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Girls On Top 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahir thanks Tapasia for the coffee, Tapasia says Isha gets hyper in a tick of a moment. Sahir smiles that’s her specialty. Tapasia notices if something happened between them. Sahir says it was, not now; it’s complicated. Tapasia says every relation is complicated, Sahir says Isha could never be sure about him. Isha turns when Sahir and Tapasia cheer the cups of coffee and comes to question Sahir if he sent the audition, they said yes. She asks about evening classes, Tapasia says she even emailed Isha the details. Isha questions if she is Sahir, then asks Sahir what’s the need of his presence in the office if Tapasia can manage everything. Sahir leaves ready to give his resignation. Tapasia advices Isha to calm down and not let her personal relations interfere in her team. Isha fumes if Tapasia

will now tell her how to deal with her team.
Azher was boxing vigorously, thinking about his mother and her rejection towards Gia. Sweat beads fell off his forehead.
Sahir comes to office, Isha says she has been calling him for so long, they have a meeting with the boss. Sahir asks the reason, Isha says he is a part of the team and needs to calm down. Sahir corrects that Isha needs to calm down. She gets Rave’s call telling her that she is leaving for Bangalore, and was worried for Gia whose phone is going powered off.
In the auto, Gia cried badly thinking about Maryam’s words. Her phone bell rings, it was her mother. Gia tells her mother she went to meet Azher’s mom. Her mother was angry at Gia as she promised about breaking up, Gia asks why everyone is behind their breakup; is it about their religions. Her mother strictly tells her to finish it all up with Azher, religions do matter in life.
Boss asks about the set preparations, Sahir promises within 20 days. The boss gets a call, isha asks Sahir to go and check Gia at her home, she called for emergency and she can’t leave. Sahir wonders why he, Isha keeps a hand over his insisting it’s important. He agrees.
At home, Rave consoles Gia when the doorbell rings. Sahir says Isha asked him to check on Gia, Isha is busy with work. Rave questions if Isha sent him as replacement. Sahir clarifies that Isha is really busy, she couldn’t leave the work. He comes inside where Gia was crying, and asks to take a seat beside. He understands she is upset about Isha, Gia understands she must be busy. Sahir says he doesn’t know how to help her, he is helpless when a girl cries. Gia forces a smile on her face, Sahir asks if it’s about Azher. Gia says his mom. Sahir says it means their life is really fast pace. Gia says in childhood they promised each other that when Emergency Call EC comes they will leave everything and come to each other. Now their careers have come in between.
Rave comes out to delay her flight, Gia tells her not to and leave for Banglore. Sahir says Isha is really busy, Rave says she is feeling just a bit awkward as Isha isn’t here and they have grown up super-fast. Gia makes Rave leave home and thanks Sahir for coming. He smiles.
Isha return home to find Sahir and Gia asleep on couches in the hall. She turns the light on that wakes Sahir up. He looks towards the clock and leaves. Isha comes behind him as she wanted to thank him, he half listens and gets in the lift. Isha comes to the lift, explaining she wanted to thank him. He press the button, Isha says it won’t help. He was about to leave the elevator, Isha asks him to listen to her once. Sahir rudely forbids her take him for granted. Sahir wasn’t even ready to complain, and not listen to her even. He was getting angry, as Isha didn’t let him leave the lift. Isha says she wants to thank him really, she never missed a single EC till today and as a friend… Sahir corrects as Gia’s friend because he and Isha can never be friends. If she think she can take him for granted she can’t, he leaves the lift finally. Isha watches him leave sadly.
The next morning, Mitali tells Isha that Gia was crying badly last night. Isha wakes Gia up apologizing. Gia says its ok, they hug. There is a door bell, Sahir and Guru stood outside with Independence Day gifts in hands. Azher says it was his idea. Gia turns to go inside, he catches her to stay. Sahir and Guru push them inside a room, and give the bags to Isha. Isha says they want independences from such biased norms in society.
In the room, Gia asks if Azher knew what his mother wanted to talk to her about. Azher says no he didn’t, else he wouldn’t have left her alone. He cups her face in his hands promising not to hurt her, but if she doesn’t want to trust him he can’t force her. He turns to leave the room, Gia comes to hug him from behind. Azher turns to her apologizing as she is tolerating so much, he promises to make everything well. Gia was crying, Azher was ready to fight anything in the world for her, if she is with him. She nods, he smiles; both hug each other. Azher and Gia come out, hand in hands. Azher announces they have vowed to fight this religious difference. Sahir cheers, Gia says its high time they change their country thought process. They were determined to show the world, they are really together. They all cheer and come to a group hug.

PRECAP: Gia and Azher share moments together. Sahir asks Isha if she again wants to fall in love with him. Mitali was dancing. Isha calls for help outside her house, where the watchman and Sahir beat the attacking goons. The boy deters Isha for letting others dance on the television.

Update Credit to: Sona

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