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The host tells Rave he has seen such female DJ for the first time. Rave asks if he wanted a female DJ. Guru compliments her dress, Rave says she dislikes those who tries to control her. Gia asks Isha if she is sure about drinking, Isha asks when if not today. They enjoy the party. Isha was drunk by now. Gia and she discuss some boys and rate them, sitting on a couch. The host goes shirtless, they all hoot and enjoy. Guru only films Rave, a boy calls this DJ hot. He mocks Guru for not being worth her. She looks cool in Desi, he would look Desi even in Armani.
Gia forbids Azher not to come here. Azher says he wants to meet her, if she will help him meet her.
The host tries to flirt with Isha. Isha visualizes Sahir in place of him, being drunk. The host leave her alone. Isha asks him to leave

her alone, he is used to it. Another boy tries to speak to her, she again envisions Sahir in him and curses him. He too leaves. Gia come to her and asks her not to get drunk, she is the responsible one. She takes her away.
Rave comes to dance with the boys. One of them tries to touch hre, she turns around and slaps him. He pushes her so that she fell on floor. She asks Guru to hit him and not record her, Guru says the one who fell has to get up himself. The boy insults her to be a female DJ. Rave again slaps him hard and asks him to call her DJ only. The host holds them both and asks her to chill out, handing her a few shots of drink. At night, Guru brings Rave a cup to drink. Rave calls him to be her sister, friend, bestie and everything. Guru asks her to engulp it in a single go. Gia and Roshali watches them together. Rave doesn’t like the taste of the drink, Guru insists on her. She shuts her nose and engulps the drink. She complains why he didn’t do anything in the party. Guru says he made a video, if she puts it on youtube it will get millions of likes. Rave says if he had come to hit some men there, she would have been impressed. Gia and Roshali smile that they look really nice together.
Early in the morning, there was door bell. The girls calls each other to open the door. Gia finally goes to open the door and asks who it is. Isha comes draped in quilt, Rave also comes to the hall. It was a bouquet from secret admirer. Rave asks whose secret admirer, the three take each other’s name. Rave says it can’t be here. Gia asks Isha about her explanation. Roshali says may be it’s for her, may be Jignesh had sent this; he might feel guilty as he ditched her because these are her favorite flowers. Rave shouts, but Gia says this is fine. She could also not find Shekhar. Isha asks Roshali if she told Jignesh she is here, Roshali says no. She hands the bouquet to Gia and says this is hers, from Azher and shows her a newspaper about Azher. A card fell off. Gia says they didn’t try to understand the situation and directly blamed each other, they judge and doesn’t try to understand other’s point of view. Isha asks Gia what she wants to say, who was right. Gia says Sahir was. Isha asks her to stop it this early. Gia says alright, they will name him Voldemort from today. Roshali asks who Voldemort is. Rave asks if she doesn’t really know about the dark lord, opens the card and was shocked it was for Isha.
The girls come to café cheering. Isha asks ROshali to try the cheese cake. Roshali feels heavy. Isha says today is Sunday and Sunday is her treat. They all stare at her. Isha says she wants no ex, no secret admirers but only freedom. Gia says here Isha has secret admirer and there Rave has got an open admirer. They tell Rave Guru took so much care of her last night, they didn’t have to do anything. Rave was shocked, she asks if he made her lay on the bed to sleep. She asks the whole story. Gia narrates it. Isha stands up, she says sugar over loaded. She says they are playing mushy emotions in the air. She asks them to come with her, they all excuse. Isha says she can stay happy alone and leaves.
On the beach, Isha sat alone thinking about Sahir. She jerks his thought away but can’t. She takes selfies but isn’t happy.
Gia opens the fridge, the bottle fell off. She questions Rave about the empty bottle in the frigdge. She finds a butter and asks where she got it. Rave tells her when they had shift. They get Isha’s selfie on social media. Gia asks Rave to come and clean the refrigerator. Isha posts her photos that go to Sahir as well. Gia and Rave watch all the photos, look at each other silently. Rave says she is over doing it. Gia says it’s for Sahir.
Sahir watches all the photos of Isha. He changes his status to single. Isha comes to sit on a bench and tells herself repeatedly that she is happy. She gets the update about Sahir’s status change and was upset.

PRECAP: Azher takes a selfie with Gia. Her colleague tells her she is going to reveal Azher’s secret girl friend’s identity. Isha tells Shreya that falling in love is a gradual process, people don’t understand relationship depths here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. superrrrbbb epi..

  2. Girls on top rocks.. awesome storyline awesome episode.. awesome casting and superrrrb chemistry..
    And btw where are kitty plumpyy anu and others?? Comment sooon got lovers

  3. As I had told earlier I went to my relative’s house for last 2 days…so I was not able to comment or even see GOT….Plumps had also said that she wud go to her relative on 13th this month……anyway i am back…So i will surely comment….

  4. So sad that I was not able to see GOT epis on Wed and Thurs…Anyway now it is time to rock…I am so happy that Azia problems r almost solved lout…Now it’s time for Sahish..Let us see what happens…………By the way guys do comment o.k….Because we need to make this page NO.1….

  5. Really? I didnt know Kitty
    Yeah ofcourse we have to make the show successful.. keep commenting n loving the show 😀
    Cant wait for yhe next epi..

  6. I just hope isha & sahir will be together soon!!
    I just love giaaa!!! she is my favorite!! love you soooo much….
    GIRLS ON TOP rocksssss!!!!!!

  7. Girls on top always rockzzzz

  8. guyzzz today telecast varuma??

  9. Seriously hoping for this show to be best n a big success.. Kyy was awesome n Manan brought smile on our face
    But I guess got and azia (I love othrs too bt my fav is azia) will help us make new memories 😀

  10. Happy for Azhia. And I also hope Isha and Sahir are soon together.
    Love Ishir and Azhia to infinity square

  11. Beautiful epi…….I just love Gia and Azhar….

  12. Hi guys…I have a habit of opening the twitter accounts of all the stars of GOT like Barkha,Saloni,Yuvi,Shantanu,etc….But yuvi had always made me struck with surprise..coz,whenever I open his site I cud see only images of him running with captions like today I ran this much km…pace with nike and all such things..No hint of him acting in GOT…I think he loves sports….athletics etc…Anyway he rocks in GOT..

  13. Well guys I guess we must place a cut-off for the comments in GOT…I meant that each day we can just place a number, for eg 10…and that day we must try our best to bring the number of coments to is it guys.Well I think on weekends we can increase the number to 20 or something..What do u think guys?????????????

    1. good idea!! kitty

      1. Yeah…That’s a cool idea to increase the no of comments 🙂 🙂 ….Great thought dear 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Yeah Kitty ur right if we all love got means we should make it successful and yeah even I saw Yuvi’s twitter account he seems to loooove sports..

  15. Finally its Monday 🙂 🙂 I’m vry eager to know who wud b the secret admirer of Ish….Well can’t wait 4 6.30 ;(

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