Be my girlfriend swaram fs-part 2


Hi guys!! I m back with my new part of fs!! Thank god u liked the story and also some and comment such a sweet compliments!! Hey kajal dear I read ur comment on my os and my writer friends I have one request from her those who write danger game of love and married to mr. Khadoos to complete their story…actually guys I m too missing those stories but its on u to continue it! Thanks a lot my lovely readers for ur lovely comments…. I hope I wont disappoint u all….

So now lets start…

The students gather for assembly…prayer, pledge, song and then national anthem and the assemble dissperse…all went to their respective classes…..
In swarda’s class..
All were sitting and chitchating as still madam didnt came to the class!!
Swarda was sitting alone on first bench like a sincer girl taking out her book and completing her work!….
Just then a boy enters her class….
He was having a dashing look and was dam handsome!! Carrying his bag on his on one shoulder with full on altitude and a bright and glowing face!!
The mouths of the girls got open seeing him….some got highly memrised and also some backbencher girls started to get up to see him clearly!!! He rolled his eyes once on the whole class and straight away went to swarda and sat beside her!!! This gave a big shock to the girls but boys were smirking and happy as they were getting jealous by him because their gfs were staring him very loveingly and now due to his this act all the girls got heart broken!! But he too was not having any option as the benches were full and the empty place was only beside swarda! In the whole class boys boys and girls girls were partners leaving swaram(yes guys he is vikram! And the boy who saved swarda from falling was also vikram he came late in class as he was in principal’s office talking something about his admission) swarda got shocked by his sudden gesture and also afraid for some athor reason!!
Swarda-(in mind)swarda beti now u r gone!!!
She gulped!
Some girls- ufff what a good luck this behenji has!!…she got to sit with this hot guy!!
One girl also started flirting him(yaa guys some girls does flirting!!)
Swati-(imagenary character) hey guy whats ur name?
Vikram-vikram singhania!
Swati-can we be friends?!
And forwards her hand…
Vikram-sorry! But I dont make friends without knowing their character!!
Swarda in mind- liar!!!!
Till the teacher enters the class….
All gets up and greets her good morning!!
She called vikram in front of class and introduced him to the whole class as he was a new comer!!
Then he went back to his seat….
(Hey wanna tell u that he is the son of top most leading company of USA owner mr. Aditya singhania! He is in India for his studies and his whole family is in USA. He didnt stayed with them as he wished to study in his motherland India…)
After some boring periods it was break time!!
He tried to talk with swarda as she was his partner and he was new in school so to know about the school he tried to converse with her …
Vikram-hii I m vikram and u??
No responce…..
Vikram-will u tell me something about school and our subject teachers??
No responce…
Vikram gave a discusting look!!
After few minutes…
Swarda-I m swarda…nice to meet u!!
Vikram heard her voice and got shocked as he knows the voice!!
Vikram in mind- why her voice is feeling known for me!! But I never saw her! No viki I think u r thinking more now a days! How she is known for u when u never met her!!
they talks for sometime about the school and school rules!
In the lunch break…
Girls didnt loose apportunity to talk with him and they also made him have some of their food in the name of sharing but the actual reason was to win his heart!!
He saw swarda sitting alone and having her tiffine! To have some pity on her he thinks to join her!
Vikram -can I seat here with u to accompany u?
Swarda-ur wish!!
He joins her and the girls behind starts cursing swarda!
And boys faces gets dull seeing the overreaction of girls so they decide to have a secret meeting in third break….
After some periods and lecture of madams finally the bell of third break rangs!!
All the boys gather on ground!
The discussion starts and after some talk they makes a decision to bring swarda and vikram closer so that girls would forget about him!….

Precape-what is swarda’s secret?!!

Hey guys I will try to post it today only…please please guys comment it really means a lot for me….
Love u all
Take care..

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  1. Its awesome…… Want to know what happen…. Update soon.

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a lot lot dear…. It really means a lot for me and I have posted next part dear… U will get to read it tomorrow… Love u..

  2. Supppppppppr,,epsd..

    1. Rajnandini

      Thank u soooo much for ur encouraging and lovely comment dear….

  3. RuCh23

    Great going brush to ??? keep it up ???

    1. Rajnandini

      Hey ruwani dear I m sooo glad to know u liked this episode despite many of my mistakes!! I m really grateful to receive ur such a sweet and encouraging comment….. Thanku soooo much… Love u loads dear sis.

  4. Riyarocks

    oye CVR……….ofcourse it’s nice……..sab Diwali preparations mein busy hai, but tune waqt nikaalkar hamare liye ye likha……..thanku sooooooooo much for that……actually mujhe laga nahi tha ki koi update post karnewala hai…….but tune kiya……..luv u dherrrrrrrrr saaraaaaaaaaaa my CVR;) ……….

    1. Rajnandini

      Hey meri MRP thanks a lot!!! Sach mai yaar bohat mushkil se adjust kar rahi hoon!! Dekho abhi abhi 2 baje next part post kiya hai!! Aur mai aab tak jagi hoon reply karne ke liye!! Diwali khatam hone se pehle story khatam karni hai naa iss liye!! And ur comment brought a big smile on my face and I always love u dherrrrrr sara more than u….!!!

  5. Shivaniiii

    Hii vrusha!! Agdi mast ahe ha episode! Chal next part lavkar post kar aata ,me vaat baghat aahe!!

    1. Rajnandini

      Khup khup thanku! Mala khup anand jala hey janun ki tula hey episode aawadla! Khara tar me hey aatach vachle ani mala khup chuka milalya!!! Sorry for that!! Ani tu nav ka badal li?! Yaashi an tar chaan nav hota!! Mala tar tu pahila olkhuch aali nahi pan aata marathi comment baghoon kalal ki tu yaashi aahe!! Ani haa yaar aatach post kele aahe next part… La karch tula baghayla milel… Good night.. Sweet dreams…

      1. Shivaniiii

        Ag tya account madhun log out kel aani password visrale!!! Aata parat log in karta aal nahi and TU chya new version madhe password recovery cha option pn yet nahi ,thats why mg new account open kel. Aata password recover zala na ,mg parat tya account madhe log in

  6. Dhruti

    superb fs i enjoyed a lot…………and how girls are flirting with vikram i enjoyed this also…………but in precap what is swarda’s secret ? i’m waiting for next one post soon……………happy diwali dear………..

    1. Rajnandini

      Hey thanks a lot lovely sis… I m very very happy to know you liked the episode and enjoyed it much!! I m really very happy now as I was very disappointed by this story but now to have a lovely reader like u I m feeling very lucky and dont worry dear I m going to post it today it will appear till tomorrow and u will soon get to know swarda’s secret…. Thanks a lot for making me feel special… Happy Diwali love u loads…

  7. Niyaaa

    Aesommme raj nd happy diwali… m curipus to know what is swardha’s secret hey kahi ye wahi to nshi locket v ka … uhmmm may be i m wrog eagerly waiting for ur nxt update.. bye tc gud ni8

    1. Rajnandini

      Bohat bada secret hai yaar!!! Aur mai dosra part abhi likhne wali hoon so dont worry tumhe woh kal pata chal hi jayega!! And happy diwali to u too dear may thid diwali brings happiness in your life and thanku soooo much for such a sweet comment… Hmmm waise thoda sa guess correct hai par secret ka bohat bada part abhi baki hai…. Love u loads dear…

    2. Rajnandini

      Good night sweet dreams love u….

  8. Khamoshi

    Waah RJN..a full planned Love story by a gamg..amazing idea..dekhte hai aaj kya kya dhamake honge yaha..Happy Diwali dear

    1. Rajnandini

      Hey mitu di first of all I m feeling really very guilty for ot commenting on ur ff as I read it early in the morning as soon as I got up but due to my mom and also the occasion of laxmi pujan now I have caught mobile in my hand!!! Soooo sorry and I assure u ki kal bohat bada dhamaka hoga and agar aap chaaho toh mai aapko kanchi ka vikram ke saat ka relation baata sakti hoon and thanks a lot dii for such a lovely and sweet comment.. Happy diwali… Love u loads…

      1. Khamoshi

        It’s ok baba…no need to say sorry.. it really means a lot that u read it in morning only..hehe koi to hai jo padhne ke liye interested hai ?? just kidding.. and dear don’t reveal the secret..i want to enjoy this suspense for little more..i will know the suspense with others only. And Happy new year ? enjoy

  9. I enjoyed a lot & I am excited for swarda’s secret….didsclosed it I mean update soon…..Awesome episode… lots of love & a big hug to u…..Happy Diwali sweetie.

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