WHY? – A Girl’s Pain Posted By Rosey…!!!


Why???? What was my fault??
Is it because I am girl or because you just wanted to satisfy your lust?
I cried, begged, even held your legs to spare me but you seemed to be unaffected. My skin was bruised by you all, my soul was being ruined, I was crying lying helpless because my energy drained with your innumerable torutures.

What did you think of my body??? As a metal sheet which you can go on beating and melting without me being affected.???

My whole body pained but the most was my soul. You touched me everywhere with your so called lust and need. You crushed me. I feel myself dirty. It takes you just a few minutes to ruin my dignity but it takes my whole life coming from it.

Why????? Just because you needed my body. You scratched my body. You scratched my soul.
You all took birth from a woman then how can you do this to another woman?????

Still you all forced yourselves on me. Are you so much coward???

I was fighting with all my wits, my power but couldn’t sustained for long. You torn my clothes and tied me with them. Hovered on me like a hungry lion.
Why????? Am I any prey to you??
I am girl.
I do have br*asts but its not to fulfil anyone’s lust. We women’s are gifted with them by god so that we can feed them to our kids not to feed the lust of beasts like you.

Why???? What was my mistake? Just because I was a girl with some organs which you find to be attractive???

You all forced me until you all were satisfied. I was going through all this alone from several hours and then what you all did threw me away on road all undressed in a subconscious state bleeding everywhere.
Why???? Didn’t you had any mercy seeing me?
Do you do this to your sister??? Or do you stay quite and enjoy seeing your sister or mother in same situation???

I was lying there half conscious not able to move myself or cover myself. Many people moved from there seeing me as if I was nothing but just a piece of scrap.
Didn’t your humanity speak from inside? You just prayed to god for saving me but you were coward enough to not come close to me. Why????? Even if god exists did you see god??? Has he ever come and helped anyone? Can’t you think yourself as a medium of god and help me. Just because you feared to be in problem for saving me.

Will you behave the same with your daughter or you sister or your mother as you did to me seeing me lying there in such state. Didn’t your heart speak to rescue me?

After like hours I felt lying my heart beats to stop and suddenly some people covered me and picked me up. I was going to an unconscious state and last I could see was a hospital. My heart said “Still humanity is there”.
I got up from bed after a week just to see my all body bruised and outside stood my parents and sister being helpless hiding tears from me. They calmed me supported me to fight back.
After lots of struggle I gained some strength but ahh the society. When I needed them they questioned about my character.

Why????? Wearing jeans and shorts are this bad that anyone has the authority to rape me???? My family still stood there with me. I was abandoned from social gatherings and even if I go out every single eyes either taunted me or show sympathy to me.

Why???? I don’t need anyone’s sympathy but just a support that YES WE ARE THERE FOR YOU. Society telly I am impure but the one who made me impure are the most purest souls. Why??? Just because they are boys and I was the one who lured them wearing my jeans and tee.

The policed questioned me time and again and it only pained me remembering those harsh memories and I was just being forced to remember it as they asked to do so.

why??? Will you ask your sister daughter or mother the same way like you questioned me??

Even the one who supported me MY FAMILY society didn’t spared them. They tell my parents didn’t gave ME VALUES.

Why????? Why do you make difference in values, girls wear jeans that is against the values and boys rape them then where do their values go??????

“MY PARENTS ARE AT FAULT” this is what the society concluded because I wear jeans and I have some friends who are boys and yes I sometimes party with them.

Why???? Is it a crime to make a boy a friend and party with them????? . And what about the girls wearing suit, saree’s and girls with hijab(veil) ? Why are they being raped??????

And what about the children’s they too are s*xually harassed at a small age when they don’t even know the meaning of that. Do you also say them that why do they wear frock and skirt??? Do you say them that they lure people???

Still my parents supported me even being broken hearted.
But they couldnt digest the fact when THE SO CALLED SOCIETY SAID
” I AM IMPURE AND INAUSPICIOUS, I AM A BAD OMEN, if I come to any pious occasion it will destroy”

I cried harder and harder the pain I was suffering being raped was increased by thousand times by this so called society.
I got up just expecting to grow up again with more strength to fight against everyone just because I WANTED TO LIVE for my family, my loved ones
But I got up just to see my parents lying on the bed peacefully with a bottle of poison all empty. It had been days since they slept so peacefully and I remember it was the day before I was raped when I just teamed up with my paa and we annoyed my Maa. I found a chit on there hand



I stood their with few tears which I failed to stop coming from my eyes. Just then THE SOCIETY was back again saying I KILLED MY PARENTS

why??? How can I kill my own parents??? Don’t they have a heart??

I was banned to come out in society. I was isolated. I came to knew the same happened to my parents they were banned too. I could now understand what my parents were going through

I came out for getting some air being inside was suffocating. But I just saw lustful and hungry eyes of people and their comments to satisfy them on bed.

why??? Was it my fault that I was raped? It was against my wish. I didn’t wish to bear so.

Last option remained I had the rat killer and killed myself. I didn’t thought ever my death can give me so much peace.

I wrote a note
“Four people raped me and later SOCIETY killed my parents and then me”

Four people raped me. They not only killed my soul but my family, acquaintances and me.

My soul didn’t rest in peace as the four criminals who raped got imprisonment but what about the society???? Why are they alive with such cheap orthodox thinking???

I am a girl so i do have body curves and is it my fault that you boys get attracted to my body???
Why???? I didnt attract you myself but my body did and its what god gave me as he gave you. So what’s my fault?

Everybody says
“Jo ho gaya so ho gaya an bhul ja use”
( what ever happened has happened now forget it)
Do you think its easy for me to forget it? I was being raped. My mind can’t forget it for a second and how easily you say to forget?
I didn’t wished to die, My parents didn’t wished to die but we were forced to do so.

Its easy for many to say FORGET AND MOVE ON but its not damn easy and especially when society has people like you all. I tried my best to forget and coming to moving on I did but you all didn’t let me move.


Its a message for society. I don’t wish to blame anyone and if anyone wants to bash me then please do not comment or vote.

I just thought myself to be in the place of the girl being raped. Although I failed to do it my best but still tried to give justice to them. Please like it and spread this message if you think that it should be reached to many.
Thank you for reading.

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  1. I read it in fb & i cant comment der bcz i dnt have account..thnks rosey for posting it here..
    Yaar its too emotional and heart touching..urghhhh dis society i just hate the factor that how they judge girls if girls wears some jeans or leggings..they literally rape us by their eyes..for them only girls are responsible for everything if she have boys as friends or roaming with them or wearing jeans is crime and for them that girl is characterless..wow and what abt the accuse he will free after some years..like happend in soumya case in kerala..its soo shamefull to our law..
    But its nice..the way of exptssng victims pain is soooo emotional..

    I thnk its written by anisha or pihu???
    Can u plz the wattpad id of anisha???

    1. Rosey

      It’s written by Pihu and her I’d is @Pihusinha

      1. No i just want anishaz id..i alrdy hav u guyz id

    2. Rosey

      It’s @Anisha_Sheikh

  2. Pintumintu_penguin

    Well said Rosey u are absolutely right … I support your point of view

  3. i m proud of u ROSEY PROUD OF U just mindblowing msg dr right girls r equal 2 boys only some body organs r diff that doesnt give dem permit 2 rape girls very strong msg specially 2 our dr society where some of dem only knows 2 taunt girls i think u should post msg in some social network site it is worth reading n should be read bby many

  4. Harinipriya

    Hi, I just now read this and I want to give a big applause. U really had done extra ordinarily. Ur thoughts and expressing ways made me emotional. I have such a angry tigress inside me after reading ur message. I don’t want to bash and what’s the use of bashing a heartless soulless creatures. Yes I will definitely tell my friends and sisters to read this and make ur message spread around. Once again a big thanks for ur message!

  5. Pihu you wrote it very good.Do you know sometime I think I m lucky not have such a lustrous body.I think myself safe ,feel good of not being so pretty as we are nothing to those beasts they dont think about anyone but about there hunger.do you know only some boy have guts to overcome there ego.those the man others are just scrap which make any girls life become worst than hell.

  6. YU are a true woman

  7. Maya-Shelly

    This is the thing happens. This made my throat sob on reading it. How could they do such thing to girls. Every word and line writen is real. This was so emotional and hopefully already from now society should know about the feeling of those girls. That’s true before pulling girls of their wish and character and dress, they should teach their boys to behave good. Really this felt struck and emotional dr

  8. ugh!you are right sis!if u have a guy friend u are characterless if u party u are characterless if u have a crush u are characterless if u wear jeans u are chacterless i mean seriously this society has never given freedom to us. seriously i can understand this pain very well becoz even my cousin got raped before 5 yrs and we decided not to inform police and her dad decided to get her married before this leaked unable to bear all this she hanged herself and her culprit is happily enjoying

  9. Yes u r right didi
    I will support u in ur point of view
    Why always we r at fault in others eyes bcz we r girl

  10. Yes u r right I will agree with you didi
    Why always we r at fault in others eyes bcz we r girl.I don’t know why this society think that we are weak

  11. Sameera

    Hats off to u man for sharing this feelings yaar literally I am crying now u write everything eight why girls has to be Ames for everything they did it’s very painful when u don’t get ur independence each n every line was true about it hats off really this society needs to change but I don’t think so it will ever change …
    Well amazing convey feeling of each nevertheless girl who were suffering like this ….
    Again hats off ….

  12. Mahisha

    what u said is absolutely right
    a very big thanks for ur message

  13. well said pihu…hate this society whoever accuses r**e victim…appreciate u for ur thoughts…and thank u rosey for posting this here..

  14. I agree why always the girls are at the fault ? why ? why don’t they question the boys ? why they question our upbringing ? are we at fault because we are girls ? do a girl only survive from these bastards to get killed by the society ? hats off pihu di your every single word made me feel the emotions and pain of a victim’s sufferings . and thankyou rosey di for posting it here .

  15. a bravo job dear…….superb its absolutely right…why?????still a question..the girl pihu also deserves applaude………………………………u done a very gud job sweet heart….i really liked it..u both did a fab job………….the emotions r very high at this moment……sooo nice dear….i agree to each and every word….and it is a very imp issue that u pick..
    lots of love and blessing
    keep it up

  16. Aarushi_99

    A big salute to you for writing this..!
    Even though I don’t have the guts to imagine myself in the place of a person who was raped, this message just gave me the chills..
    The problem with the society today is that even in 21st century, many of the people have orthodox thinking.. Girls are always seen as the problem.. Wonder when this society will change..? Love you for writing this!

    1. Aarushi_99

      And thank you for posting it here Rosey!!

  17. Hi, I just now read this and I want to give a big applause. U really had done extra ordinarily. Ur thoughts and expressing ways made me emotional. I have such a angry tigress inside me after reading ur message. I don’t want to bash and what’s the use of bashing a heartless soulless creatures. Yes I will definitely tell my friends and sisters to read this and make ur message spread around. Once again a big thanks for ur message!

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