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Girls On Top 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gia was crying beside the window, song ‘Yeh Doorian’ plays. There, Azher sat upset at Sahir’s place, tears fell off his eyes that he wipes as Sahir comes to him and hug him.
Isha packed her bags, upset. She stood with Rave and Gia, Rave was silent then asks if she is leaving them. Isha says she is going, but not leaving them. Gia says they won’t be able to forget each other, Rave qualifies out of sight, out of mind. Gia says this is true, she is leaving Mumbai means she is leaving them. Isha says she will return, she explains she is going to check the whole situation by herself to avoid shifting to Delhi permanently. Rave confirms again if she will return and hugs her tight. Isha forbids them cry, and gives Rave a powder cream as gift. She leaves sharing flying kiss with Gia, who hugs

Sahir was drinking in the bar, he wasn’t able to control himself. The bar man suggest him to control himself, Sahir argues with him. A man comes to take Sahir away from the bar while Sahir clutches the bar man’s collar, and gets in fight with the heavy weighed man punching his nose to bleed. The man turns around to beat Sahir to unconsciousness.
Gia goes to media library, show her press card and enters the old movie’s section. She takes the file of film Jaag starring Tahir Shah. Suddenly her phone bell rings, it was Azher. Gia asks Azher straight if he talked to his mother, if not he must cut the call immediately. She hangs up. Her phone bell rings again, she was shocked to get the news and hurries to hospital. She enters the room, Sahir asks the doctor who called Gia. Gia says she can guess how he reached here, there Isha’s flight took off and he is here. She inquires why he and Isha are fighting. Sahir asks why Gia is fighting with Azher, Gia calls it change of topic as it’s complicated. Sahir replies exactly, it’s complicated. A case arrives on the other bed, where a brother was cursing an injured girl, he was about to slap her when Gia and Sahir come to her rescue.
Rave denies Shekhar, as she can’t go to New York with him, her life and its problems are here and she can’t run away from them. Shekhar enforces that he isn’t used to hearing no’s.
Gia gets’s Azher’s call again and again, she texts Azher if he spoke to his mother. The girl sat in doctor’s office, Gia and Sahir assures her that her brother won’t enter the office again. She introduces herself as Mitali and explains she is the eldest and has the responsibility of her younger brothers. The one who beated her is the youngest but in small cities boys are always elder. She came to do some job here, but didn’t get any work so… she looks towards Sahir. Gia asks further, the girl says she became a ball dancer. She has now left everything, but her brother insists on her to leave. Sahir asks where she lives, Mitali says she is homeless else she lived in Meera. She was determined not to cry again, then asks Sahir if he comes on tv. Gia says yes he does, he was the winner of Indian Star show and soon going to do a dance reality show. Mitali says she is fond of dancing, Sahir suggests her to take an audition for their show. Mitali was hopeless, Sahir says this is all for people like them. Gia takes Mitali her home.
At night, Rave opens the door. Gia introduces Rave to Mitali and takes her inside. Rave understands Mitali as Guru’s replacement, she comes to show Mitali the home around. She allows Mitali to stay in Isha’s room. Gia inquires Rave if she has gone crazy, not Guru’s replacement. Mitali was shocked to see the room, she asks if they live here alone and tells them she lived in a room that 5 others shared. Rave was excited to hear she is a bar-dancer and comes to learn the bar dance with her. Mitali finally agrees.
Azher comes home to call Gia. Rave takes Mitali inside, Azher turns to leave but Gia follows him. Mitali was shocked again to see Azher, she asks to eat something. Rave goes to make Pazzta for her. Gia clarifies to Azher she won’t stick to him even after his mother’s rejection, she was serious. Azher says he loves her. Gia questions what if his mother completely rejects her, Azher was silent then says he needs time. He will convince his mother. Gia questions what if she doesn’t accept. Azher says he doesn’t have any answers to this. Gia clarifies she has no time for someone who isn’t sure about their future. Azher asks if she is breaking up with him, Gia says yes she is. Azher cries.

PRECAP: Mitali takes an audition, UC shouts at Sahir if they have opened a bar dancer. Gia comes in protesting against UC, Azher comes to support her. They all walk inside the studios.

Update Credit to: Sona

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