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Rave acts at Guru to go out at night. Guru apologizes he didn’t know it would be a great problem, he is ready to hear her shout but just outside, else Roshali would wake up. Rave says he is really crazy. He walks beside him and says she is scolding him in a different way. Rave tells him she is impressed by him. He was shocked to hear. She says he saved a girl from suicide today. Guru didn’t believe. Rave says for the first time a traditional guy impressed him so much. Guru says this is too much, she must stop and holds his ears asking her to end this Yash Raj moment here. He takes a leave, then comes back and asks for one more thing. He says he can’t even think about changing her, she is out of this world so she must forget about Shalwar Kameez. He holds his ears and leaves the house.

cries in the rickshaw thinking about Azher’s kiss. Her cell phone rings, it was Azher Khan. She cuts the call. Azher texts her to talk about the matter. Gia was upset.
Isha comes home, Sahir clutches her mouth behind, drags her out and asks her to get on bike. Isha asks him to go away. He asks her to get on the bike and drives her crazily. Isha asks where they are going, if he would talk to her but he only drives faster. Isha asks him to drive slowly. He stops at a desserted road.
Gia enters the room lost and gets on bed. She hugs Rave and asks her to wake up. It was Roshali who screams so does Gia. Rave comes in and stops them both. Gia asks who this is. Rave asks Gia to throw it down, she tells Roshali she was just afraid. This is Gia, her roommate. She tells Gia about Roshali. Gia runs with the vase again, but Rave controls her. Gia says Hi to Roshali. Rave goes to hug her and asks her not to worry, Gia is harmless. They leave Roshali in the bed.
Sahir holds Isha beside a wall, Isha says this isn’t normal. Sahir asks who the hell wants to be normal. He asks her to say she hates him. She says I love you. He says no, she hates him and that is the truth. Sahir asks if she will tell him the truth, it will be an insult of the word. Isha asks what she lied to him about. Sahir asks how he came to the reality show, how he got selected; does she remember. Isha says he put it on the youtube, seniors watched it and he got selected. She cries. Sahir asks was it selection or rejection. She forcefully got him in the show. Isha cries. Sahir stops her in rage now. He had asked her if there was a favor, then why she did this. He had asked respect for his work and music, she couldn’t do this. He clutches her face, who would look at her and judge her to be a liar. He was also caught. She ruined his self-respect. He cries saying he thought this is love, but it was all just illusion.
Rave tells Gia she is overreacting. Gia says she isn’t, anyone can’t think anything about her. Azher thinks her to be a characterless girl, this was her first kiss how she should calm down. Rave says she is Gia Sen who make others cry. She must forget about this whole event. Gia says this was their first kiss and cries. Rave says she will hurt her own self. Isha will give her the same advice, they both takes her seriously. She boasts she is also not an idiot. Rave asks how it was. Gia asks what? Rave says kiss, did he pick her up, and was it steamy. Gia says cheap, she started this all at night. Rave wonders it is night, where has Isha left.
Isha says sorry to Sahir. He asks what? Sorry Sahir, you aren’t talented. Sorry, she proved his dad right. Isha says sorry for lying to him. Sahir asks what the point is, damage is done. His team members would laugh behind his back, why UC does everything to him. He shouts he knows UC rejected him, and she favored her untalented boyfriend. She doesn’t show but thinks he is useless. He dropped out engineering but his dad didn’t think he would succeed in music, she proved him right. He pushes heraway, she fell on the floor. Sahir says he hates her and goes to his bike. Isha comes to him, he forbids her to touch him, its finished. Isha pleads it can’t be. He leaves. A rickshaw stops by, Isha gets on it.
Isha comes home, Rave hushes her up and whispers where she had been. She tells her about all the dramas. She notices Isha had been crying, then as she couldn’t see her face she asks her to listen to Gia. Gia sits up and hugs Isha. She cried, the three hug each other.
The next morning, Gia comes to Diana’s office. She gives her resignation letter to Diana. Diana was shocked.

PRECAP: Gia says she is pregnant. Azher clutches Nadia at home. Ashvini was happy that Sahir is comfortable with Shalini. UC asks Isha to take up with the reporter, Isha was shocked to see the reporter.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Poor Gia…..
    She misunderstood Azhar.
    Hope she gets to know the real reason.

    Who is the reporter by seeing her isha got shocked.

    I like Azia and GOT
    I love Manan & KYY .

  2. Azia. I hope things get clear soon. Aww I love Azia a lot. And precap again as usual is interesting. GOT rocks !!

  3. Fosho trying to make this page the top one like KYY. So do comment after reading the update. For GOT and for Sona. Lets do this guys. And lemme know your fav couple. For me its undoubtedly Azia ♥♥??? Yuvi and Barkha doing an amazing job!!

    1. Of course anu dear…I think 4 evryone it will be Azia…For me too …..

  4. This serial is the best… i love Gia and azher the most….

  5. Usually after the original epi of GOT I used to watch the repeats lot of times.But I did’nt feel like watching yesterday’s epi again because there was no Azhar Gia scenes…Moreover the whole epi was full of tragedy..So sad for Sahir and Isha…And as anu told precap contained lots of interesting facts..By the way,why did Azher clutched nadia.?????I think that reporter can be Gia sometimes…I hope she don’t resign…Anyway common guys,support GOT and make it a success…Go on commenting…We must increase the number of comments…

  6. Just like plumps,even I am going to my relatives’ house tomorrow …..I will not be able to comment or see or read the updates of Got…Well no problem..I will come back Friday and for sure I will watch the repeat of GOT and also comment on it…..

  7. yuvyaj thakur!!!!! i luv u

  8. *yuvraj

  9. Love u gia and azhar……..

  10. Well does anybody can tell me when the repeats r shown of this episode?????????

    1. Hi Neena,,,,,,,,,, actually I guess u r late…because,the repeat was shown at 1.30pm today..Don’t worry…It will be again shown at 4.00pm today… Tomorrow also u can see the repeats at 1.00pm and….

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