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Girls On Top 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Guru was day dreaming besides Rave, she gets up to take his attention, then was shocked to see the breakfast. He tells her about the breakfast he brought for her. She promises in a while and heads towards washroom. Guru assures her that everything is fine, Rave says yes its fine. She comes to the washroom, taking her frustration out, then breathes patiently. She calls Isha and asks where she is, Isha says she is heading to a meeting and will talk to her later. Outside, Guru hugged the wall and danced in cheer.
Isha sat in the café, wishing that proposal is approved by the producers.
Gia works in the office, she gets a call and introduces herself as a blogger. The caller offers her a job for their blog, Gia explains she has already been doing a job. The caller insists on her to meet for

once. She promises. Diana comes there, Gia was shocked to see Diana and tries to hide her laptop, and she explains that she has been working on scoops.
Isha plays the video about dancers in front of producers. There were interviews by motivated dancers. Isha demands their consents, the producers give positive remarks. They call it raw talent, they can do a lot with them. One of them asks Isha if this guy is Sahir. He is already a contestant of singing stars, and a great sensation. She must make sure he participates in the other one too. They all agree and demands complete details from Isha. Isha asks for a confirmation email, the producer says today is Sunday, he can mail her tomorrow morning. After the meeting, Isha calls Sahir, he cheers at once for the success of the meeting. Isha says one thing is pending, confirmation email so that she can throw it over UC’s face and save her job. They await UC’s game on, Sahir tells her to be positive. Isha was happy.
Rave sat lost at school, Gia offers her coffee. Rave demands for a shot, Gia says whatever happened last night was because of the shot. Rave tells her not to taunt. Gia says she isn’t taunting. Isha comes home, both she and Gia tells Rave that Guru is a nice guy. Rave wonders when she said she likes Guru, she likes him but like a friend; then holds her head crying she doesn’t know. She asks Isha for an advice. Isha says it’s a complicated situation, but not the first time a girl fell in such a situation. There is a door bell ring, Gia watches outside, then she and Isha runs inside. Rave opens the door and was shocked. Guru stood there, in suit, with red balloons and bouquet in hand. He enters the house, then leaves the balloons. Gia and Isha peek from inside the room’s door. Guru kneels down in front of Rave, he says he first met her in a wedding and since then he… with her… Like Shahrukh with Kajol… like the valleys of Switzerland in rain… means he fell in love with her. Their story began with a wedding, today he wants to ask Raveti Chauhan if she will marry him. Rave asks if this is a prank, Guru says he will do anything to make her accept this. Rave asks him not to give her palpitation, is this a joke? Guru says the beauty of love is, though its serious still it makes one happy. He understands she is a girl, she will think for a while but… Rave scolds him to stand up, is this a joke, today he is asking for a wedding and tomorrow he would demand children. Guru says yes, two of them. He was ready to accept all her demands. Rave says he must be drunk, he is a friend for her. Guru says next to friendship comes love, Rave turns to leave. Isha and Gia shuts the door. Guru asks what about balloons, Rave blows one out and says she isn’t marrying him at all. Among them there is a pure friendship, he must not ruin that. She takes her bag, forbids him follow her again and again and slaps the door shut.

PRECAP: Gia enters her room and finds it stuffed with flowers, Azher comes from behind. He tells Gia not everything can be according to her. The boss announces a very talented girl is leaving their office today, in the washroom Isha calls and tells them if she doesn’t get the mail today she is gone.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. where is azher gia seen phir se fight what is this yr

  2. Hmm.. Another shitty epi.. Azhar n guru are totally used as props.. The show is ‘girls’ on top but that doesn’t mean that d CVs demean the guys n their feelings right! I don’t understand a bit now!! Very happy that I have quit watching it!
    Ishir are good.. I’m safe from saloni’s acting too! I’m very happy 😀
    The show has crossed 50 epis and still no improvement! Better shut the show with proper ending n let the actors move out n do something good! I feel sick that yuvi, shan, barkha n arjun’s acting goes in drains!

    1. feelings bro…epis are getting so shitty day by day…CVs were asked to give more GuRev scenes which doesnt mean to give whole damn epi to them only ???…these shitty epis prove that no serial can replace kyy…i miss those days alot ?..and in this epi no Ishir meant the best of these days is missing…can an epi be more boring than this

      1. @YuvArthian
        Hi 5 on that 😀
        No serial can ever replace our kyy and MaNan.!
        I still love those awesome songs Maine hara mein Sayad yahi hai pyaar Jaise mera tu Hamari adhuri kahani etc
        Serials lyk kyy is truely being missed.. Wake up to see what shit is happening CVs
        Oh Hello btw :p

      2. U r so true……..Just lyk anu told we needed Gurav scenes but wat the cvs are doing yaar…..Well I feel they think that watever they make we will see it….what and all rubbish things they r adding on the script…………………And no doubt……..yes our kyy was is and willl b the best for ever………………

  3. Hello Plumpyy.. Really very sorry that I couldn’t comment since long as I was really busy with my studies.. I am watching GOT though.. Sometymes :p I am very happy wid the improvement in Saloni’s acting.. She is trying
    But what is up with Rave n Guru ?? And AzIa??
    Totally agreed with you Plumpyy. The talents like Shan Yuvi and Guru Barkha are really very talentd. Give these people a better plot. They ll rock like anything 😀
    Hoping to see better epi in d upcomin epi and better storyline!!
    Sana 🙂
    P.S: Oh Rehaan is saying hi to you Plumpyy 😀

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