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Girls On Top 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rave and Gia narrate the whole story at sets to Isha on video call. The insult UC, as he won’t be able to interfere in Isha’s show anymore. Rave and Gia say someone else would give her the next news, Sahir comes to greet her. Isha asks him to come a bit close as she can’t see him, both look at each other saying a Hi. Tapasia comes to cheer Isha that she has got a promotion as a creative director. Isha was elated as her friends buck her up to go get her life. Sahir asks Isha if she wants to come back, Isha promises to be coming right away. The girls get to dance, Isha tells Sahir she will come back on her own terms and not her dad’s. Both greet each other as ‘see you soon’.
Maryam comes home ordering to fix a meeting with Nadia. She reads a news about Gia in the newspaper, and appreciates

her social work. She was ready to meet Gia alone, Azher was ready to call her for dinner. Azher hugs her cheerfully.
In the office, Diana comes to announce the employee of the month, it was Gia Sen. Everyone in the office cheer, Diana stares at them, then grants them a permission to hoot and cheer. She presents the shield to Gia. Gia denies accepting the award because Diana deserves the award more than hers. Diana takes the shield and poses with it. Diana announces that from this month, incentives will be doubled. They all clap, Diana says she was kidding as they will be reduced to half, and another good news is that they now have to achieve their dead likes in two months. She makes the office staff cheer for Gia, when Azher enters the office. Gia goes to him questioning why he came here. Diana orders everyone to disperse and get to their works.
Isha reaches the office, a colleague greets and congratulates her. Isha was about to enter when she watch Sahir and Tapasia dance together, closely. She was upset and turns around. Sahir turns the recording off and gets to do it once again. Tapasia appreciates his energy, Sahir says the sooner they upload the beneficial it is going to be. She considers him to be a workaholic.
Azher apologizes Gia for coming to her without informing. Gia was annoyed, not ready to speak to him. Azher tells her he spoke to his mother, she wants to meet her tonight for dinner. Gia cheers, then tears fell off her eyes as panic overcomes her. Azher hugs her, she apologizes. They confess each other’s love.
Isha comes home, Rave introduces her to Mitali. Rave was cheery saying she is back at good time, and asks about dad’s work. Isha tells Rave she has decided to start at her own rules. Rave was excited and judges something has happened, as Isha is so cold and fake. Gia enters the home then and cheers meeting Isha. She informs girls to get her ready for a meeting with Azher’s mother. They go to select her dress. Mitali gives a 10 on 10 at every dress, she finally suggests Gia to wear some traditional. Gia and Isha were ready to wear Shalwar Kameez.
At night, Maryam asks Nadia about Azher’s schedule. Azher was walking restlessly, Maryam assures him that she will soon be there. Maryam cancels his appointment, Azher comes to ask her join them for dinner. The doorbell rings, Azher rushes to the door. Maryam sends Nadia with Azher. Azher goes inside, Nadia compliments Gia. Maryam points at Gia to take a seat in front of her, Gia’s pouch drops in nervousness. Maryam compliments her punctuality. They are served with food, Gia holds a spoon while Maryam watches her intently. She sips the soup while Gia’s hands tremble at her stare. She compliments it seems Gia doesn’t do formal dinners. She must have judged there is a difference between them, they aren’t ordinary and simple. Gia says Azher likes ordinary and simple. Maryam comments that his blood is royal, he may have changed his taste for a few days. Even their religions are different, they are Muslims and she is Hindu, a huge difference they can never change.

PRECAP: Azher was boxing vigorously at Maryam’s words that he is serious is the biggest problem. Sahir tells Isha they can never be friends. Gia comes to hug Azher from behind.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Girls on it……watching.. A fairy it…everyone soo gud.nd.azher u both❤

  2. Girls on it… it…everyone soo gud.nd.azher u both❤

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