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Isha and girls were shocked to see Isha’s father at home. Rave was drunk and greets him in hangover. Isha demands how he came here, he inquires if he can’t come to meet her. But he was surprised to know she is staying with a boy. Guru comes from behind. The girls make up that he is cooking. Isha’s dad says that the girls are cooking stories right now, Rave qualifies the only one who cooks stories is Gia and that for Diana. Guru tries to explain, but Isha forbids him argue her father. Her dad accuses the generation of today to be irresponsible. Isha goes to hide behind others, before her dad could turn from his speech he finds Isha and Rave asleep already. Gia suggests him to talk tomorrow.
Azher comes to Sahir and asks him to sleep. Sahir played videogames, Azher says

Isha would take time to understand as its just a phase. Sahir says that Isha doesnt even want to listen to him. Azher offers to talk, but Sahir says its between them. Isha must listen to him. Azher tells Sahir that he was known as love guru in college, he thinks Isha must be as sleepless as Sahir is.
The next morning, Gia wakes snoring Isha up and reminds her dad is here. She forcefully rushes Rave and isha to washroom to get freshen up. Isha’s father points mistakes in Guru’s cookings.
Gia comes out of washroom and scolds Rave for using her facewash again. Rave promises to get her a new one. Isha was reluctant to come out of the room, she walks out lonely as the girls stay inside. Her dad wish her morning. Isha apologizes for last night. His dad asks if she is sorry for being drunk, or for staying with a guy. Isha leaves apologetically, promising to meet him in the evening. The other two tries to catwalk and move out of the house, then wish Isha’s father with luck. Guru notices his stare and asks if he wants to have half friend egg?
Sahir comes to the office and works some documents from the computer. He comes out to watch Isha and Ashima arriving. Isha discuss her hangover with Ashima, Sahir gets a chance to escape. Ashima notices him leave. Isha comes to her office and plays a video, it was about Isha, he called her head strong and confident. He had requested her to stop misunderstanding him, he loves her the way she is.
Gia was in office and calls Azher, she greets him and asks if he is busy. Azher says abit, he shares his hectic schedule and would call her when free. he asks to say something, Gia cheers it must be I love you. Azher says the celebrity Isha asked for is ready to do her show, and hangs out. Gia’s mood is off.
Isha opens the door to see Sahir waiting on his desk. He stands up for her as she walks towards him. Ashima hides her face behind a magazine, Isha asks her to get IT team as computers aren’t working. Ashima assures Sahir she must have seen the video. Sahir wonders till when it will go on. Ashima says its love hangover, will go for a few days. Isha gets Gia’s call and informs her about celebrity. Isha says ok, Gia complains why she is so off. Isha cheers and thanks her. Gia shares that she is feeling upset, Azher didn’t talk to her even today. Isha qualifies he must be busy.
Diana comes behind Gia, Gia cuts the call. Diana scolds Gia for more than twenty mistakes, has she forgotten english as well. Diana scolds her for being careless after being a girlfriend of celebrity. Gia shouts at her not to involve her personal life between work again and again, she must scold her for her mistakes. Diana demands if Gia is the only one under pressure, why doesnt Gia take her seat for a day. Gia readily accepts the challenge.
Isha comes home to find her dad and asks if he came early. Her father reminds she is late. Isha asks him to go and sleep. He informs her he has a flight early morning, he awaited his daughter who is really late. Isha explains she was on shoot and was working. His father asks if she is working in media industry, where there is no job security, less money and no respect. Isha demands him to respect her work. His father dislikes her job and her friends. Isha forbids him discuss about her friends. he scolds her for not having any spark to look after his business, and her she is staying with a boy. He warns her for having four months of survellence, else she will return her home leaving everything behind.

PRECAP: Azher and Gia have moments in office as Gia was in Diana’s costume. Isha comes to studio shocked watching a girl being harrassed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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