real; in her village girls are crazy about him and the shopkeeper sells his poster for Rs. 10. Azher asks if she wants to start a business by using him, Mitali demands him to repeat his famous dialogue. Gia was moved by Mitali, Azher explains this is there emotional nation. She asks for Gia’s permission to present her next performance, and calls Azher Jijo asking to comment too. Azher enjoys being called Jijo, Gia shies.
Mitali performs on the dance, as Azher and Gia enjoy it. She brings Gia and Azher to join her, and dances around them, then take a chance to leave them alone.
Isha thinks about keeping a hand over Sahir’s shoulder, but doesn’t. They look at each other in the rear view mirror, Sahir apologizes for the uneven road. She finally has to clutch him at a bump. Sahir stops beside Tapasia trying to fix her scooty. Tapasia laughs that her scooty has gone out of work. Isha says she must have been really tensed in such a situation, Tapasia qualifies that being worried never solve a problem, and one must take a chill drill. Sahir tries to fix her scooty, Tapasia tells him she got petrol filled, Sahir got it from the same station. Tapasia leaves finally, Isha who was wondering to leave sits behind Sahir.
At the flat, Isha thanks Sahir to drop her out of the way and takes a leave. Both wanted to say something, but leaves. Sahir stops her, he asks if Isha thought about her start up. Isha corrects it’s their start up, and replies there is so much on their plate. Sahir agrees they must first focus on dance reality show. Isha appreciates his job on the show, especially with Mitali. He agrees, Mitali should have got a second chance. When life gives a second chance, one must grab it else it only brings failure. Isha goes inside, Sahir’s bike doesn’t start now.
Isha enters to confront some veiled goons, it was Mitali’s brother, he demands her to spare Mitali else he won’t leave her worth anything. Isha calls the security, the goon brings out a knife. They boys beat the watch man, Sahir comes in. Isha warns him about the knife and was concerned, she calls Gia to get some help as Mitali’s brother is downstairs with some goons. They all hurry outside, Sahir beats them badly. Mitali doesn’t let Gia call police, else they will beat him in jail. Sahir and Azher come to wrestle with her brother, he deters Isha that his sister won’t dance in her TV show as he will ruin her show. Isha breathed heavily in panic, Gia consoles both Isha and Mitali.

PRECAP: Azher tells Maryam and he and Gia never think about religion. Maryam argues that it matters because Gia Sen can never be Gia Khan. Sahir and Tapasia practice together, Tapasia was hopeful that their reality show will go a hit. Isha considers it unacceptable. Gia opens the door to find Maryam standing outside.

Update Credit to: Sona

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