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Rave and Gia tell Sahil to leave. Sahil says he has to clarify a lot of things with isha. Gia says he had hurt Isha, she decided not to talk to him again. Sahil argues with Rave. Gia joins her hands, she tells Sahil to go home as they don’t want any trouble. Rave says that Isha ditched him in police station because she didn’t want to be with him. Sahil asks ditch? If she is naturally stupid or took a tution. Rave says from his mother who has brought up an idiot. Sahil says and yes from his girlfriend as well who is bringing up idiots at home. Rave and Gia say ex- girlfriend. Sahil asks if she will decide before their love life. Isha thinks that the situation was super critical, Sahil was about to know that she hadn’t share about her relation to Gia and Rave. Isha texts Sahil then that if he loves

her a bit, he must not say a word and leave. He looks at the message and curtly leaves. Rave and Gia shouts from behind and shut the door.
Isha stops Sahil downstairs, she tells him that she was returning home and saw him here. he asks if this is a secret, their affair? She hasn’t told her friend as well? She nods. He says he didn’t know she was embarrassed taking him. She hugs him from behind and says she isn’t embarrassed, she needs some time. He holds her on the wall and asks why she committed then. She says because she loves him, their relation has misunderstandings that will take time. Rave and Gia will also see the good in him, he is the best. He hugs her. The guard asleep nearby coughs. They hide themselves. Sahil says when she is with him he doesn’t care who thinks what. Isha says everything will get perfect with time. They hug, the guard comes looking around, Sahil covers Isha hiding her on the corner. She says she has to go while he tries to stop her.
The next morning, the girls head to approach their problematic days. The land lady slaps the door when she watches three bachelor girls, Isha calms them all down. They go for another house on rent, no bachelor was allowed. Another man stares at their dresses and calls them inside. Rave calls him names. Isha and Gia calm her down. In the last flat, the man tells them that single girls aren’t allowed here. The girls ask if he has accepted defeat so soon, the man was curt that he has shown them 75 houses but no one is ready to give them a flat. The girls tell him to breathe in and breathe out. He smiles and leaves promising them. Isha says the situation isn’t as worse as she thought. Gia tells her to write an article about optimism. They remember Gia’s article must be out and hope for the best for her.
In the wedding, the videographer still flirted with Rave. Rave comes to Govinder and asks if she must play Bollywood here? He tells her to play Bhangra first, then Bollywood. She says without permission taking video isn’t allowed.
There in the office, Gia was worried that the article has been published with her full name. She complains to Natasha that she is a senior, she could have stopped her name from being published. Natasha says as far as she remembers they are on equal posts, no senior or junior. She must have taken care of it by herself. Gia’s phone rings, the lady asked for Sen and says Azher Khan would work. Gia tries to breath and calm herself down.
Isha opens the door, Gia comes there lost. She was worried and about to cry, she says Azher Khan read her article. Now he will sue her, she will have to go back to her parents who will accuse her. Isha gives her water to drink, tells her to breathe in and breathe out. Sen tells Isha that she got a call from Azher, he said he liked her article, anyone could have exploited the news but she wrote in dignified manner. He thanks her. Gia told him that she is new and it was her first writing. He says it didn’t seem to be, he says he is also new in the industry, media attention, gossip and tabloids is new for him, can they talk about it over a dinner. Ishaa says Azher Khan wants to have a dinner with her? She chose an outfit for Gia, GIa asks if it is a date. Isha says dinner means date. Gia says eww…. Date with an actor, yuck! Isha says he asked her like a gentle man. Gia asks if it is a trick. Isha says if it was a trick, she would be meeting his lawyer not him. And he can only sue the newspaper not her as she is an employee. Gia says he will head from date to romance? Ishaa asks if she doesn’t want to go to dinner, alright? Gia says she will go to get to know what he wants to, she will go for one hour only. Isha gives her the outfit again.
Gia arrives at the café, in the outfit she felt uncomfortable. Azher Khan arrives there. Gia turns to look at him. They take a table, and says he is going to sue Gia for what she had written about them. Gia explains to Azher Khan that he is a public figure and whatever he does will be reported. Azher asks who actors, he remembers her calling the actors as blo*dy actors! Gia says she knows her sorry won’t work, still she is. She can’t hire a lawyer, but her intentions were wrong. She heads to leave saying thanks for him to talk to her personally. He stops her at once and says apology accepted. He says he wants to thanks her, after her article Saisha Kapoor left coming behind him. He asks her to sit and talk about it.
There, Rave enjoyed in the wedding. She thanks Govinder while dancing. Isha was talking to Sahil on phone. Gia was having dinner with Azher Khan.

PRECAP: Gia asks Isha if she and Sahil are together again? Isha asks if she has gone crazy, her phone bell rings then. Gia takes it from her hand. She says that Isha had promised them. There, Gia tells Rave that she is a kid who will never grow up and because of her attitude they will leave her one day.

Update Credit to: Sona

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