Be my girlfriend swaram fs-part 1


Hi guys I m back with my new fs!!! Actually I was going to post my os but I think the story bored u!! And a big sorry for that!! And first of all kaan pakad ke sorry for not replying and also not commenting ye project work aur diwali work toh jaise mere sir pe tandav kar rahe hai!!! I m really feeling very guilty for that but I m present to take ur scoldings and also rotten tomatoes….and a big news for u all that I m not going to post anything after diwali!!! As board exam ka bhoot har wakt mere asspass rehta hai and I dont have any second option for it guys so please understand me and my decision!! Actually I m very grateful to have u all as I never thought someone would be there in my life who will appriciate my writing!! So maybe we will meet in summer vacations!!!…so its a swaram fs!!

Now lets start….

A girl is shown in front of mirror getting ready for her school..appling some oil on her hairs…wearing two plates with the straight hair line!! Not even a bit powder on her face!! And a very simple look. Wearing spectacles!! Looking not less than behenji type girl…..( yes guys she is swarda!!! Getting ready for her school) (she is in ninth now and its her first day of ninth)…
Sabir-dii come fast!! Van has came! Or else van uncle will scold us today too!!
Sanchi-aarre but have some breakfast beta!
Swarda-no maa! We will have it in van now we will run or else van uncle will not spare us!!
They both runs towards van which is standing infront of their gate. Sabir reached first and swarda was running with her tortoise legs!!
Van uncle-come on swarda come fast!!..oofoo this girl! Dont know when she will increase her speed!!
Finally she reaches the van and they both sits in frontside of van!!
Van uncle-how many times I have told u beta to stand out before I come see because of u both now other children will be late for school!!
Swarda sabir-sorry uncle from tomorrow onwards we will come early!!
Van uncle-this is ur boths daily dialogue!!
Sawbir-really uncle pakka promise!!
After some time sabir got busy chitchatting van uncle and swarda was wondering the beauty of nature…
Swarda’s pov- how beautiul the world looks when the sky gets the light of golden sun…when the floating clouds changes their shape and makes some imagnary images…when the trees dances on the melodeous chirp of birds…..the garden decorated with numerous flowers always makes the attracted sight for everyone!! But here no one has time to look over it….
She starts enjoying the cool breeze keeping her hands on window sill and her head on her hands closing her eyes…without caring what other peoples will think!!
One boy is shown in car handsome dashing looking out of window also enjoying the cool and pleasent air….(bg- instrumental music of sanam re song) both of their faces r shown turn by turn….(he is none other than vikram)
After some while she gets disturbed by the voice…its of sabir…
Sabir-di?!! Di!! Oofoo this girl again went to her dreamland!!….(shouts) diiii get up fast we have reached school!!
Swarda comes to her sense and gets up and opens the door hastily and was about to go when she realized her bag has got stuck somewhere but it was too late and she was about to fall when a pair of strong hands saved her from falling!!
The boy-r u all right!!?
She nodded in yes and removed her bag and went hastily in the school saying him thanks….
She stepped inside her class and was excited to see her friends! She kept her bag on the frontmost bench and went to her friends to chitchat with them….(before assembly there is some free time so everyone chitchats with their friends)
She walked towards her group of friends and was just listening their talks…there no one was bothered with her presence and was busy in themselves but then too she was enjoying their company as it was better for her than sitting alone…..
Soon they got the announcement of assembly ….

Precape-vikram’s entry!!

Bye guys
Love u all…

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  1. Amazing Superbbbbb fantastic

    1. Rajnandini

      Aww sooo sweet of u…thanku sooo much dear…it really means a lot for me…

  2. Nice and amazing and wonderful start yaar…..keep it up yaar

    1. Rajnandini

      OMG I m sooo glad to have such a sweet friend…thanks a lot dear….ur comment really made me happy today…

  3. Khamoshi

    Amazing dear…but agar Sanchi swarda ki mom hai to Vikram ki shakal Kabir se nahi mil sakhti..agar aisa hua to dono baap bete or maa beti hue..bhai behen.. ??? sorry got confused and also spoiled ur mood.. sorry but plz clear it.. Sanchi is wife of whom? And dear exceot this confusion.. everything was just perfect.. scene explanation was so real..i can imagine everything easily. Keep it up and post soon. Lots of love RJN

    1. Rajnandini

      no no yaar dont be sorry!! Ye khyal toh mujhe story banate wakt hi aa gaya tha!! Aur maine plan karke hi ye story likhi hai so dont worry! And haa kabir aur sachi married hai aur unki beti swarda hai bas aage ki kahani mai tumhare doubts jaaroor clear ho jaenge! And di thanku soooo much for commenting…I m really very happy that u liked the episode and also thought about it….it really made my day dear…love u loads…

      1. Khamoshi

        I trust u dear.. tumne pakka kuch bada hi socha hoga..main wait karungi tab tak ? happy diwali

  4. Niyaaa

    Awsome yaar mindblowing jhakkas nd sanchi as behenji type totally dirrenent raj.. Post nxt one asap.. Nd plzz kahin mat jao i know board exam ka bhut kaisa hota h per jab bhi free ho holiday then try to post something… Bye tc lovvv u dear a happy diwali to u and ur family.. Gud ni8

    1. Rajnandini

      Nahi yaar kash mai yesa kar sakti par phir bhi jaroor try karoongi meri sweet reader ke liye…and dear really sorry to say but woh sanchi nahi swarda hai…can totally understand yaar..mujhe bhi likhte wakt confusion ho raha tha!!! And thanks a lot dear for ur rocking comment it really boosted me and I got a big smile on my face….and same to u my lovely sis…take care dear…love u too loads…

  5. Riyarocks

    nice one my CVR………so……..swarda & vikram???????toh sanchi ka husband, kabir hi hoga….am I right???? chalo….aaj ke liye itna hi guess hai….Diwali hai na…..ab aage ka guess from ur pagli nxt waale update par….ok…..haha……..luv u my CVR…….gud nt…….tc…….HAPPY DIWALI……..:):)

    1. Rajnandini

      Aarreee yaar MRP maine toh pehle hi kaha tha naa ki mai swaram os likhoongi aur my dear mom and dad ki story continue karoongi but socha waise bhi os toh part mai hi likhti hoon toh kyu naa fs likhe! Toh maine fs likh diya…aab ye story my dear mom and dad ki hai toh obviously kanchi and swaram pairs hai! And thanku soooo much meri MRP ittne sweet aur comedy comment ke liye…hahaha…love u loads dear…

      1. Riyarocks

        hehe….luv u my CVR……HAPPY DIWALI……

  6. Dhruti

    superb os please continue……… soon……..HAPPY DIWALI dear…………..

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanku sooooo much dear…I m sooo glad to know u liked it…thanks for such a sweet comment and I will try my best dear to post asap….love u…

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a lot dear…u really encouraged me a lot…

  7. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode

  8. Anee

    wow vrushti amazing…..nice concept…waiting for ur newt….happy Diwali…luv u loads….

  9. Hey,,really feeling gd to see u back.. Fs to mindblwing ka suprlatv form.. Bt,,miss ur tu mila ff so much.. Woule u plz write an os of tht ff..

  10. Vrushti dear u rocked it dear…..awesome as always ….lots of love & Happy Diwali….so sorry for late comment sweetie.

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