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Sahir explains the boys about Isha coming to the room, Gia had taken a leave. Isha was enraged why he called Tapasia. Sahir says it was just a mistake that he called Tapasia’s name, she was being cheap for no reason. Isha smiled and assured him that she trust him. Sahir couldn’t believe, and was confused at it never happened before. Azher says they are lucky, girls are possessive; but Gia trusted him and this shows they are ready to move to the next level of their relationship. Sahir qualifies Isha is also the same, why wasn’t she moved this time? He calls it a trap by these girls. Guru slaps him on his back and agrees with Sahir.
Gia asks the girls to discuss each other’s litmus test experience. Rave and Gia argues, Rave denies being with Guru. She was disgusted at his dating app girl,

the girls laugh at her for being jealous. Rave doesn’t understand. Isha explains if she and Guru must not be together, why she has a problem with that girl. Gia confess that she likes being Azher’s girlfriend and talking to him, on a personal level he is nice guy. Isha was confused, she doesn’t actually know if she likes this Sahir or not. She explains that Sahir likes a fake Isha that agrees to anything he does.
There, Sahir was confused and share his dislike for the Isha who agrees to anything he does. He qualifies that boys like when their girlfriend is possessive, it let them feel wanted. But Isha smiled and didn’t react to that Tapasia’s hug even. He felt bad that Isha doesn’t permanently give her opinion. Guru asks if we boys are any less confused.
Isha says she isn’t who says yes Sahir, alright Sahir; she expresses her point of view. Isha says Sahir was relaxed that she didn’t ask any question, she disliked it. She doesn’t know what she wants and what Sahir does. Gia says this means they are all confused, except for her and disclose Azher proposed her. They all cheer.
The next morning, Rave stalks Tapasia on social media and finds she is the girl with zero tolerance for girls. She thinks about saving Guru from Tapasia, calls him to meet her. Guru says he has to meet Tapasia and hangs up. Rave was irked.
Gia searches the net for ways to propose, then calls Azher to meet her at 2.30 am. He calls it too late, Gia was sure and asks his promise for no disguise.
There, Isha comes to Sahir and suggests him to include kids in the show. Sahir disagrees. Isha asks if he got used to her agreeing with him. He says yes, but then… Isha interrupts without listening to him, and says their relationship won’t have any arguments and fights if she agrees to everything she says, then decisively asks him to include the names. Sahir tries to explain, but she doesn’t listen. Sahir still explains that including kids would be unfair with other contestants, and the show would appear to be confused. Isha still leaves without agreeing to him.
Rave asks Gia to put on a lipstick and spice her look up. Isha assures Gia that her smile is the best makeup that will help her propose Azher. The girls ask Isha why she seems to be so pre-occupied. Rave offers to fight this problem for her. Isha says she must fight this feeling herself, it feels really heavy. She must tell Sahir that she isn’t a yes man girl, the problem is they are very different. They have different opinions, the only similarity is no similarity. It’s time to go back in their relationship.
Sahir was getting disturbed by continuous door bell, but was shocked to open the door. It was Isha. She apologizes for bothering him at this time and comes inside. he notices her to be upset. Isha says its not that she is changed, but he is similar to all other typical boys. That isn’t good for her, she isn’t looking for it. He tries to explain, but she request him to let her talk. He embrace himself. Isha says she can’t get along with him, if he wants she always agrees with him, he always wear Indian. Sahir qualifies she really looked great in traditional, what he should have said. Isha argues that he loved it when she always said yes to him. Sahir denies this. Isha asks if he wants her to have no opinion of herself, she says they haven’t got a 1% chance to say together. They are totally different, but she can’t get along with being a yes man. She leaves Sahir in shock.
In the rain, Gia and Azher have coffee at a stall, Azher says he has been noticing for a while that she is going really unpredictable. Something comes into Azher’s mouth from the cup, Gia kneels down and proposes him. She asks if he will put on this ring on her hand that he brought. Azher was awed, then puts the ring on her hand. Both smile and hug each other. Azher says I love you to her, she says she is finally ready for this relationship. She is ready to give US a chance. He cups her face in his hands and kiss her forehead. She says I love you to him, they smile and hug again. The stall man felt lovely for them.

PRECAP: Sahir knocks Isha to a wall saying she must listen to him. Isha asks what if not, and what about his promise not to touch her. The girls were partying in club, they spot Tapasia with someone. Gia and Isha were shocked to see the one with her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. i want ishir together . I am tired of these fights and so called break up.

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