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Isha comes to confront Gia, had she known Gia was going to take this interview how would she get another shock. Gia explains to Isha she wanted to tell her but her phone had been off. Isha insists she won’t do this interview. Gia shares with her a plan they can do this interview with their own POV. Gia shouts at Bhaskar, the camera man to cut it. Isha comes out, UC asks if interview has been done, it’s the last day. Isha tells him she isn’t taking any interview. UC calmly says if not her then someone else can give the interview, she must not cry then. Sahir insists he would have given the interview even if he had a choice. UC was happy he knows about the tactics to get the fame. He announces from tomorrow, this production floor would be Isha floor zone. Isha insists her 29 days backup is still

left, UC informs she has been packed up from Singing Star’s set. Sahir heads towards him, UC stops him by his palm and hands him a note before leaving. They were upset reading it. Gia stops the camera, calling it an order. Bhaskar wasn’t ready to let go, it’s a story worth getting promotion. Sahir beats Bhaskar. Isha cries reading the note and was lost. Bhaskar accuses Gia, but Gia says she warned him to stay outside. Isha cries he pushed her out of her own show. UC comes there and shouts Isha Jai Singh, Get Out of My Set!, Now!. Isha leaves.
Gia calms Bhaskar down, complaining can get him in trouble. Sahir may complain he tried to invade his personal space. Diana would fire him. She calls Sahir to get ready in two minutes. Guru brings water for Isha, he tells Isha she is a strong girl. Isha says she is fine, she feels wrong for him to have gotten in this mess. Rave comes in hugging Isha, Guru tells Rave not to ask her else she will break into tears. UC calls Rave in panic. Rave calls UC names. Isha reminds Rave there is no cheating with work, she must get back to her place. Gia confirms Sahir to begin, she then asks Isha if she is ok. She tells Isha not to give the interview. Isha insists she want to take this interview, Sahir says if she comes to confrontation people will stop talking behind their back.
Gia watches the frame, Bhaskar liked it and argues with Gia that he likes this frame. Bhaskar insists he would use this frame. Gia says this is his interview and he would decide the frame. Bhaskar argues with Gia, Gia orders to change the frame. Bhaskar mocks Gia to be a girl who doesn’t know how to operate a camera. Guru now begin disgracing Bhaskar. Bhaskar finally gives up, Gia stops the camera. Gia recalls Guru is also a camera man, she just forgot. Guru keeps a condition, they must do the interview by heart and not hidden in a room but in front of everyone.
Roasie asks Rave what this all is, the boys make fun of Rave to be a girl with technology. He tells Rave that it is DJ console in front of her. Rave tells her about its specifications. Roasie was left awestruck. Roasie tries to make up and leave with his friends. Rave credits herself with one point.
Gia informs UC they want to get the interview outdoor, UC allows her and sends the contestants behind for an interview. Shreya comes to Sahir and asks to have an interview with her, UC sends her behind. Isha was upset, UC enjoys she wasn’t able to raise her eyes out of shame.
Gia asks Sahir if he has anything to say about this incident. Sahir says no one came to me after Shreya and Isha, they are living in stereotypes. If they watch the video again, they will come to know he kissed Isha too. The second question why? It’s none of their concern, still… it was their personal matter but someone brought it to public forum. Now, they aren’t concerned if they hate or love. He doesn’t understand why people always blame a girl, he is same with Shreya and Isha so he must be blamed. He was now ready to tell why he was with Shreya, as they only met on this set.

PRECAP: ISha confronts UC, she tells him those who have such a support system, they always rise after falling. Gia asks Azher for a second chance, he is more than a story for him. The next morning, Isha shows Gia and Azher’s story in the newspaper, press questions Gia about it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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