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Girls On Top 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

At night, Gia wakes Isha up in the dark and asks why she wants, why isn’t she sleeping. Isha tells Gia that Tapasia is going to propose Sahir, this birthday party is actually for this purpose. Gia urges Isha to stop them. Isha says she has been observing Tapasia and Sahir for long, and they are really compatible. She is really jealous but its high time she moves on. Gia shares her worries about Azher’s mother being even a better actress than Azher. They wonder what must be happening in Rave’s life.
There, Rave denies taking any money from Shekhar for her music school fees. Shekhar complains if he means nothing for her. She cheers him up.
Azher forbids Gia come here, Gia wish him Eid. Azher says that Maryam wants this matter really personal, Gia was upset they can’t even express

themselves. She had to celebrate Eid with him, and he couldn’t even do that. Azher kiss her forehead, wishing her back. Gia goes to get him a surprise, and comes with a gift box. She asks him to open it when she has left, but she is sure it will bring them closer.
Isha comes to Tapasia asking about a list of audition, Tapasia says she is preparing it and will mail her soon. The person sitting beside show Tapasia the cake with Sahir’s photo, she was shocked in front of Isha. Isha leaves.
Gia and everyone were coming to Azher’s home. Gia reminds them about their lines, they enter to wish a loud Eid Mubarik, then looks around to see Azher coming downstairs. Sahir calls it a huge con-incidence; Tapasia warns him not to repeat his lines. They urges Isha to speak, Isha complains why he didn’t invite them. Maryam comes to explain she was unwell. Guru says they could smell biryani so they arrived. Tapasia offers some help, Guru qualifies it’s for getting the biryani served. Sahir indulges Maryam into a talk, while Gia takes Azher to speak to him. In the room, Azher says he hasn’t seen the gift, he wanted to open it in front of her so that he can see her reaction and he can see hers. It was a spyglass. Azher cheers wondering where she get such ideas. They get close to each other, Gia interferes that she has an important matter to discuss; they all want to pay him house rents. Their relations apart, but they all should follow some ethics. Azher says according to the area, its about 80 thousands per months plus utility. Gia asks him to lower it a bit, Azher says it is exclusive of deposit. Azher teases that for every kiss, he will lower 5%. Gia kiss Azher’s face.
On the lunch table, Maryam notices Azher and Gia were missing. Isha says Gia has gone to washroom. Sahir asks for some more biryani, Guru also appreciates the flavor. Maryam takes a leave from table, Tapasya texts them about a confirmation for her birthday party. She tells Isha its 8 pm. Isha says she has a meeting about start up tomorrow, she isn’t sure if she would be able to come or not.
Gia was done with kissing till the rent was now 20 thousand. Azher teases he has a deal in which he will lower the deposit, that in case if he kiss her. Gia backs up, they fell on the bed. There is a knock on the door, Guru and Tapasia enter worried that his Ammi is just reaching. Azher asks Gia to find somewhere, she climbs up the window but comes in again, then goes to washroom but there was a lizard inside. She steps inside a wardrobe. Maryam enters the room, Guru says they have found Azher. Maryam asks Azher about Gia, Azher says she must be out somewhere. He explains he had an important call from Nadia, about a special Eid endorsement. There is a noise from the wardrobe, Maryam goes to check the cupboards. She was shocked to see Gia holding the hanging rack inside. Tapasia and Guru leave the room, Maryam complains Azher about lying to her. She says this happens when upon girlfriend’s call, a son starts lying a mother. She never gave him a single reason to hide anything from her, but she was right being against Gia. She thanks Gia for this gift, her son has started lying to her.
Gia comes outside and runs towards the group. Azher apologizes Maryam, Maryam says he has always supported him, she was against Gia but only for him she allowed him being with Gia; what was the reason to lie then. He let her down in front of his friends, she has now decided that these girls can’t stay here. Azher insists it was his mistake, they must not be punished. Maryam keeps a condition that they must pay rent to stay in out-house. Secondly, he will stay away from Gia.

PRECAP: Tapasia was excited about proposing Sahir. Isha was drunk, Azher and Gia were worried about her. Sahir comes to Isha questioning what is this, she herself had given a long speech about moving on.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. no how can sahir and taps could be together nooooo??? . we want our ishir back ?????????????

  2. Awesome episode ????when gia said eid mubharak maa…..aam hahahaha it was so cute and funny ????? loved azhia’s scenes soooo much !!!! The best part was azhar’s offer for discount never ever so such a offer ????????? maryam is such big headache ???? as if she never lied to azhar . Her lies are mahaaaaa lies ???? on top she she is telling azhar that just because of you I accepted gia ??? jhooti ??? on top madam keeps conditions ????? God knows what azhar will do next ??? I wish he comes to know about maryams real face ???

  3. Sahir will never accept taps ???? I don’t know why isha and sahir don’t sit together and clear all misunderstandings between them ??? I think isha Is thinking too much about taps and sahir ??? she should just go and express her love to sahir

    1. I agree with u

  4. I don’t understand shekhar’s character if its good or bad ?????

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