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Girls On Top 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Azher stood alone as Gia’s words echo in his mind. There, Gia was upset that she doesn’t know how to handle herself, she has to find a way to distract herself. Mitali comes ready, outside a boy tells them that there is so much rejection. They come to the sets, Gia greets Sahir and Tapasia. Sahir tells Tapasia this is the girl he told her about. They begin with Mitali’s audition. They were awe struck by her performance. Tapasia holds themselves lucky to be on the show.
Rave comes out of her room calling Gia for facewash. Guru brings Rave a cake for her birthday, and gives her two boxes of gift that is of her type. One was MTV eye wear. She was lost, Rave says she miss their relationship which isn’t the same anymore. She gets upset, Guru tells Rave he can’t see her upset. She asks why

he did all the arrangement for her, he calls himself as her partner. Rave wonders how she must thank him, she must clear each payment with him. Guru insists that Rave will stay here, and he will stay stuck to her.
Sahir gets Isha’s call, she appreciates Sahir’s stand for Mitali, and he supported a girl keeping all the society’s strains aside. He has given Mitali a chance to get on national television. Sahir was first not ready to take credit, then says ok. He asks Isha who is going to be a new associate producer, Isha asks why they would need a new one. Isha says she is going to come back, Sahir was silent in excitement for a while. Isha repeats, Sahir calls it great and hangs up.
Mitali was afraid to come on television. Gia asks her to calm down. Azher comes to meet Gia, Mitali stands up in shock. Gia asks Azher why he came in, Azher says they can’t break up. Gia says she also doesn’t want a breakup, but he needs to make up his mother first. Azher calls it difficult and he needs sometime for it. Gia asks if he needs time to take a stand for her, Azher tries to explain. Gia says she is also trying to tackle this difficult situation, he must as well. A boy comes in and asks Mitali to leave the set, she has been rejected and must go away. UC rejected her.
UC comes in and questions Sahir how he sent a bar-dancer’s audition to the channel. Sahir says it was her past and she has left. UC wasn’t ready to give her any chance to her, as she was and will always be a bar dancer. Their company’s policy doesn’t allow them to entertain such people. Tapasia requests UC to check the audition first, but UC warns Sahir to send any audition without his permission. Sahir says alright, then they have to make it official by a meeting with the boss. Tapasia says the boss is on leave, UC shouts that he is the boss here and leaves.
Mitali cries that she shouldn’t have taken the audition. Gia asks why is she ashamed of her past. Mitali cries that they all had to get scolded because of her. Gia tells Mitali she fought her brother, then why is she afraid of fighting people. Mitali says she is only afraid of people’s eyes and stares when they know she was a bar dancer. Gia and Rave asks her not to regret her past, and live by her own choices and decision. Flawsome is the awesome, and explains flawsome comes from flaws.
Gia enters with a gang, Azher was there to support her in the huge step. Gia walks towards Diana’s room, Guru films it. They walk inside with Mitali, Diana asks Gia the reason to bring a whole army to her office. Gia tells Diana she has a story about a bar dancer. Diana asks Gia for some celebrity or gossip story, else what interest will her readers have. Diana allows Gia to go on, Gia tells Diana that Mitali is a bar dancer, but BMG productions rejected her for her past. This is time they take a stand for their own choices, and requests Diana to do something.
Diana walks into BMG production with Gia and team, Mitali, Azher, Rave and everyone. UC stands up to them, Guru films this. A producer comes to question UC about this drama. Diana questions if reality shows are real or fan fiction. The producer says they are real people. Diana asks why they rejected a participant on the basis of her past profession. UC calls it a lie. Gia demands for the real story, Diana says Gia will break the story tomorrow. The producer allows Mitali to perform on their channel. Sahir cheers, Sahir assures the producer that Mitali is really talented. Diana boasts about Gia in her board of team. There is celebrations all around the set, only UC was curt.

PRECAP: Sahir and Tapasia dance intimately when Isha enters. Gia asks Azher if he is embarrassed with her, Azher tells Gia he spoke to his mother.

Update Credit to: Sona

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