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In the studios, UC stops Rave and thanks her for joining them, only his rules work here and if she can’t come here in time he can fire her. She was about to argue, Gia stops him. UC taunts him to favor their production by working there. Rave hurries inside. UC tells Gia he talked to Diana, there are questions for interview. She must ask these questions to Sahir and Isha, they must turn it into a huge matter to get the highest TRP. Gia argues UC how he can demand that she asks Isha, if she liked using Sahir, a contestant. UC firmly tells her he cares only for his show’s ratings. Gia denies take that interview.

Guru tries to cheer Rave on phone call. Isha says there are problems in their lives. Rave says these are beyond any problem. Isha pledge to take her resignation back, Rave pledge to

remove the gender bias DJ’s have to face. Gia was upset she has nothing to pledge, she lost Azher just for her shows. Isha and Rave urges her to go and speak to him face to face. Gia heads to Azher’s house, worried about her relation for Azher. She got a moral from all the story, not to mix professional and personal life.
Nadia assures Gia she will make sure no one disturb them, as they watch Azher work out beside the pool. He comes to drink from his bottle and stops at once watching Gia there. She comes to him, he tells her not to come here; its ok as she need say nothing. Gia apologizes, Azher says that a person apologize only when he is doing a mistake and she knew what she was doing. He reminds it’s his personal time, he doesn’t allow reporters to come inside his home. If she wants to meet him next time, she must take an appointment from Nadia. Gia leaves, Azher was hurt. Her phone rings, Diana asks Gia if she has a problem, why she always go against her. Gia denies doing the interview what insults a girl, Diana asks if she doesn’t like it. Gia says no, it’s not like this. She has to take stand for the respect of a girl. Diana reminds she is a journalist and has to be neutral. Isha tells Diana that all the questions were designed to degrade a girl. Diana explains to Gia that she likes her magazine getting attention, her job is to get that attention, no matter what. If she can’t do this she must not call herself a writer or a reporter again. She asks Gia if she is a writer? Gia says yes and heads on.
Guru insists the guard to meet Rave. He didn’t know Rave. The guard asks him for a letter, Guru calls Rave. Gia comes from behind, she wonders why he calls himself guest, he is a reporter. She hands him a fake card as well.
Sahir comes to Isha, she demands what he wants to prove, that he knows her well, where is she and what she is doing. These situations of romantic world are not for her. Sahir says there is difference between romantic and understanding situations. Isha wonders if he came to tell her about her do’s and don’ts. Sahir says he came to encourage her. Isha denies needing it, she doesn’t want him to wander around her. Sahir asks if she is sure, she says yes. When he is around it makes her weak, she realizes her situation and she hates it. Sahir explains he never meant to. Sahir tells Isha he called Gia, Isha argues if he wants to prove himself the Jesus of weak Isha? Sahir smiles. Isha wonders if forever angry Sahir Basin is happy at her situation. Sahir says when you are angry, you pour your anger to someone lovebale, its her frustration.
Sahir informs Isha about their interview scheduled today. They have to tackle it. She has to give this interview, he doesn’t want her to feel weak with his presence. Isha who was clueless about the interview gets even more worried. Sahir leaves.
Gia tells Guru the whole story, Guru complained Rave didn’t tell him. Gia says she is tensed. Guru was upset. Sahir comes out, he tells Gia isha isnt ready for interview. Gia asks if she is really upset. Sahir says yes, a lot. He asks if she knows Gia is going to take the interview. Isha comes from behind saying no. All three were shocked to see Isha who comes to confront Gia.

PRECAP: UC tells Isha that if she doesn’t give the interview, Shreya will. Gia shares her plan with Isha to take the interview with their POV. Gia stops the camera man, but he wasn’t ready to let go of the news. Sahir beats UC.

Update Credit to: Sona

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