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Rave begins to drink. Gia says she won’t as she gets high with a single drink. Rave says there is already so much tension in life, pocket money’s tension, playing well in wedding’s tension. Gia asks what she means. Rave says she is grown up and doesn’t want her father’s money now. Gia takes her drink, she says her work is done. Rave asks what recording. Gia says actually a video recording. Rave asks her to show it here, Gia says can’t show it here. Rave cheers and says this deserves a BSBM, remember the school thing? BSBM was Bum se Bum Milao (Touch Bum with Bum), that was a centre of attraction in their school times. It was a time when they kept all their tensions aside and danced. Gia forbids Rave but Rave insists her. Gia says Rave is already drunk and tries to avoid her.

and Sahil come there, Isha’s show stripe breaks. Sahil sits with her, she tells him to go. He says they had to do each and everything together. She smiles, he says she is his BAE. She asks what? He says Before Anyone Else! She smiles, he says he is in her love. Isha says this is so filmy and doesn’t suit him. He says in her love and asks her to come ahead. She says being so filmy doesn’t suit him. He says she suits him. They come inside, Sahil introduces her as his girlfriend to everyone. There, behind them Rave had got on a bench to dance while Gia stopped her. Isha watches them and bits her lip worried. Rave takes Gia on the bench with her and makes her dance along. Isha was being super uncomfortable as her lie was about to get caught. She takes Sahil aside for a minute, she says she has severe migrane. Sahil asks when it started. Isha says for last few days. She tells him to stay here, she wants him to make contacts and she must leave. He says he can’t leave her alone. She says her headache will increase if he insists. He hugs her and she leaves.
A friend comes to Sahil and says he wants a lead singer for a game going on here. Sahil takes him back to discuss his upcoming music.
Isha calls Gia and asks where she is. She asks Gia where she is as she has forgotten the keys of house. Gia says she is baby-sitting the 21 year old Raveti. Isha asks if Reva is with her, can she come home soon as she left keys. Gia says she is coming. Isha says she hates lying but at times that is the only option to save one’s relation. If girls had seen her with Sahil she would have lost them, and if Sahil found out she didn’t tell her friends about her boyfriend she would have lost him. Sahil was talking with people in the party, he turns around to watch Rave and Gia in the party. Isha sits outside the house when Gia brings Rave drunk. Rave was calling Gia as her real friend. She asks Isha if she had gone in this dress. Isha says there was an office party. Rave hugs her and says she looks great. Raveti still cheered and shouted. Gia and Isha shut her mouth, bring her in and throw her on the bed. It is the friends who after so many lies and fights won’t ever judge you.
The next morning, Gia taunts Rave for feeding them burnt breads. Rave says she has a hangover today and they are letting her cook, this is the best they can get. Gia taunts as if she is the best cook in other times. Gia tells them about a flat, she says they need a house right now. Rave says Gia must join jail, free residence and food. Isha asks them to give preference to Bandra. Her phone rings, she at once takes it. The girls judge that Isha is hiding the call, Rave also come to snatch it. Her cell phone fell on the ground and breaks open. Gia says she will get late for work. Isha says she is also late, Gia says Isha’s home show ended but Isha says it is some concert. Rave asks them for some DJ work. Gia and Isha leave together.
The jobs and dreams were different, but the passion to be on top was same. They were ready to fight any obstacle.
Natasha watches the video made by Gia. They keep the cell phone. Natasha says this is absolute garbage, she must not lose Saisha. The manager says she has decided that Natasha won’t write this article, Gia will do it. She insults Natasha and says Gia will write the article. Natasha was shocked, then nods. She says Gia and Natasha are working on same level from now on. Gia comes back to take her phone.
Rave was working as DJ, only a few kids had been sitting there in front of her. A man comes filming her and says he was his fan. He had seen her in Club 90. He says he is Garvinder Singh. Rave asks why she should care for. He says she played really great songs that day. He gave her a CD to play, this contains wedding bhangra. Rave returns it saying this isn’t her type. He says he likes her choice, but he tells her to keep it. He says he is here, if there is a problem. Rave asks if he has to do the videography. If yes, then he must go out. He says if Raveti says he will go. She asks if he knows her name as well. Garvinder says he isn’t a normal fan. She smiles. He heads to make her video again, she stops. He tells her to play now. He plays, like you are mind. Mr. Bedi calls Raveti, she doesn’t listen to him. He asks what is this? She says this is music. He says this isn’t music, this is mere noise. Rave comes home enraged that he called her music as noise. She watches Gia on the couch and asks if she is alright? Gia says hmm. Rave says she isn’t fine now, Gia tells her she got a promotion. Rave cheers that now she will get money. Gia says she didn’t want to be a gossip journalist but a broadcast journalist. There is a ring of bell, Sahil was there. The girls ask what he is doing here? He says this is Isha’s house, her phone is off and he has to meet her. Isha comes downstairs and was worried.

PRECAP: Sahil asks Isha why she commited when she couldn’t tell. Gia was worried that Azher had read her article, he will sue her now. Rave says she has to go to Europe, Amsterdam where she will get a handsome guy.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I love Gia the most…she is reallly cute as well as smart.I loved her character.she seems to be the one who controls both rave and Isha…

  2. thanku sona 4 updates..continue ur works in a bomblasting manner just like u did in kyy……

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