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Azher Khan says to Gia that he never wanted to hurt her. Gia asks him to apologize, with a style. She says this is Azher Khan. Azher stands up, takes the bottle from waiter. He asks what else she wants. She says nothing, not even the drink. He says oh, he is sorry. Gia says for the last ten minutes he has only been apologizing. Azher asks if she liked his style? Not charmed? She asks what if she says no. he asks to show her something else. She asks him to please sit, this was enough for one meeting.
Govinder asks Rave if she has drunk a lot. Rave asks if he is her best friend, boyfriend or something? He says no. She tells him to stay away then.
There, Gia asks so? Azher says this is the most difficult word, when a girl says ‘so’. She will get everything out from the guy and he won’t

know he was having an exam. Gia says he is intelligent though an actor. Azher Khan says she is a tabloid journalist, still her English is good. They cheers their drinks. Gia’s perception was changing for actors.
Rave was getting attracted to a walking Bollywood man. The children come to call Raveti to the bride. She takes Govinder with her.
Gia comes home. Isha says she is just two hours late. Gia says there was a lot of traffic. Isha says she didn’t even reply her text. Gia says she had to sort some articles. Isha says was Gia sorting something else? She says Gia has an OCP and she didn’t notice the mess of clothes. Gia cleans it with Isha, Isha says they must start packing as they need to shift soon. Gia likes a dress and asks to keep it. Isha asks if for her last date? She asks what happened in the date. Gia sits excitedly. She tells her that he told her Saisha left stalking him because of article, he is really intelligent. Isha says Gia is saying this, then she must have passed the intelligence test of her. Gia says there is nothing like fairy tale love, everyone gets divorced like her parents. Isha tells her that because of a single failed relation she can’t blame every relation in the world. Gia asks if Isha and Sahil? Isha asks if she has gone crazy? Gia says they are back together because she is giving her a bull shit lecture. She asks Isha to look at him, she had promised Gia and Rave to stay away from that loser. Isha says she promised and she isn’t back with him. Her phone rings, Gia takes it from her hand and asks if this is Sahil? It was Gansham. Gia asks who is he? Isha says the new assistant. It was Sahil on the call, Isha says she told him he won’t be able to do it without her. Sahil asks mam to come to help him get it done then. Isha says alright, she will come then. She tells Gia she will be back in an hour. Gia tells her to take her bag with her.
Rave and Govinder come to bride’s room, she was walking worried and hugs Rave. Rave asks what happened. Govinder asks if she knows the bride. Rave says yes, she is the bride and her name is Roshali. She promises to help her. Roshali says she saw them, they are a beautiful couple. Rave was jolted. Roshali tells them she wants to run away from here. Rave was ready to help her. Govinder tries to stop them, he excuses Roshali as well but Rave says they will help her for sure. Govinder tells her to think calmly for once. Rave goes to help her saying men are so dumb.
Isha and Sahil watch a video on Sahil’s mobile, she appreciates it. He says he will compose it just tonight. She recognizes it is late and she has to go. Sahil says they are two floors up her home, he has to go far away but he doesn’t want to leave her. He holds her on the wall. She tells him that because of his reputation his TRP is a little down. Sahil says he can’t change his past, but he wants to make his future better. He says she is his inspiration, he loves her. Isha says still there is someone else’e name tattoo on his arm. He says it reminds her how wrong he was to lose her. He says he can’t lose her now. She is his true home. They kiss each other.
There, Gia and Isha try Rave’s number but it was switched off. They were worried. Rave makdes the bide run away from her wedding. Govinder again asks Roshali to think once about her parents. Roshali says it is of no use. Rave hugs her appreciating and tells Govinder about no emotional black mailing. They take her from the back way to the other side of the hall. Rave whistles to a guy and confirms it was Jignesh. Roshali tries to climb the wall, Rave asks Govinder to help her climb up. Roshali leaves.
Rave comes home, she was happy and says she had so much fun today. It was 4 am. Gia was angry and asks Rave is she again drunk. Rave says she had an adventurous story. Gia was angry, she shouts that they don’t care about her story. They were trying her number since 2 am and it is 4 now. Isha tells Rave to go to sleep, they will talk tomorrow. Gia was angry, she says they can’t always let her go. She must understand that she snooze at home day long but they both have to go to work. For her, they have been compromising their sleeps. Isha tells Rave Gia is right, she must be responsible. Gia tells Rave not to come to them again being childish. Rave argues that Gia is crossing her limits. Gia says complains that Rave is a child, due to her behavior she and Isha will also leave her one day like Shikhar did. Rave tells her to shut up and goes inside. Rave comes to her room, throws everything in the room. Isha and Gia were hurt. Isha says to Gia she shouldn’t have brought Shikhar in between.

PRECAP: Azher calls Gia to give masala for her article. He calls her to his home. There, Isha tells Sahil to maintain a distance with her else everyone will think his girlfriend gave him a favor. There, Isha says Sahil is a good singer who must stay but the interview says he doesn’t like him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Thanx for update. Today’s episode was super cool. But poor Rave. Gia, u just ‘Breath in, Breath out’ ???

  2. Sahil n isha r awesome
    Azhar is the best.. love u yuvi??????????????

    1. Hi plumpyy…wow so happy to see u here….Kyy is over..I am actually fed up seeing the ffs. in kyy page….I know girls on top will not be that superb as kyy..But still I wanted to see it….and it’s really going well …How are u?I was not able to comment on Medhavi’s FF since about a month due to my exams…so I was not able to keep in contact with any of u…But now Iam really happy….Let’s all rock this girls on top page…

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