girls also can reach the height (Part 2)


Recap-Swayam asking ragini to be his partner
Ragini sadly Goes to her room sanlak goes after ragini.kavya and kavita goes to their room.shekhar see all this

Ragini room
Ragini cries sanlak see her crying became sad
Sanskar- rago stop crying
Laksh- you look horrible when u cry
Ragini- why he don’t like me
Sanky- no rago its not like that
Ragini- then what
sanky- look rago he is a yuvraj as our dadabhai adarsh .he has the responsiblity of kingdom due to his work he cant get tym for all this
Laksh- rago he doesn’t express his feeling to anyone that doesn’t mean he doesnt understand anything or he is heartless
Rags- then what should i do
Kavya&kavi comes in
Kavita- show him if he is yuvraj then u are princess
They discuss something which is mute

In isolated place
In front of durga maa idol
Swara beating herself with hunter Blood is flowing from her body
Swara- maa why are you doing this with me ha what sin I have done for which you are punishing
Swara- first you destroyed me know ragini I beg you plz don’t distroy her life

In maheshmati palace
Dp- ap with out ragsan this palace is sleeping beauty
Adarsh- dad I missing my little sis
Ap- what will you do after her marriage
Adarsh- if my sis get tears in her eyes after marriage I will distroy them
Dp- when my princess get big I didn’t know today or tomorrow we have to get her married
Pari- my bro sahil would be best for her
Adarsh- really are u mad that characterless
Ap&dp&adarsh- swayam
Pari- yuvraj of durgapur start to laugh
Ap- what is so funny about it
Pari-mummy ji he is most elible yuvraj when his alience will open their would be a long line of princess for him…and u are talking about ragini
Adarsh- my ragini is not less than anyone
Pari- but yuvraj you know na swayam doesn’t bother to look at ragini marrying forget it … saying she goes
Dp- she speak bitter only but she is saying true
Ap- we have to find someone else for her

In durgapur palace
Sumi- maharaj dont be heartless plz do something for swara
Shekhar- who is that girl u are talking about
Sumi- how could u speak like this she is our elder child our daughter princess of this kingdom
Shekhar- I don’t know what you are saying I don’t have any daughter I have two son and my elder child is my son swayam he is not a princess he is the yuvraj and next king of durgapur
Sumi- how could u….runs from their teary eye
Shekhar- i also want my daughter to be freed but in path were she is walking their is not return….by free her only I am effecting then I have done it but wholewhole kingdom will have to suffer

In hall
Sanlak in Black suit and pant with white shirt and red tie and k& k in red gown and rags in red dress she is looking gorgeous waiting for swayam
Swara comes out wearing pink coat and white shirt and Blue jeans and turban
Rags k& k see her with open mouth
Sanlak- girls close your mouth
They goes to mella
Ragini flirting with boys and avoid her swara understand what rags is up to swara start Searching for the guy
Swara goes to bar counter and order a drink before rags comes take the glass and through on the waiter
Swayam-what is this ragini ?behavior yourself
Ragini to waiter- don’t you dare to give him any drink.if he is a yuvraj so i am also a princess of maheshmati
Swayam- ragini behave give me one more drink
Bartender obey swara’s order which makes rags angry and give tight slap to bartender
All looks at them

Swayam- angrily raginiiiii
Rags- don’t shout yuvraj swayam I know my name
By hearing the name the person for whom swara looking get alert and run.swara see the man running she run behind him but its late the guy run away swara fumes in anger.
Sanky- rags I didn’t except this much boldness
Lucky- but if that guy run away na then pray to god
Sanky- yeah rags u shouldn’t shout na because of you that guy get alert
At that tym swara comes
Swara- lakshraj I have an important work I am leaving
Laksh- what happen dadabhai
Swara- nothing and goes
Ragsan try to say something But laksh sign them in no then they enjoy

In morning
A soldier inform that enimy country soldier has enter in our Kingdom
Shekhar- where is yuvraj
Soldier- he has gone out
Shekhar- they has taken advantage of absence of yuvraj
Sanskar-maharaj We don’t have much tym to inform yuvraj about it we have to face them
Laksh- yes dad we have to divide in 5 teams 4 will go to 4 direction and one team will be here in palace
As decided they move to their location they fought and win but majority of the enimy moves toward palace the soldiers in palace fought but they failed by the tym Sanlak shekhar comes they start fighting with sward they were overpowering enimy but one soldier put sward around shekhar neck but all shock the soldier neck is cutted by ragini all were proud on her
Ragini also fighted as warrior sanlak fighte and they almost killed 80% of the enimy but the leader is very clever he caught sumi and ask all to put the sward down
Leader- i came her to kill laksh .so that swayam will automatically because his life is in laksh
Sanskar- oh thats why you came in his aabsence
Laksh- sankar a gay like him what will do rather this
Leader- lakshhhh
Laksh- dont shout i know my name
Kavya- please spare him
Sumi- plz leave my son
shekhar- what u want
Leader- I have exchange offer I will leave him but u have to handover swayam to me
Laksh- ehhhhh don’t dare to take my dadabhai name u want kill me come on…dad don’t beg my life from him for my Bhai I will happily

Soldier run with sward toward lucky All shouts not to do so
Leader- don’t be in hurry slowly
Soldier cut lucky Pam then give cut in his face Soldier put salt in it laksh shout in pain
Soldier going to stab sward but a bhala comes from air Hitted in soldier stomach and he dies all looks at the direction swara/swayam sitting in horse coming toward them with soldiers and people
Leader panics but control and shoot a bullet which hit swara/swayam right shoulder
All- swayam/dadabhai/yuvraj
Swara- jai maa kaali
All-jai maa kaali
All started to fight Swara/swayam defeated the leader sanlakrag killed soldiers
Leader- please forgive me
Swara- if you have attacked me then definitely I have forgiven you but u try to my brother and broke his hand and beat him like an animal
Rags feared from his this face sumi shekhar some how controlled swara
Swara comes to rags
Swara- princess u fought like a real warrior by girls like u people get to know girls also can reach hight….I am proud of u all
Sumi- yuvraj u are injured come with me

In night
All were spending some good
Shekhar- if exchange happen na than I had exchange u with lucky I give him to do and takes u
Lucky- really
Sanskar- but we don’t take garbage
Lucky- shut up
Sumi- seriously if laksh is not engaged with kavya we asked your hand for him
Sanskar- u can still do it
Kavya- what u mean
Sanskar- dont get angry u can ask her hand for swayam
Sumi& shekhar- shocks
Swara- this can’t be possible
Sanky- why does my sis has any problem
Swara- sanskar over path is different in my path she only get pain and darkness nothing else…..go from their
Laksh- maa why dadabhai is like this
Sumi- son because his dark past which always haunt him and always
Laksh- what past maa
Sumi- beta some secret should not be unfold its better for all

Recap_-laksh determination to find swayam past ..Ragini irritating swayam…dp and rp ask swayam alliance for rags and uttra …swara anger volcano on rags…..

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