Girls On Top 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Isha comes to the party, Sahir gets a call and leave. Isha reads the note Sahir had given, Isha announces that when she joined the job she was hopeful about getting confident. She was right, top bosses appreciated her; but a few seniors were jealous of her and let her down, but she never give up nor stop dreaming. Sahir comes there and hands the boss and UC with the print of confirmation email. Isha continues with her speech, to bring original ideas and she has turned that dream to a reality today by getting a new concept of show for this company. The boss claps at once, he takes the Farewell banner off the wall and announce this isn’t a farewell but celebration party. Isha cheers, while UC was irked. The boss announces it’s for the commission of their new show that was possible because of Isha,

congratulates Isha for this; this proves her dedication. UC curtly leave. Sahir offers a chocolate in Isha’s mouth, both share an eye lock.
The next morning, Sahir tells Azher if Isha had left her job… Azher understands how it feels, it seems everything would end. Azher says he know Isha is a strong girl, Sahir counts a list about Isha being strong, head strong, responsible… There is a door bell, Sahir open the door and find Guru outside with his luggage. He heads inside upset and asks for some time, he will answer all their questions. He asks for some water and helps himself. Sahir and Azher look at each other quizzically. Guru eats from the refrigerator, he says its not possible, he can’t stay at girl’s house. There is their lingerie all around, they shout when happy, when upset and everytime. Sahir says this is his problem. Guru tells him he is homeless, then he went to stay with the girls so he made himself homeless again; can he stay here for temporary… then says all right he may leave. Azher stops him saying alright, they will adjust here, then looks towards Sahir. Sahir allow as well.
Rave makes a speech in the café, one good thing and two bad things. The good thing is that Isha was able to save her job, so no money issues. And the bad news is Guru’s proposal and Gia’s rejection.
The boys make tea for each other talking about rejection.
Rave says running away isn’t an option. Gia asks as if Rave isn’t running away. Rave explains the one thing she has been running away from is marriage.
Sahir and Azher were shocked to hear that Guru proposed Rave for marriage. They try to explain to Guru that Rave is a different kind of girl, she is classy and he hasn’t yet dated her. Guru wasn’t ready to understand, he questions if classy girls don’t marry? Azher and Sahir were helpless. Sahir goes to get beer for them.
Isha tells Gia that Azher is so nice, Gia wish he is angry sometime. Why can’t he be normal, everything is over the top for him. Isha tells Gia nothing is simple these days, the entire world wants Azher Khan and she wish for someone simple. And Rave has a simple man, but she wants someone torn and twisted, Isha herself has a torn and twisted man but nowadays he took a 360 turn to be a charming simple. Rave calls her a mother to this new thing, charming simple.
Sahir calls Azher and Guru both to be rejected. Azher tells him to go and look at his face. Sahir suggests them not to give such importance to girls. Azher suggests for a no girl tonight. Guru tells them this isn’t possible, Rave is all over his system. Sahir suggests him to take a trial. Guru explains he never understand how people get into a club and consider a sound of washing machine to be music. The boys laugh, then tells Guru all clubs aren’t same. Sahir assures them to take him to a new place. Sahir and Guru leave shopping for Guru, at home Azher tries differnet clothes.
Sahir calls Isha, both discuss nothing is going on in their lives. Sahir informs isha that Guru shifted with them.
There, the girls were getting ready for a night out. Isha comes to discuss if they noticed Guru was missing here. Gia calls this horrible. Rave jerks the thought away, complaining he could have left after informing them; but where he has gone. Isha says he has gone to Sahir’s house. Gia calls it a nice decision, if Rave and Guru stay away from each other this marriage chapter would get closer. Rave announces they don’t need boys, they are self-sufficient. They girls head to leave, Gia and Rave ask Isha where they are going? Isha calls it a surprise.
Azher and Sahir come out of the car, Guru comes out in a changed avatar. The girls also reach the underground dance club. The three of them come to confrontation with the other three.

PRECAP: in the club, Sahir, Azher and Guru dance in the centre stage. Isha, Rave and Gia dance on stage, the boys tease them. The girls come to complain the boys why they ran their dates away? Azher says they might change their minds, but we the boys aren’t like them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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