The girl’s mine ( episode 1)

Hello i am new here to put my thoughts into words hope u like it

Characters same as in serial but there is no mishra and agarwal confusion

So here is episode 1:-
A girl is shown knocking at the door
A voice comes COME IN
Girl: Dr. Kabir aapne bulaya
Kabir: hmmm Sanchi take this file and study the case as soon as possible
Sanchi: yes sir
She leaves
She goes to canteen and starts studying the case there comes pragya and isha
Isha: yaaar yahan bhi kaam chilll dude
Sanchi: chilll???? Your hottie wont let me chill
Isha: c’mon use dekhte hi mein sapno mein kho jati hoon
Pragya: come out from ur dreamland isha darling
Sanchi: but yes he is hot
Pragya and isha: whattt tune use hot bola wowwww
Sanchi: yes he is always garam every time like a angry bird
Pragya: wahi i thought how our sanchi can think that????
Sanchi: shut up
They leave from canteen and meets veer
Veer: kaisi ho miss golgappa???
Sanchi: before your arrival i was fine

Saying this she slightly pushes him he acts as if she pushed him hardly and acts to hit his head on the wall and faints
Garv: saanchi yeh kya kiya haaye mera dost ahaaannnnnn???
Sanchi: i …..pus…pushed him lightly
Isha: acha then how he fainted
Sanchi suddenly shouts OH MY GOD SUNNY LEONE IS HERE?????
Suddenly veer gets up and says WHERE WHERE?????
Sanchi gets smirks seeing him and gets thunder shocked seeing Dr. Kabir asking HAAN KIDHAR HAI????
Saanchi: sirr aap bhi????
Kabir realises his mistake
Kabir: kya aap bhi even i am a MAN

And he turns his face dueto embarrassment saanchi starts laughing loudly
Sanchi: hahahahahahah???
Kabir glares her saanchi stop and says ” not laug…laughing …. on you sir”
Kabir: then who???
Sanchi: veer sir pareshan kar diya tha
Veer: kya yaar dont do this again u know what i love her i follow her on Twitter and saw all her film
Kabir says me tooo
All gets shocked
Saanchi: u said something
Kabir: no…. nothing
Veer: waise miss saanchi will u see ragini mms 2 with me
Sanchi: chiiiiii veer i hate u ahannnn( saying this runs from there)
Kabir laughs seeing this
Isha: haaye mera hottie
Kabir: i heard it Dr. Isha
Isha: sorry sir

So hope u liked it it’s a love triangle i wont reveal the pair now even u all can say me what u want and if there is any mistakes sorry for that and u can tell your views and idea and any problem share it with me all types of comments are welcomed bye take care

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  1. Superb episode dear loved new side of kabir really excited for next episode plzz update asap

  2. I looooved it and the sunny Leone part is super duper adorable.please post soon.i Don’t mind sanveer or Kanchi.but I love zealous triangle

  3. Swetatitli

    Wonderful episode.

  4. Abhilasha

    I loved it…….. Oh god kabir’s love for sunny… Ha ha ha….. It was really funny…. Update soon yaar!!!…… Want kanchi but its ur decision and would love to read this further!!

  5. Nice.

  6. Richa1496

    It was awsm dood.. And sunny leone part was superb… Can’t stop laughing ?after reading this…. Pls make kanchi couple… It’s just my opinion… It’s your wish to whom you want to make couple… And pls update next ff soon… Eagerly wating for it… ?

  7. superrr I love sanveer

  8. Wow tani,amazing episode…..keep writing fear… triangle is going to be interesting…a little bored with the same sanchi,kabir & veer love triangle…u may show sanchi,isha & either kabir or veer(just a suggestion)eagerly waiting for ur next update ?

  9. Trisha139

    Yes I agree ….that was amazing but pls make it a little longer as this epi was too good

  10. Lov the epi i think so kanchi luv each other but veer lov sanchi, isha lov veer after full of drama kanchi n ishver marrige happend but with twist no body didn’t confess their love to each other before marriage n after marriage they think specially kanchi they both think the other compromised her happines 4 mine adjust in marriage without show real feeling it just mine idea other u crry on as u want i lov kanchi sunny part aws.

  11. what a commedy ..its so funny
    nice .waiting for next one

  12. Lovishsanskruti

    I agree with niyaa i also lov sabir pair a lot but final decision is ur waitting 4 ur nxt update

    1. It nice story and I love kanchi. Plz make kanchi pair

  13. It’s was awesome , sunny Leone part was very nice, even I can’t stop me laugh after reading it
    Pls put precap in the end of the story and
    Update soon next part

  14. The episode was really really good and funny I want Sanveer ff because there are many kanchi ff it’s a request but it’s u r choice I won’t force u coming back to ff I was laughing on kabir reaction on sunny leone it’s really good. And funny ff I just loved it yaar. When r u going to post next chapter eagerly waiting for the next chapter and u r fabulous writer yaar ????

  15. Nice one! Kabir is quiet different, everyone is, good job, keep posting

  16. sorry for the spelling mistake, its quite not quiet

  17. Loved it❤❤ but pls make it as Sanveer ff as there already many Kanchi ff’s!!

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