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Isha stood in the kitchen lost in her father’s words, that if she is still an assistant in the next four months she will be back. Rave comes to her and assures her that in next four months she will become a creative director, and her dad will no more have any complains with her. Isha smiles. Guru stands up to cheer a goal in a match. Rave also watches the match with interest. Isha was still upset. Guru watch Rave with an open mouth, when Rave compliments the bodies of players. She argues if only boys have a right to compliment girl’s bodies? Guru calls it her misunderstanding, Rave asks if he likes Tapasia’s body or not, she has seem him watching her by herself. Guru inquires if she was there? Isn’t she jealous now? Isha smiles as Guru laughs at Rave.
Gia comes there and shows them her

new look. The girls give her suggestions, tie her hair and put on new glasses over her. Gia asks if she seems to be a boss. Rave assures just like Dian…aaa. Guru gives her a thumb’s up.
Gia arrives at the office and takes Diana’s seat. She gets a call from Azher, she asks if he finally got time to call her. He wanted to wish her luck. Gia complains they haven’t talked to each other for many days. Azher apologizes as her schedule is really tight. Tara enters the office and calls her as Gia mam, giving her task list and catalogue.
Isha watches Sahir staring at her in the studios. Rossie comes to speak to Sahir and asks Sahir to come to his talk show. Rave announces that the celebrity is only coming because of Isha and asks for a big clap. UC was curt and murmurs a few things, the boss inquires if he said something. He denies and forcefully claps. The celebrity comes in with the celebrity. The boss introduces Isha to her, he asks Isha if she is the boss. UC introduces himself as Creative producer, Sahir qualifies she is running the show. Isha asks him to get ready as they are starting the show. Shreya stops him for a selfie.
There are two phone ringing at a single time, Gia was confused. She cuts both of them and calms herself down. She checks to do list and demands Tara how is this possible, there was a suggestion that the space for ads should be increased as well as Hollywood, Bollywood news should be included. Naina enters then to ask her for a leave as her mother is ill, Gia allows Naina to go. She gets a call about a scoop of a celebrity scandal, she asks Tara to go to get Anwar. Tara comes to inform her that Anwar is on annual leave. Gia calls Naina and cancels her leave, Naina calls her names at the news. Gia sends Tara to look after Naina’s mother.
Sahir was sitting with his head in hands when Isha enters the hall. She calls his name and asks him to be on set. He stares at her. Sahir says she is here means something, that she watched his video. She turns to leave but he stops her. He says he has been hiding her and even tried to break it, still its there. She begin to talk about their relationship, Sahir points at the thread on her sleeve. Isha assures she cut it already, and leave while Sahir smiles.
Azher enters the office when Gia was trying to get comfortable with her skirt. He apologizes for being here in awkward times. She smiles, he comes close to her, hold her close and kiss her forehead. She sends him away as there is no time right now. Azher says he came all the way from shooting to meet her. She says there is no time, Azher says it’s same with him for the last three days. Gia apologizes this time for getting hyper. Azher pins her to a wall and promises to see her soon.
Ashima comes to Isha to tell her Shreya is missing. They go checking for Shreya, Isha hears Shreya’s cries from a room. She opens the door to find the celebrity harassing Shreya. He pushes Shreya away clueless but Shreya pleads Isha. He attacks over Shreya, Isha comes in between. He pushes Isha away who fell on the ground. Isha attacks him with a steel rod. Everyone gathers around, Sahir holds Isha up as she beats him hard. Some contestants film it through cell phone cameras.

PRECAP: Gia says to Isha that the celebrity came to her sets because of Azher, should she speak to him about it. Rave calls Gia getting selfish in love. Isha inquires UC that there was a girl’s molestation in the studios and they want to know the reason of her ego. UC qualifies it could be scream of good news. Sahir complains that Isha has to stick with her thoughts at Sahir Basin is a male chauvinist, he accepts he is.

Update Credit to: Sona

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