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Girls On Top 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Isha meets Gia in the lift happy. She cheered as she told Isha about proposing Azher, it rained with best coffee she had made. They come to tell Rave about it and find her leaning over Guru, she gives them a big smile. Rave says its Guru who slept on pillow, and she put over makeup on him. They scold her for passing her time this way, then informs Rave Gia is officially committed. The girls laugh and shout, Guru wakes up shocked at once. The girls laugh watching him, but he was clueless. They cheer and suggests about celebrating, Isha says she needs to celebrate her breakup. Guru was shocked again.
There, Sahir sits with Azher on beach. Azher offers him a drink for love, Sahir for breakup. Azher says love conquers all, everything gets well in breakup.
The next morning, Gia shuts the alarm

and texts Azher first in the morning. She comes back from washroom awaiting his text, then dials. She dials his number but it was out of coverage area. She keeps on trying and comes out, Rave was shouting at Guru how he could forget about it. Rave says there is not a single drop of water, and he forgot filling water in the morning. Gia goes to kitchen looking around for water, she was tensed its first day of her relation. Isha comes out to and tries to calm everyone. Isha asks Gia to help her and get her a guest celebrity for final episode, asking Azher as he is doing a film with him. Isha leaves, Gia leaves panicing about no water.
In the office, Gia was alert and conscious and uses perfume for herself. She calls the girls on emergency. Gia shares Azher’s commitment got public and he is now avoiding. She was worried and asks if she must call. Rave forbids her, as else Azher would take her for granted. Isha suggests Gia to call, but Rave qualifies he won’t pick up. Gia finally calls her, Nadia informs her that Azher is on a shoot. Gia informs her to call her back when he is free.
Azher returns from shoot, Sahir and Guru come there. Azher sends Nadia outside. Guru inform Azher that Tapasia called him twice and is calling him on date. If he again ignores her she would run away. Sahir tells Azher they need to groom him for date. Azher asks if he didn’t bathe. Guru explains there was no water in the washroom.
The girls swirl around one bucket of water, get together and pour water over themselves. Gia brings mineral water for her face. She puts on the face wash, while Rave takes the bottle in mischief.
Azher denies anything suiting Guru. Azher gets a call and demands to meet Gia tonight. Gia informs him that she is going out with girls to celebrate their commitment. Azher smiles, then asks if Isha is also coming? Gia says she wants to spend her breakup, then asks for a favor Isha needs. She would send him the details. Azher informs Sahir he heard for the first time someone celebrates her breakups. Sahir was upset.
In the club, the girls order three shots. They spot Tapasia in the club with a guy, Rave says she was sure Taps would break Guru’s heart. They joke with each other, but Rave wanted to know whom Taps is with. They walk towards the table dancing. The girls were shocked watching Guru, Tapasia goes to greet them cheerfully. She calls them to dance. Guru looks towards Rave hoping a reaction. Rave was lost, she doesn’t feel like dancing.
At late night, girls return home. Gia says she is missing Azher. Rave insists that man wasn’t Guru, he was really good looking man as he had such a good personality. She was confused at where her Guru has been. They come inside, Isha was shocked to see her dad there.

PRECAP: Azher flirts with Gia in Diana’s costume. Sahir stands up watching Isha. Diana scolds Gia, while Azher holds Gia on the wall as she was in Diana’s costume.

Update Credit to: Sona

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