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Hey i am ireena back.with another OS actually it is a story of a book i thought to write it as a one shot if u likr so plz tell me through comment .

it is a story of a hindi speaking bihari boy Sanskar (as he is a villager sometimes he thinks ill-logicaly)who falls in love with a Swara, an elite Delhi girl at the prestigious St. Stephen’s College.

swasan took admission in same college through sports cota both plays basket ball very well.they became good friends. both starts falling for each other .sanky wants this relation to take further but swata is not ready. then she tell him we will compromise. she tells him that she will became his half girlfriend .he doesn’t understand.
she tells that this relation will be more than friendship but will exclude physical-whisicl things.he agreed to her.

As the time passes he was not able to control his hormones.n then so once he said to her.”deti hain to dein warna cut le”(u can understand what he was saying)as he was from a village.

swara chooses to end this relation here n told him to break it n never contact her.

some months passes he was gathering courage to confront her. when he was ready to talk to her she places her wedding card in his hand n his gifts n choclats given to her by him.

sanky’s heart broke he decided that there is nothing in delhi withour swara so he decided to go back to his village to help his mother in her rular schools.

Before leaving he went to a company for interview.they selected him but he refused to do so n decided to back to his village as his mother needs him.

he goes their n helps his mother on her was going well but they feel need to make toilets in schools.for that they need fund they contact to near foundation but unable to get help so they think when billgates will come to  visit bihar they will ask him for help.(story ki demand)

as their luck bill gates decided to visit bihar with his team from Gates foundation.for bill to pay their bills that sanky has to organize song for delegation n have to give speech in english.

he joint in a coaching class to learn english there he met his lady love his Swara. swara is divorced . she is also working hard.he help her to settle her down n he helps her to prepare for speech he advices her to read chetan bhagat(writer is required for further story)book to learn english .

the day before speech sanky bring swara to his home to meet his mom.the newly-in-love do some jumma chumma de de on terrace.

all were going well sanky gives his speech he received fund for their work.they were very happy

on the day of speech Swara goes missing he tries his best but unable to find her his heart again broked into small pieces.after some days he received her letter she said,
” i have a lung cancer i don’t want anyone suffer bcz of me specially u . i dont want to become burden on u n u have to take care ofe in my last time .fnally the letter ends with “i love you.”

sanky looks for Swara-Babe all over Dilli-Bihar, but to no avail.

Three years later,Swara’s landlord from Patna finds some of her journals from the apartment and hands them over to sanky Babu, who thinks it will be torturous for him to go through them because her painful memories will come rushing back. So, what must he do with the journals? Keep them safe in the attic? Throw them away? Burn them? Hell, no! Take them to Chetan Bhagat, he says.

Apparently, Mr. Bhagat is also confused to see the journals. He is told that Swara had asked sanky to read Chetan Bhagat’s books to improve his English, so that’s how he thought it would be best to take the journals to the author.

se if there’s one symbolic memory that you have of your half-ex, it is of her being a supporter of Chetan Bhagat’s literature.

Moving on… Sanky, who we will now call Dr. Logic, tells Chetan to dispose of the books the way he pleases. Mr. Bhagat bids’ab goodbye and dumps the journals into the garbage bin before he decides to go to bed. Except, with so much literature lying in his book rack aka the koodedaan, his conscience is all like:Bro, utth ja. Dekh shayad koi story mil jaaye picture banane ke liye.

Chetan then reads the journals through the night and phones Dr. Logic early morning. Dr. sa’ab reaches C-Bag’s room soon enough and is asked to read some of Swara’s diary entries.

Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere DostThrough the journal,Sanskar learns about the domestic violence his lady had to go through in her marriage, about how she was s*xually abused as a child and about how sanky’s mother had told her to stay away from him because of which she had to make up the cancer story and leave him to his own misery.

Dr. Logic(sanly) remembers that Swara always spoke about wanting to be a singer at a bar in New York and therefore, she must be in New York.

Mr. Holmes(sanky) requests a few of his friends at the Gates Foundation to get him a three month internship in Manhattan. They oblige and Sherlock travels to the Big Apple in search of cray-cray.

On his last night in America, he finds out where the crazy woman could be singing, runs seven miles in the snow to reach her and stands in front of her while she sings with her eyes closed.

.Swara opens her eyes at the end of the song and both cry like do kilo pyaaz katwa diye. Then the couple heads over to Swara’s place they spend quality time with each other n made love.

The story ends with Mr. Chetan Bhagat being shown around the rural school sanky and Swara, who are now married and have a son. 


so guys any doubt u can ask i know it is little bit i can clear it

n plz sirpport me in my ff

“Murderer Mystery”

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. It’s chetan bhagath’s half girlfriend…anyway it was good….

  2. I have no doubt…coz i’ve already read “CHETAN BHAGAT’s HALF GIRLFRIEND”…

  3. nyc……

  4. are yaar! pls post ur”crazy si love story” soon yaar waiting since long tym!!!!!!

  5. Well, its chetan bhagat’s novel half girl friend yarrr!!!
    anyways good.

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