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Girls On Top 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maryam questions Azher if he had a reason to lie. Gia comes there giving her complete right to be angry, Azher and she lied to her and its not acceptable. She is aware that Azher cares for her and is protecting her, but this time his mother is right. She has nothing to say other than sorry, making Azher lie only to spend alone time is so wrong. It hurt Maryam, she is sorry. Azher asks Maryam if in spite of their apologies she want them to accept her orders. He turns to leave, but Maryam now makes him up that she is rightful of expressing her anger. She apologizes Azher, and says she doesn’t want to bring her differences between him and Gia. Its Eid, at least he must not be angry today. Gia considers Maryam right once again, Maryam stares. Maryam tells Gia to go to her friends, Gia tells her that

they decided to pay outhouse rent. Azher says Maryam said that in anger, Gia insists they won’t be comfortable that way.
Tapasia and Sahir were together, Tapasia was speaking about tomorrow evening. Sahir wonders what about tomorrow evening; Tapasia was shocked. Sahir says he know its birthday. Sahir notices Isha overhearing from the window. Tapasia asks if Isha is coming, because she is uncomfortable watching them together. Sahir was sure Isha will come. Tapasia takes a leave. Isha comes with two disk of audition lists for them, Tapasia hands her work to Sahir as she is on a leave for two days. Sahir asks what Isha has to do tomorrow, Isha says she has nothing important to do tomorrow. Sahir asks if she won’t come to Tapasia’s party. Isha says no, she has to watch a lot of auditions to be finalized. Sahir asks why Isha always try to pose strong, and doesn’t show what she feels. Isha says she had a personal meeting tomorrow, but now she will come to Tapasia’s party just to show she doesn’t care.
Nadia and Gia were speaking, Gia tells her that winning Azher’s sympathy was a part of plan. She wonders why Nadia is helping her. Nadia says firstly, Azher genuinely likes her; secondly Maryam has always been over powering over Azher and thirdly Maryam gives some dark vibes to her. Gia agrees about these dark vibes and says she collected some photos from farm house, can Nadia help her with them. Nadia agrees to help her.
Tapasia comes home at night, panic because of a pimple. Gia hands her a face wash.
Isha and Gia arrive at Tapasia’s party. Sahir watches Isha upside down. Azher takes Gia aside to compliment her. Guru teases them, Azher says he can’t take his eyes off her. They all laugh. Guru asks Isha and Sahir to enter together when they are together. Nadia comes to ask Guru take and entry with him. Guru was happy about it. Sahir and Isha enter the party hand in hand. Tapasia welcomes them all. Gia and Isha discuss what must boys be feeling when they are staring at Tapasia. Isha says Sahir must be drooling. Tapasia takes Azher aside to ask about Sahir’s mood. Azher asks if Tapasia is nervous, she was true that a little bit. Azher tells her Sahir likes surprises, he would love what she has planned. Tapasia was excited, and doesn’t even share her idea with Azher. Gia and Isha take seats on a corner, Gia was concerned if Isha is fine. Isha says yes she is, she was irritated that Gia has questioned this for tenth time on the day. Gia insists Isha isn’t fine. Isha says she must get drunk, this will make her forget everything. She forbids Gia strictly not to follow her, she is fine and will be. Isha comes to the bar and drinks there.
She watches Sahir dance. Tapasia calls for cake time, Isha thinks about the cake and try to see. There was no photo of Sahir on it. Tapasia explains to Isha she wouldn’t have liked cutting Sahir’s face. Isha gulps the drink and leave with her. They all sing and clap for Tapasia, Sahir notices Isha go to the bar again. She gets drunk, watching Sahir and Tapasia dance together. Tapasia comes to her, both watch Sahir dance. Isha calls Tapasia confusing, she likes dancing and when Sahir is with her, why is she here. Tapasia says when she is dancing, she can’t see Sahir; watching him makes her happy. Guru comes to take Tapasia and Isha, Tapasia join the group. Isha gulps some more alcohol.
Gia finally comes to Isha, Isha mocks what Gia would ask and isha is going to reply that she is super fine. Gia calms her down, demanding her to control herself. Azher comes to Gia asking what happened to Isha. Gia says Isha is aware Tapasia is going to propose Sahir. Guru hears this, and gets it why Tapasia called Sahir to come to guest house. Guru wasn’t ready to let it happen, but Azher stops him.
Sahir comes to the room calling Guru what he has to speak to him. Tapasia drags him aside, smiling at him. She move closer to kiss him, Sahir cups her face.

PRECAP: During her hangover, Isha questions Sahir if Tapasia proposed him. He turns to leave, but she holds his arm pulling him over her. Azher asks Sahir what she replied to Tapasia about her proposal. Gia and Azher hugged each other, Gia watches Maryam and takes Azher’s attention to her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. A good episode . Bechari maryam ???? hahahahahaha gia rocked ???but I have to say maryam is the biggest dramabaz ??? both the girls really looked stunning ???? azhar’s compliment for gia was so cute ??? taps was looking very beautiful ??so now our dear isha has turned devdasi ??
    Precap- I am very much confident that sahir will say no to taps or may ask her for time. Azhia ??? maryam ???

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