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Rave texts Gia and Isha to meet at café immediately. Isha wonders how they will face Guru, Gia suggests wearing shades to avoid eye contact. Both comes out of the room, with their back towards Guru and move out. In the café, Isha and Gia come to cuddle Rave.
Guru was still in the flat, holding balloons and bouquet. He goes to hold the torn piece of the balloon Rave had blown out.
Isha and Gia laugh in front of Rave, teasing her with Punjabi Super hero. Rave takes her bag to leave angrily. They hold her back, still laughing. Rave says she thought he was just a friend, and he made it all so complicated, what she must do. Isha tells Rave he must be crying, he is such a sweet nice guy and she feels really bad for him.
Rave comes to washroom watching Rave’s lingerie he shys away.

and Gia say she shouldn’t have shouted over him. Rave was offended. Gia tries to explain Guru’s character to her, he is a simple person, according to his character he must right now be standing upset beside her bed, wondering what he did so wrong.
Guru fell on floor as he comes out of washroom.
Rave confess Guru is a nice guy, she shouldn’t have shouted at him. But had she been polite, he would only think she also was interested. She promises that she will be patient and nice now. They arrive at departmental store, Rave stays outside. Just outside the flat, Isha forces Rave to smile while entering inside. They were shocked to see Sahir. Sahir says Guru was leaving when he came in. they look around the house to be clean. Rave asks Gia where Guru must be, while Isha heads to make coffee for Isha. Sahir stands beside Isha asking when she will get the confirmation. Isha wish it does, because he know UC. Sahir gives Rave a flash to give her opinion about some music, then tells Isha that tomorrow is her farewell party in office. Isha says UC would love it. Sahir gives her a paper for her farewell speech. Isha looks thankfully towards him. Rave plays the music by then, Isha questions Sahir if he wants Rave’s opinion on romantic songs? Rave inquires what this all is? Sahir says her friend will soon know. They all look towards Gia’s room. Isha asks Azher?
Gia enters the room to find bouquets arranged all around the room. Azher walks behind her. Gia asks he, why he does this all? Azher qualifies these all aren’t his, he says Gia can’t love or reject him according to her wish. Gia doesn’t agree to him. Azher leaves the house with Sahir. Gia appears from the room upset. The three of them were worried about their problems.
The next morning, Isha comes to office. Ashima informs Isha that boss is waiting for her. UC comes there and takes her to party venue, gathering everyone around. He announces a surprise farewell party for Isha. Sahir hushes Rave, UC tells Isha he loves her so much; he is a boss and could do this much for her. He makes a speech, posing to be sentimental as it’s an emotional day for him as its her last day. Sahir confirms Isha if the mail came? Isha denies, Sahir says it will soon be here. UC says people will remember what Isha did all along. The boss then arrives. He announces that unfortunately a very talented girl is leaving their company, they will all miss her. Isha leaves. Sahir stops Rave, saying Isha is strong and can handle this all. Isha runs into washroom, wash her face and dials Varun’s number. She complains she didn’t get confirmation mail, he checks for it. Isha says if she doesn’t get it today she is gone. Varun says if she doesn’t get mail, he can’t help her. Isha was upset.

PRECAP: Sahir, Rave and Gia dance in the underworld dancing club. Isha stands upset. The girls come to confront Sahir, Azher and Guru.

Update Credit to: Sona

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