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UC comes to Sahir and warns him about Shreya’s event. Sahir says he himself demanded for an interview. Gia insists interview was going fine, UC shouts at her to get lost. Gia thanks him and leave with Guru.
Isha tells Sahir he has changed, from a selfish Sahir to a mature one. Sahir says he was never selfish, Isha insists he was. UC shouts at Isha to pack her bag and get lost, she is no more allowed on this set. Isha calmly replies she remember, she will soon talk to those who took this decision. UC wonders what an ego she has that still didn’t break. Isha reminds him that those with such strong support system always rise after falling down. Gia, Rave, Guru and Sahir stood on her side. He leaves the hall. Isha thanks them all. Guru thanks Sahir, Sahir explains he decided he would speak from

his heart. Gia leaves. Isha felt good.
Gia heads towards Bandra. At Azher’s house, Gia enters while Azher had been taking an interview. He spots Gia who urgently wanted to speak to him. He denies speaking to her, Gia takes his hand and requests him to listen only. They come to studio. Azher taunts if she is sure her photographer isn’t anywhere around. Gia apologizes. She accepts her mistake, she is trying to be honest. She was in a job she hated, but still does. She had no money and Diana was about to fire her. Then this story came along, it got stuck to her but Diana liked it. She sometime realized he isn’t only a story for her, he is more than that. Maybe she doesn’t deserve more, but atleast he should for once listen to her and understand her point of view. He heads to leave. She demands a punishment but not this silence. She can wait for a while, but if he thinks she can get a second chance he might just give a signal. She leaves.
At night, Gia comes to Guru. He was restless and asks why she called him here. Gia tells him it was official, Guru was concerned for the footage. Gia appreciates the interview and hands him a job offer letter from Mumbai Masala. Guru cheers at this.
At home the girls make pasta for themselves. They get to their rooms. Isha reminds the girls about mother’s day. Isha had cooked and baked for them. Gia and Rave have an argument as Rave begin eating at once, Gia goes for toothbrush. Rave suggests about becoming each other’s mother. Gia becomes Rave’s mother, Rave teases Gia. Isha laugh, Gia was curt at Isha’s laughter. Gia and Rave then head to call their mothers, Isha was upset. She assures she is fine, what if she hasn’t got mother, and they are here for her.
Rave wishes her mother and asks what she needs for Mother’s Day. Her mother demands her to become a responsible girl as she is the precious gift she has. Gia’s mother asks about her job, advices her to take care of herself. Isha looks around and finds the newspaper. She was shocked to read a news in Mumbai Masala, turns the newspaper around to show Gia’s photo as Azher’s secret girlfriend.
Gia was doomed, Isha and Rave assure her that Azher will handle it all. Gia tells them Azher got it printed. Isha wonders why she thinks like that. Gia says she is sure, and tells them about apologizing Azher. She told him the whole story about not wanting to lose her job, she still told him if he feels she deserves a chance he must give her a sign. Here, it is; big, fat sign. Its his decision and he is responsible for all this. She feels she deserves this. Isha considers it as public harassment, she apologized at his home. Rave was not able to hold this, she calls him an idiot and has stupid pox. Isha asks her to calm down and focus on this problem. Gia was worried if Diana read it, she was worried about getting fired tomorrow.

PRECAP: The boss tells Isha that her team mates complaint about unnecessary drama on set because of her. Rave argues Guru why he came to set with this gift. There, the press gather around Gia and points Isha to get famous because of internet controversy.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Deepika ( zaya fan )

    Anyone plz tell me what happened with that gujju girl name may be roshali ??
    Last I saw her in dj hunt
    I didn’t watch it for more than two weeks ?
    GOT rockss✌

    1. Actually roshali returned to her parents house as her parents forgave her and yes one more thing GOT rockzz

      1. Deepika ( zaya fan )

        Tysm mukti
        Gud mrng

  2. I think roshali is in positive character…She always supported to gia,isha and rave..

    1. Deepika ( zaya fan )

      Yeah u r right … she is also gud by heart

  3. Deepika ( zaya fan )

    Plz comment here daily … and also analyz this show … if anyone of u can …. so that so many ppl get to know about its best side … I can’t as I have missed so many episodes
    GOT rocks ✌

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