Be my girlfriend swaram fs part-3


Hi guys I m back with my new part of fs!! Hey guys I again have a bad news for u all that I m discontinueing my ff dillagi!! Because of shortness of time and responce! I know u all liked that story but now I m thinking its impossible for me to continue it so really very sorry for that!! If I will get a bit of time enough to write an os then I would surely like to write os of it! Now I will finish this story soon and also last part of my os mystery! Please forgive me for that!! I m suffering from a heartbreak due to its discontinuation! Thanks a lot guys for ur sooo lovely comments… It really means a lot for me… Now enough of my bakbak…

Lets start….

Finally the final bell rang and everyone went out of school after national song…
Swarda and sabir came back home in their van…
Swarda-mom we r back home!
Sanchi-how was ur first day of ninth beta?!
Swarda-(thinks for a while) as usual!!
Sanchi-why this answer took this much time to come out from ur mouth!!?
Swarda-nothing mom!! Its just I m tired a lot… I m going in my room and wanted to take some rest…
Sanchi-ok beta! Take some rest as u still need rest!
Swarda goes in her room…
She removes her plates and changes her dress… She wears pink patiyala type pant with white crop top with a small latkan behind… Gets fresh and washes her face.. After coming back from bathroom she sits in front of mirror dries her hairs as she washed it because of chip chip oil!! And straightens the tangles of her hairs!! Her hair getgets silky! She does some makeover as she likes to do makeup! And removes her spectacles as she already wears lenses for her eyes problem!! ( huh!! Whats this?! Then why she acts like behenji in front of everyone?! ) she goes on bed and sits comfortably..

She sees message on facebook(omg! She also has facebook)..
She gets tensed for some reason but decides to behave normal!
The message was-how r u?? Long time no talk!
She replies and they chat on for plenty of time!..
Finally in the evening she hears sanchi calling her!
Sanchi-swarda! Swarda!! Come fast dear.. I have some work for u!!
Swarda-uff ye mom bhi naa!! Yes coming maa!!
And she goes down replying -bye!
Swarda goes to sanchi who is busy in kitchen preparing plate (food cook hone ke baad tayar karte hai naa plate kisiko dene ke liye)
Swarda-wow maama! Gajar ka halwa!! (Forwards her hand to taste it)
Sanchi- swarda dont take it now! First do my work and go and give this plate to our neighbour!!
Swarda-which neighbour?! Sharma aunty or Mithal aunty?!
Sanchi-no not them! Arey who has came here new!! To the side of our house! Chawla ji has left that house and now one new boy has came to stay there! I think his mom and dad is not with him! So thought to give him plate today!!
Swarda- but whats need?! If he stays alone then surely he would have some arrangement for food!!
Sanchi-I know beta! But he would be missing maa ke haat ka khana so I specially prepared something special for him today!!
Swarda-(teasingly) Jagatmata sanchi devi ki jai!!!
And starts laughing but stops after seeing sanchi giving her strong glare!
Sanchi-and haa come only after he finishes the food and also bring the plate back…
Swarda-ok ur highness!!
She takes and goes the plate to the neighbouring house….
Ting tong the bell rings…
A young handsome boy opens the door and turns showing her his backside as he was busy in talking on phone!!
Boy-haa maa!! …. I m fine here…. Yaa I shifted here as the previous area was not suiting me and the school too because of careless teachers… Hope now this new school and new colony is nice!… Ok bye maa!! (Yo guys he is vikram ofcourse)
Swarda till now was irritated by his gesture to make her stand for long and was making faces from behind when he was talking on the phone!!
Swarda(still facing his back)- mom has prepared food for u please have it!!
he turns while talking to her…
Vikram_but… I…

And turns completely…
They both gets a big shock seeing eachother… He calls out her…
Swarda too calls out him…
Swarda-viki! U here!! (So she knows him from first and also recognised him in class so thats why she got afraid!! But he doesnt recognised her in that behenji look!! And now both r shocked to find each other infront)
Now he forwards steps towards her and with his each step her heartbeats were increaseing…
Swarda-hey viki please dont come near me!! U know naa we r just friends!!
Vikram- yaa I know! We r Facebook friends!!
Before continuing this lets jump to flashback!!
The story starts when swarda joined facebook newly and swaram became good friends!! They would talk as much as possible as they were feeling attraction towards eachother! But the one thing that they never shared or posted their photos as vikram was not interested in it and swarda didnt wanted to because in her class no one knows she has fb account!! And she want to keep it a secret….
Day by day their closeness was increasing and his curiosity to see her was too increasing…. But she disagreed to share her photo!! So he asked her to meet him once…. After lots of thinking she finally agreed!!
So the day came when they met….
In coffee shop…
He was already present there and waiting for her…. After a long wait finally she came wearing green frock with flora design reaching till her knees and with some makeover.. Wearing long beautiful green earrings and with a simple but cute hairstyle… and chewing gum….He was mesmerised by her beauty…. His heart was beating too loudly that she could too hear his heart beats he was adorning her and went lost in her….

Precape-flashback continue….

Hey sorry guys for keeping u waiting but its two o clock now and I m really very sleepy so please forgive me and I will soon post the next part….
Please please guys comment it as it encourages me a lot as I m getting discouraged now a days…
Love u all my lovely readers…
Take care…

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  1. Amazing Superbbbbb fantastic

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a lot dear…. Ur comment is really very sweet like u…. Love u sis….

  2. Dhruti

    first of HAPPY NEW YEAR dear and why you stop write dillagi it was fab story i was enjoyed that also please continue if you have time…………………..and and i enjoyed this fs …………… was superb, mind blowing, fab………………post next one soon……………love you and don’t be discourage ok ok enough of my bak bak enjoy your day and keep smile……………….

    1. Rajnandini

      On yaar I like the peoples who does more bak bak because I m a quite girl and only listens everyone’s bak bak!!! And dear it would be impossible for me to write it regularly and also disappoint u with the late update so better to quit it… I m too feeling bad yaar but have no choice!! I would love to continue it in summer vacations if all of u ready!!! but I cant continue posting it now…. Please forgive me for that dear…. And thanks for such a lovely comment it made my day happy dear and ok ur highness I wont get discouraged!! A very very happy new year to in advance…. Love u loads….

      1. Dhruti

        ok you can continue dillagi in summer vacation i would love to read it in vacation time…….love you…tc

    2. Rajnandini

      Omg thanks a lot dear…. I didnt thought it so that u will agree to wait sooo long!! Thanks a lottttt!! Love u…. Happy bhaubeej….

      1. Dhruti

        you too…………but put reecap in next one ff………..

  3. Neha7873

    Sorry ,I couldn’t comment on previous epis but they were fabulous and please update soon

  4. Hey,,neha dear plz dn’t stop it.. Ur writing is alwys fbls.. I just lv to read it.. plz dn’t stop it… Lv u a lot

  5. Oh,,so srrrrrrrrry actually i mistkly write neha’s name.. I hp u will frgv my mistk my sweet rajnandini.. :-]

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  7. U know wht ur writing is tooooo gooood. Sry not gd bt best….. So please dn’t stop [email protected]@!!


  9. Please yaar don’t stop writing ?????……………this episode is superb yaaar????Happy Diwali????

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    wow Vrushti Nice Episode………………..keep write yaaarrrrrrrrr…

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    Hey raj super epi dear nd kya hua kyun bich me chod rahi ho… Nd jagatmata ki jai hehehe… Btw epi is super duper yaar… Why swardha behave like behenji? Ek question ka answer nahi milta isse pehle dusra aa jata h… M eagerly waitting for ur nxt nxt one asap.. Nd try to continue ur ff too.. Lovvv u bye tc

    1. Rajnandini

      Hey sweetie thanks a lot for commenting!! And kya karoo yar mujhe bhi chodne ka man nahi hai par exams ka kya karoo?! Impossible hai roz episode likhna!! And baata du kya tumhe ki swarda aisa kyu behave karti hai?! Sach mai agar tum chaho toh mai bata sakti hoon!! And dear i will try my best to post it asap! Love u loads sis….

      1. Hey not at all dear m pure patience k sath intzar karungi aise tumhare ff ka maza kharab ho jayega or dusre readers k sath nainsafi… Haha.. So m wait karungi tumhare nxt update ka lovv u sisy.. Tc all the best for ur exams.. Bye

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    CVR yaar……..superrrrr se uparrrrrrrrr waala episode tha…..flashback part was osm……eagerly waiting for ur nxt update, but write jab tu free ho jaye……..I won’t force u to write coz I know the reasons, but still, tere writings ki aadat lag gayi hai…..unke bina TU ke baare mein soch nahi sakti…….luv u dherrrrrr saara meri CVR;)…..:)

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