Girls On Top 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gia thinks how Rave rejected the house just for Bollywood music. She remembers how Rave had beated the man as well, the news came to papers as well. Gia says to Rave that she and Isha will find a way.
Isha watches the list, her colleague tells her that Sahil Bhasin’s name is also there. Isha says finally, he did something in his life and asks if the list has been finalized. Her colleague says that she has even emailed them all. Isha was worried why Sahil didn’t tell her. There is a call for her, operator tells Isha that Sahil Bhasin has come to meet her. Isha says she will be there. She comes to the meeting room, Sahil comes to hug her. She shakes his hand saying welcome Mr. Bhasin, should they proceed for the interview. She avoids Sahil all around, he hugs her finally. In a room when they

were alone, Sahil asks why a secret in office. Sahil says he knows she is hiding because he got selected in her show. She cheers and says yes. She finally hugs him and says she was about to call him. They hug. Isha tells him to maintain a distance, else people will think she did him a favor. He asks if she didn’t do. She says off course, she got the list just now. She had no role in this, may be someone watched his video on youtube. She says she knows him, he doesn’t like such favors and that is why she has no role in this. She was angry if he came to threaten her, she says she wants to hide the relationship just so that he gets famous because of his talent and not as a favor from his girlfriend. He says sorry to her. She accepts the apology. He hugs her again. She says this is her office, they must now go out. He gets her back on a couch, hugged and kiss her cheek. She gets up, and says he has to go else someone will see them together.
In the office, Gia tells Raina that until now only a single story of her got famous. Raina says she wants Gia to get two or three spokes, for her. Gia’s dress was stuck in the chair as she tried to get it out. She stands up and sits back again and again. Raina says she has no option like always. Gia asks how is she so confident about it. Gia’s chair moves up and down again and again. Raina tells Gia to go and find a story. Gia comes to her office wondering if Azher can be used as a link to get gossips from industry.
There Rave thought about ways to find a home. She was speaking on a call that she works as DJ. She gets a call from someone else, it was Govinder. Govinder warns her to stay away from Roshali’s papa, he was deterred by them. He says he did so only because of Raveti. Rave asks if he can die for her? He says may be. Rave asks if he is serious. She tells him to get them a house for three girls, they have to get out of their present residence in a few days. Govinder says his partner is a broker and has got a flat. Rave tells him to get it ready for her.
Azher tells Gia on call he was thinking about her. Gia was worried and asks why, she didn’t even write about him today. He says this is the reason, he asks her to meet him so that he can give her some spicy news. She says okay, but what scope she can expect him. He says she will find out when they meet. She asks where. He says at his house. She fell down, the office members got disturbed. Azher says she must know by now that he is quite harmless, they can’t take the risk about meeting her out and getting his information leaked. Gia apologize the girl on whose chair she had been sitting, the girl asks Gia that Natasha has written the spellings of Love wrong in her article. Gia says this is a name Luve Khurana not love.
The manager comes inside. He asks Isha, his youngest and most talented associate producer if she is ready for briefing? Isha says this singing reality show is her concept, it will be all from heart unlike his commercial presentation so he must sit back and enjoy. He was curt that she is going to regret it. The judges arrive, Isha welcomes them. She introduces them to the manager and says all this excitement is because of him. Isha says before she starts, she thanks them for the positivity. She gives the presentation. In the list of twenty, Sahill’s name wasn’t there. She says to Asha this isn’t the right list, the manager says it’s the same one. Isha looks at the list, she says there is Sahil Basin on number 5 in the original list that is missing in presentation. The manager says Sahil wasn’t that good, he didn’t like his audition in the second go. He had actually watched Isha and Sahil together.

PRECAP: Gia’s phone fells in the pool, she gets in the pool to look for her phone. When she comes out she is shocked to see someone in front of her. Rave insists on Govinder that she wants that flat.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. This is what real friendship is…I just loved the chemistry between gia and Rave….and also sahil and Isha…They are really cute…& wat is gonna happen with gia &azher??Let’s wait and watch………..

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