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Hi guys! I m back with my new part of fs and I m really very glad to know u liked the previous episode…… Ur comments really made my day….. Hey but first I have a important message to u all from our lovely friend cum sis abhi(abhilasha)..
: sorry guys I m discontinuing my fs mahi ve!!! Because of some personal reason…. Hope u all understand…. Love u all guys a lot and also missing u all…. :
Ohh no guys feeling very bad as we will not get to read mahi ve further… I was eager for next part… Abhi yaar if u can may it be late or super late please continue it…. And also we all love u dherrrrrr Sara!
So now guys I m very eager to write it…

So lets start….

Recape-vikram has shifted his house and came to stay next to swarda’s house by coincidence…. Swarda is shocked to see him…. In previous part we also got to know that they r fb friends (or more than friends?)….

The story starts with vikram staring her lovingly(love at first sight) as she was looking damn cute with light makeup and dark kajal accompanied by maskara!!she wasnt giving much attention to him as due to his gesture she immediately got to know that he is developing feelings for her seeing her beauty…. To avoid awkwardness she said..
Swarda-hii! Nice meeting u!
And forward her hand to shakehand..
He was still lost…
So she rolled her hand in front of his face to make him come in sense..
Finally he comes in sense…
Vikram-ohh!!. Ha! Hi swara nice meeting u too!
They sat chitchating for some time…
Swarda-viki! This is first and last time we r meeting! I dont again to meet u like this… I have lied my maama that I m going to my friend’s birthday party (sanchi dont know that everyone in swarda’s class takes her as behenji type girl)
Swarda-but we r friends r always be friends!!!
Vikram-and nothing else???!!!
Swarda stares at him giving furious look!!
Vikram-hey just kidding yaar!! Chill!! And madam dont think that only u look beautiful I m too handsome… Huh!!
Swarda give him unbelieveable look…
Vikram-really!!! Believe me! Many of the girls die for me!!! (He bites his tongue for what he just said)
Swarda laughs silently but vikram notices it….
To their next one boy’s gang was sitting and staring her in bad way with bad intensions!! Vikram was observing it from a long time…. For a long time he kept quite.. They were about to leave…
One boy from the gang to his friends-what an iteam yaar(seeing swarda)
Now vikram became super angry and out of control… He held the collar of that boy and started beating him badly for not only bad mouthing swarda also for not respectinf girls…. The gang got afraid seeing his punches and ran away…. Swarda smiled seeing his respect for girls and also affection towards her….
Finally they both goes to their respective homes thinking and smiling remembering their first meet… (bg song-enna sona)
Fb end (hey still half of the fb part is left)
As he was stepping forward she was stepping backward and finally her back was touching to the wall…
He took the plate from her hand and kept aside and caught her waist with his both hands and pulled her a bit close.. They shared an eyelock….
Vikram-I missed u a lot!!
Swarda comes in sense and removes his hands angrily from her waist…
He leans to kiss her..
She too thought what u all thought just but he cupped her face and kissed her forehead…
Swarda-I first of all told u we r just friends. Now too on Facebook we were discussing about this topic!!! Why dont u understand?!
Vikram-u too know we r not just friends!!!
Many days passed….
Swarda and her family went to her relative’s wedding to Mahabaleshwar for three days…. They were leaving in the hotel till the wedding….
On wedding day she got ready wearing a beautiful orange lehenga with golden work on it…. She was looking very gorgeous with some makeup and long earrings and was wearing hills for first time… She was finding a bit difficulty in walking but managed herself..
Finally marriage was completed and all went to eat food in the big dinning hall only swarda and sabir were left in marriage hall as she was walking slowly due to her hills and sabir was accompaning her….
Sabir-di there r many delicious iteams of food made in this wedding…. I know what what they have made….
Swarda-what r the iteams!
Sabir-u will get to see it now but I can tell that there is ur favoraite gulab jaamun too!
Swarda’s mouth started watering as she loves it..
Swarda-wow!! My fav. Gulab jaamun!!
Sabir-kitna sweet khayegi moti din ba din aur moti hoti jaa rahi hai!! Hahaha!!
Swarda gets furious and seeing her face he again laughs and starts running.. She chases him… He runs away fast…. Swarda due to her hills collides with a young boy figuric and handsome…. She was about to fall when he caught her in his one hand holding her by her waist…. They have an intense eyelock…. after coming in sense…
Swarda-U here?!!!
They aparts hastily….
(Yaa guys he is none other than vikram)
Vikram-yaa here is my relative’s marriage and I guess u r here for the same reason!
Swarda-ofcourse yaar buddhu!!
She gets busy adjusting her dress properly… And he was admiring her look!
His heart started again beating loudly.
Swarda-ok see u later on Facebook!
And she goes….
After the marriage swarda and her family left to reach the hotel in the car as tomorrow morning they were going to depart for their home….
Vikram’s car was behind their car and as they reached hotel he too reached there as he was too leaving there for few days…. He came to k ow that swarda is too leaving in the same hotel when he saw her going inside the hotel…. He asked her room number in the reception… And went to take rest…
In his room..
He was feeling restless… His heart was beating fastly as if it wanted to say something!! Finally he closed his eyes and listened to his heart… Only the movements spend with swarda were coming in front of his eyes… Unknowingly he said-I love u swara in low tone… But soon realised what he just said and quickly opened his eyes!
Vikram-m I in love with her???!….. Yes I m (with a surprising look) yaahooo!! I love u swara!! (He shouted loudly)
Here swarda felt like she heard her name…
Time skipped…
It was midnight….
Vikram managed himself entering swarda’s room without making noise as swarda was sleeping with sanchi!
He called her slowly she got up and was about to shout when he kept his hand on her lips and covered her mouth… She realised him…
Vikram-suhhh! Come with me!
Swarda-no! Why r u here?! Go from here right now!
Vikram-please it important(actually he wanted to tell her his feelings)
Vikram-please!! Or else I will die now!!
Swarda-ok! I will come!
They both goes far away from the hotel near the waterfall… Both were standing near to the shore of the river…
Swarda-what happened why u called me?!
Vikram came a bit near to her and caught her both hands…
Vikram-I was wanted to say u that… I love u… (he says it in one go)
Swarda was shocked and free her hand angrily..
Swarda-so u want to make me gf?! Listen I m not that type of girl! So forget about me… I only want to be ur friend if u agree then please dont cross ur limits again…
Vikram-ok… Ok! But its not like I wanna make u gf… I will alsi marry u in future!
Swarda-then I would love to be ur gf after marriage in future(sarcastically)!
Vikram-I m sure destiny will make us meet again but till then I promise we will be friends! Only good friends!!
And she turns to leave from there…. But due to wet soil her leg slips and she falls in the running water… Seeing this vikram dieves in water and saves her…. He brings he in his arms to the ground… He keeps her head on his one lap and tries to wake her up as she was unconcious first of all because of her disease (of her heart)still she was shivering due to cold…
Vikram-ohh no! Its very cold here… I should take her to the hotel…. But its too far if I waste time in it she will…. No I cant let this happen… Then what should I do?? He see a small store room type room left open!!
He takes her there and makes her sleep on mattress present there…. He burns the fire with the woods present there… Still she was shivering badly!
Vikram- I think her clothes r wet so she is feeling cold…
He searches for clothes to get and finds some old clothes… He cleanes it with his hands…. He tries to wake her to make her change herself but she was not in condition to wake up….
Vikram-ohh god! Now what should I do! I cant touch her body not even her clothes without her permission…. He remembers once his mother told him that only a husband has a right on his wife! ….
He thought for somewhile
Vikram-but it would be wrong and against the rules to marry her now!…. But if I will not do this she will lose her life…. Sorry swara its only for saving u…
And he carries her in his arms and take seven vows around fire and makes a small cut on his finger and fills her hair line and makes her wear his locket initial v…. He makes promises with his each vow…
After that he closed the window and doors and also his eyes tightly to change her dress but as he forwarded her hand swarda gained a bit conciseness due to the warm atmosphere made by fire and due to closed doors and window…
Swarda-hey what r u doing(inlow tone)
He opens his eyes hearing her voice and gets super happy! he makes he get up and tells her to change the dress and goes out… she closes the door…. She changes it with difficulty… The dress was loose for she but she managed with it…. She Opens the door and makes her way out…. But he stops her as she needs rest and warmth… He makes her sleep on matrress…. When she went in deep sleep he too changed his clothes as they got wet too and sat near fire to make himself warm…
In the next day early morning..
She gets up and remembers everything about previous night incident and thinks he is a gentle boy… He was sleeping on floor near the ash of wood… She feels somthing tied to her neck and sees it… She gets confused by seeing his locket in her hand and scratches her head… U unknowingly her hands goes to her hairline and a bit dried blood gets to her hand…. She wakes him up and askes him about it…. He tells her about their marriage… She get a big shock hearing it….

Precape-vikram gets elergyic reaction after eating food!!

Hey guys still fb is not completed it will complete in next part…. Please please tell me hows it as I m really nervous because I have wrote something like this for the first time…. Please drop ur comment and negative comments r too welcomed to make me realise my mistake… And also its just story hope u all r not taking it seriously!! And one of my friend has asked for sequel of tu mila! If majority of them wants the sequel then I will think for a story but write it in summer vacations because of my exam!!…
Love u all
Good morning….

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