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The next morning, Gia comes home upset and tells them Diana doesn’t permit her for resignation. Isha says whatever happens is for the best. Rave says she hadn’t gone to propose but resign. Gia says that is Diana, a combination of Cleopatra and Hitler. She tells Rave her department has been changed. Isha was cleaning the kitchen and again says everything happens for the best. She sings. Gia tells her she is pregnant, Isha still doesn’t move and was only singing a song while cleaning the kitchen. Gia and Rave come to her and ask what happened. Isha tells them about breakup with Sahir. Rave and Gia were worried, Isha stops them from saying anything and heads to work. Gia wonders why relationships are so difficult.
Azher sits upset beside swimming pool. Nadia tells someone on call Azher is

a bit busy, he is preparing for a tragic love story. She comes to Azher and asks him to give it sometime, it was a kiss by a super star. Azher says Gia is really different. He asks about girl’s perspective. Nadia says BO is a big problem, Azher asks if body odour? She says bad breathe. He was conscious. Nadia says regular girls don’t care but Gia is different, this is why she blocked him. He is probably a bad kisser, Azher says no one said this before to him. She says she doesn’t know and hands him a cologne, hiding her smile. She burst into laughter when he sprays ladies perfume. He stands to clutch Nadia, she gives him a hug and asks him to cheer up and get ready for a meeting. Azher again sits with his phone.
Roshali watch Rave and Gia paint the wall. Isha laughs to herself while painted. Rave comments for Sahir that a leopard never changes his stripes. Gia corrects only tigers has stripes, leopard has paws. Roshali asks why they are painting, Gia say in boyfriend’s problem this is the best remedy to divert mind. Isha asks how this brown wall looks, Rave says yucks, Gia observes Isha and carefully says nice. Isha smiles and leaves. Gia asks Rave to change something in it. Rave takes a scissors from Roshali’s hand, Roshali says she was only thinking about diverting her mind. She goes to help Isha. Rave teases Gia with Azher’s name saying her first time will be with Azher Khan, a super star. Ga chases Rave. Gia gives coffee to everyone and says one must not misuse his freedom, everyone has a responsibility. Isha say one must follow her guts, your own choices, your decisions, your mistakes and your own blames. Gia asks why lives are so complicated. Roshali says her papa fixed her marriage, then boyfriend ditched her; how she should face society and family. They all come to her, and assures to take care of her. Isha looks at the wall painted with tree. Rave says Isha did it all, they were just chiliing. Isha was lost. Gia asks Isha if she is bunking her work because of Sahir. Isha says no, its late call time so she is just leaving.
In the office, Sahir was in a bad mood while they get photographed for Shreya. Isha comes in, Sahir watches her then holds Shreya closer. Ashima tells Isha Shreya is bold and they both are really natural, Sahir is also comfortable. Ashima prays they have a real affair. Isha was curt. She asks to shut the photoshoot off. She shouts at the staff for not being able to play the music. Sahir asks for help. Isha says they don’t have the whole day, this isn’t the way it works. Finally, the music plays. Shreya was happy it’s her favorite music. Sahir say shouting doesn’t end music, understanding the problem does. Shreya was impressed when he tells her he was an engineer. Isha leaves.
Guru shows Rave all the brushes and facewash he had brought. He asks Rave what about sending Roshali home. Rave says it will take sometime for her to be normal, they can wait for money for a few more days. Guru asks about their partnership. There is a door bell, a man asks Rave for a DJ for his party. Rave puts a condition that Guru will do the videography as they are partner. The man agrees and leave. Guru dances inside.
Sahir plays guitar and sings in the studio. Isha comes in freezes there on the door, thinking about Sahir and herself. Sahir stops at once looking at Isha. Everyone claps, he was awe stuck. Isha turns around. Sahir stands up and comes out behind Isha.
UC watches Isha crying, he asks what happened to her. She denies. He says crying and hiding it is a typical Indian woman thing. He laughs at her cry. Sahir watches this all. UC says every girl has a right to cry, it is girl’s nature to cry. Tears are girl’s best weapons. Isha says she is honest, whatever it Is just in front, unlike the men who stabs at the back. UC tells Isha that Ashima is bringing a reporter, he wants a Masala in Sahir and Shreya’s relation. Isha says it isn’t needed, UC says he will decide about it. Ashima gets the reporter. Gia comes to Isha’s confrontation.

PRECAP: Gia asks Sahir about his preference at this point of life. Sahir says it is really difficult to understand him. Azher and Gia’s confrontation. In the party, Rave slaps a guy who pushes her to floor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Cant wait for tomorrows episode. Azhar was as usual cute ♥♥ Azhia confrontation… Can’t wait to see that ??

  2. Only one epi i saw and nwvstarted seeing this drama…. nice epi

  3. The written precap is incomplete they did not tell Azia scene Azhar tells Gia that he thinks Gia is gay but Gia tells him that she is a virgin I am totally in love with this couple hope they bring smile like this every moment when we see them ❤️

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